Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch
That’s like AIDS hating cancer.

Like Poison hating Mötley Crüe.

Like pig shit hating duck shit.

But yes — Ivan Moody, the frontman for Five Fisted Douche Brunch, has taken to the web to air his disdain for a band that’s equally as shitty, Blue Ball Brides.

Black Veil won the Golden God award for “Song of the Year,” which means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

I guess Moody was gunning for that award, and was bummed his utterly obtuse gang of bandmates didn’t win it.

Moody posted a link to a Black Veil Brides song on Facebook today, along with the words, “I’ll say it.. YUCK!!”

This, coming from a dude whose band can’t take criticism…at all.

He added: “Time for people to be ‘REAL.’ This sux.”

You’d know.

  • You need to find out what’s the deal with the pic of Ivan, Rob and Philip. I saw an interview where Ivan and his band were saying he had a bad interaction with Philip and that he thought Philip was a DICKHEAD and now he’s all trying to look like he’s cool with two fucking legends. What’s the deal?

    • Elvis

      The deal is that people change, he is mature enough now.

  • Elvis

    I know you won’t approve my comment but dude get over it, you know and everybody knows how disrespectful BVB were at the GGA, Ivan was just real about what he feels about those Motley Crue wannabes, you don’t like 5FDP fine but you are nowhere near a real music journalist, you have no ethic whatsoever.

  • Brendan

    I may not agree with you on some things. But man, your articles have consistently made whatever beverage I’m drinking come out my nose due to laughter. Stay awesome. That’s all I came here to say….and 5FDP suck. There.

  • LaLaLaidarR

    “Five fisted douche brunch”
    Well, this author is a complete joke. And mature too.

  • Ian Evil

    Your a complete joke mooseknuckle

  • Francis Macatangay

    Honestly, 5FDP is the one crap here. I really don’t think that band has anything to prove at all. If BVB is a motley crew wanna be, then 5FDP is like, The Disturbed wanna be. Moreover, you defend this band 5FDP to be mature when he really acts like a child here. Really! What does mature people do to comply with their failure? Apparently he’s just old but not matured. Well another one, and I’m just saying, this Andy Sixx seems to be in a mature attitude compared with this Ivan Moody. If you’re a professional, you should profess to what you do and if you fail, you should know the right thing to do. If you fail to comply with the right thing, then you’re just a guy who still dwells in his egocentrism(the children’s tendency to see things as they want them to be).

    ~This is not an opinion, this is an analogy. The truth. The honest truth.Basically true. And if you find this hard to accept, you’re just lying to yourself because you side your attention base on your bias or biases~

    You’re old enough aren’t you? You should know what or who’s right and who’s wrong. If you fail noticing yourself, then, there’s something wrong with you, like you have personality issues who just cares for nothing but himself.