How is it that Ronnie Radke's with this gorgeous creature

How is it that Ronnie Radke's with this gorgeous creature
I am sorry if that headline is offensive to you. I am sorry that you take life so fucking seriously, and can’t spot humor when it’s right in front of your ugly mug.

Yes, folks — I was sent a video by an associate today, to a Falling In Reverse video. This associate implored I jot down my thoughts on the video…to a song whose name I can’t remember, because I couldn’t even get through a quarter of it without that gag reflex kicking in.

Fuck, man. This world is pretty doomed if this is what the kids are listening to.

Anyways, this douche nozzle lead singer, named Ronnie “Bath Salts” Radke, has a model girlfriend (pictured) with what I am guessing is macular degeneration coupled with sensorineural hearing loss, and he put a baby in her tummy.

I would have put one on her tummy, so to speak, but…that’s me. Babies don’t go on faces, people.

His broad’s about to pop, and so, his shitty, meaningless, talent-lacking band of miscreants has backed out of yet another tour…this time, Warped Tour.

Which will feature Black Dahlia Murder — something I still can’t believe.

“Falling In Reverse are withdrawing from performing on this summer’s Warped Tour,” the band says. “Lead singer Ronnie Radke’s fiancée is pregnant with their first child who is due shortly. Radke has made the decision that it’s important to be home with his newborn this summer. The band offers sincere apologies to all of their fans who purchased tickets.”

I hope that model chick has half a brain. Otherwise, that kid’s as doomed as Juggalo offspring. Because that kid’s dad’s a fucking mongoloid.

  • Jos. von Wienerhaus

    Hitting the creative stride late in the day on a Friday. Hats off to you, Chris! Unfortunately, the tongue-lashing you gave this broad only through text.
    Too bad they didn’t fuck in reverse and that ham cavity would never have to stretch out and deliver a watermelon with legs. What a waste.

  • DanBogosianisanidiot

    LOL. you are an f’ing retard. You realize that these are real people, and they are having a real baby and that has NOTHING to do with his music right? Get off the guy’s back and get a real job you ass.. not everybody has to like the same music. god forbid what kind of bigot, overly judgmental kids will pop out of whatever ugger you eventually knock up, if any.. get a life

    • Carter

      Like your comment … You can tell intelligent from dickheads so easily

  • DanBogosianisanidiot

    you probably listened to the entire song and liked it. haha loser

  • MyDingALing

    Family first dude. Jealous? At least the man is being a man and father . The person radke may make mistakes . His band doesn’t appeal to you . Big Deal. Who are YOU REALLY ?!! Journalist extroidinaire? Lol. Give a kudos to Mr. Radke and band that they are standing for what comes first. Not the band , not the fan, but the fam. Get a life loser. I am not a FIR fan either but call it as I see it. Jealous scum sucking parasite that you are.

  • Carter

    I don’t know the artist and had a listen.
    I can’t believe you a professional music journalist as you write in low level language and the put downs show you need to change your job and let someone worthy write about musicians. Your not intelligent at all.
    Would you like someone to comment on your family in that way. Music brings people together and you don’t belong in that type of magic.