The two chicks from The Butcher Babies

The two chicks from The Butcher Babies
The Butcher Babies are despicable.

Honestly. The fact that they’ve got a record deal and so many other bands with actual talent don’t is felonious.

And the reason they have a deal with Century Media? The four, sweat-drenched mounds of succulent flesh on the the female singers’ torsos.

Tits are the reason why this band has any sort of acclaim, because they’re the audio equivalent of crabs.

The Butcher Babies will release their Century Media debut on July 9.

It is called Goliath and was actually tracked with venerated producer Josh Wilbur, who is not only talented but chill as hell in person.

Here’s the album’s track listing.

1 – I Smell A Massacre
2 – Magnolia Blvd.

3 – C8H18 (Gasoline)
4 – Grim Sleeper
5 – Goliath
6 – In Denial
7 – Give Me Reason

8 – The Mirror Never Lies
9 – Dead Poet
10 – The Deathsurround
11 – Axe Wound

And this is the cover art.


Is that imagery supposed to be cool or something?

  • Jos. von Wienerhaus

    Psssh. The chicks in Tittyfucker get completely naked when they play. Sign THAT, Century Media

  • Wow, somebody actually giving their heartfelt opinion and slagging off something popular… More of this, please, music reviewers.

  • Ash Williams

    Oh, right. Those who can’t do criticize. I’m so sorry. I’ll frown for you once, unless you’re going to get on stage.