Truman Edley
This is a truly sad story. In fact, it’s always sad when someone resorts to suicide.

Sure…some of you may make the argument that this is just Darwinism in motion. But kids hanging themselves…I can’t get behind that. I can not support that, and I can’t poke fun at that.

Truman Edley, 15, hung himself in the hallway of his family’s home in Rotherham, according to reports.

He killed himself after listening to the “violent death metal music,” because the two are connected, right?

I love the lamestream media…the kid likes metal and kills himself, so obviously, A led to B.

The coroner is refusing to name the band or the lyrics, for fear of others listening and immediately hanging themselves too, says a report.

“His self-esteem was low,” says his mum. “He didn’t like himself or the way he looked very much. On the outside he showed a lot of confidence, but on the inside he was a lot more sensitive.”

Maybe that had something to do with it.

Said the coroner, Fred Curtis: “I’m not going to read the lyrics out, all I will say about them is they are extremely dark in content. They certainly deal with dark matters and, in some respects, seem to glorify death to some degree. It’s also the view of the police officers in this case and Truman’s mother who, not surprisingly, was unaware of the content until after his death.”

Blame metal. It’s the thing to do.

Hanging is not pretty. From what I understand, your tongue — which stretches down into your stomach — comes practically completely out of your mouth.

  • DrunkenPhysics

    Got to love the old post hoc ergo propter hoc argument, “after this, therefore because of this.” Shame the kid killed himself but it would be nice if more people would stop trying to make this link. They’d probably be surprised at the amount of people who listen to popular/chart music that also kill themselves.

    • hATE-eR

      I’ve never heard a song, metal or otherwise, that had ever given me the thought of committing suicide- so i believe the argument that any song could call on anyone to kill themselves is ridiculous. It’s always the blame on things certain people don’t like- the coroner is obviously not a fan of death metal in this case and is quick to mae a judgement he is probably not qualified to make. I will say though that as certain songs will drive me to be more hyper or even relaxed or melancholy, they can indeed motivate a pre-existing mood- perhaps in this case the weaker mind was motivated to make a choice already determined (not by a song). So it’s easy make the mistake of blaming the music rather than the unmotivational family and friends and their honest lack of unconditional love and intervention, I blame that for this kid and others that would take this sensitive path.

  • Killinger

    I think it would be pretty safe to say that the kid’s parents and school environment weren’t considered, as they always should be in this kind of situation. It usually ends up with parent going “oh he was never sad around us” or “he never told us about how he felt or what he was thinking”. Try asking once in a while, parents. Jeez.