Yes, I know…30 Seconds to Mars isn’t metal. They’re epic hipster rock, if anything.

They’re also germaphobes, it seems.

Pictures depicting the band, wearing medical gloves whilst meeting fans, have outraged a number of musicians, including Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael.

Kael, who I can attest is a douche bag in real life, posted a photo of the band on his Instagram, showing them with white plastic gloves on.

“#30SecondsToMars at a meet and greet last week – WEARING RUBBER GLOVES! Nice message to send to your fans. #LivingInABubble #WeWillNeverBeThatBand #Dicks #PleaseSneezeOnThemIfYouGetTheChance”

Takes a dick to know a dick.

Yes, that seems mildly fucked up to shake hands with your fans while wearing medical gloves. But I also can’t blame the dudes for not wanting to share germs with people who may or may not wash their hands after using the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta offered up some interesting commentary on the photos.

“Lotsa tweets about 30 Secs 2 Mars wearin rubber gloves at signings,” writes Jasta. “But I bet Leto goes RAW when bangin thousands of babes! lol! #rawiswar”

  • davisss

    Wow, this is just bizarre.

  • Mars Angel

    If you havent got anything nice to say then shut the fuck up Douchebag*

  • Sunshine Echelon

    This is not a Meet, it is a signing. Jared had a serious infection 2 years ago, that affected his voice and made him cough blood for months. He started wearing gloves then, in order not to spread the infection. For real, these bands should get their facts straight.

  • piewacket

    The band always use a sharpie when signing , so what ever is presented for them to sign will last forever. These signings usually are quite fast as they want to make sure everyone gets a signature , you can imagine the mess their hands would get into . It has nothing to do with germs lol

  • ThisIsACallToArms

    Dude its so their hands dont get covered in ink when signing and also to reduce ink transfer!!! Havent you seen Jared crowd surfing and the whole band is always willing to hug their fans!! Get ya facts right!!! Regards Kit from ACall2Arms

  • Tess Wagner

    I would wear gloves too. I mean come on guys nobody wants to get sick
    especially not if you have a tour ahead of you! The guy who wrote the
    instagram thing is a douche! xo

  • Keara

    Chris Kael obviously doesn’t know this history of 30 stm, their relationship with their fans called the Echelon. Nor, the fact that the front man Jared Leto has fought with being ill and busting his ass through serious injuries and illnesses while entertaining us.

    When you are doing as many meet and greets, material signings, hugs, handshakes all though-out the world . You tend not want to repeat history. especially if it can potentially , endanger your health and career/tour plans.

    when people start trashing you with green eyed negativity, you know you’re doing something right.

    Seems, you have it summed up nicely with: Takes a dick to know a dick.

  • CristianaFromMars

    this is ridiculous! They wear gloves to not paint the hands with the ink of the pens. If you notice in the meet & greets they do not use them and hug the fans, has nothing to do with germs!

  • Ramona Echelon

    Who the fuck do you think you are? I smell jealousy here!!! And FYI we are not ‘fans’ we are ECHELON…come on don’t you have something better to do? GET A LIFE Motherfucker!

  • Ladyd712

    Can’t help but wonder why these other bands continually rag on 30 SECONDS TO MARS for the dumbest reasons. They are wearing gloves when signing posters, pictures etc… And this is something that bothers others, why? permanent ink can smudge and make a mess , what is wrong with being careful not to ruin what you are signing ? I have to agree on one thing in the article – apparently Kael is a douche bag.

  • Jenn Montgomery

    Attention seeker. This person has a lack of respect. He must not have anything better to do. I had to put my 2cents in on the post in instagram tho. Here is the link if you would like to also.

  • Jessica Thomas

    Jared wouldnt be jumping in the crowd while sweaty and singing if he was such a germaphobe…..ffttt


    personally i think these bands tht feel this way oblivously it comes from jealousy because Mars is so successful and are they fucking stupid i mean Jared crowds surfs at every show touching other peoples hands and letting echelon hold him up in the air if he were a germaphobe then he wouldnt do that also they hug and shake hands with the echelon not wearing gloves so your fucking theory is fucking stupid and you really should take it and shove it up your ass.

    • DERP

      Seems as if their fans are illiterate.

  • Mizzz Deedee

    Tjeeeeeeezzzz don’t you have anything else to do than putting other bands down. It’s not a Meet and Greet it’s a signing session. Do you want to get ink all over if you are writing YOUR autograph a thousand times?????? If bands or journalist for that matter, don’t have the facts straight, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!

  • SunnyT

    Whether they wear gloves for the sake of the ink or health reason….IT IS SMART!! If it is a health issue – the widespread variety of germs out presently are so vast that some are highly contagious and extremely dangerous as well as not treatable. For the safety of their followers and themselves it is a practice that ALL musicians who meet and greet should adopt whereby to minimize the spreading of communicable diseases. If it is an ink issue – the preservation of the items being signed is of great importance to the recipient and to minimize the damage or ink transference is vital. Not to mention the ink transference to the skin and absorbency of it into the blood stream which could possibly cause an adverse reaction. So 30 Seconds To Mars has chosen to think of their followers once more and use a protective agent to minimize ink and/or germs. 30 Seconds To Mars have proven their intelligence and compassion to their “fans” (Echelon family) and the other musicians are showing their stupidity and self-centered attitude by bashing a band that obviously are concerned for who they meet and greet!!! As for the comment about “Leto goes RAW when bangin thousands of babes”……I doubt that or there would be a lot of Leto offspring running around!! Besides…if he really is a germaphobe…he covers that too!!

  • Sabina Nowak

    Don´t you wash your Hands after Shopping or dealing with Money? This was not a Meet! The band always have a hug for the Echelon. Dude, get your stuff together!!!

  • Nooshin

    Keal is a douche bag indeed! This is not meet and greet! They are signing albums and usually hundreds of them at time with sharpies can leave a mess on your hand and the items you are signing! I happened to be in one of their signing sessions and they have to be quite fast since the line are so long. They want to make sure everyone is there is happy! I will be in a meet and greet session on Oct 12 which is not a signing session!
    BTW, Jared wouldn’t be jumping into the crowds if he was afraid of germs!

  • Cristina

    It’s not a M&G, it’s a signing session. They’re using gloves to minimize ink transfer. About being germaphobes, I don’t know for sure, but they’re always hugging their fans, Jared running into the crowd and surfing during concerts, so this theory is not very plausible.

  • Isa ·o.

    It seems that you forgot to do a little research before writing this…”germaphobes” (???) Don’t you find kinda weird that they only wear gloves in signings? And when they happen to use sharpies? If you think about it it kinda makes sense…right? Because wearing gloves reduces ink transfer…I mean…it’s not that complicated to figure that one out…

  • Nooshin

    Oh and BTW this is how jumps in the crowd! Now who is #LivingInBubble?

  • Mika

    among others it’s because of the ink.

  • vainounette

    If you want to put dirt on this band that would be great to put real
    fact and not lies (didn’t know you were tabloids?) They put gloves
    because to not have the ink all over the things to sign on the transfer
    print; nothing else. And as others peeps said here before; between crowd
    surfing; or when meeting people in the streets; flashmobs you would
    see how rubbish what you just wrote is. Stop making them looking like
    divas when they are not. As a journalist or blogger you first rule
    should be to write about real fact even you like or not the band. Don’t
    do garbage journalism.

  • Bob Saget

    The fact that this band feels the need to address its fans (and that the fans address themselves as) a dehumanizing title just makes this post all the more pointless. Both sides lose – Chris loses for covering the story, the “echelons” lose for calling themselves “echelons.”

  • Elain Laudiangco

    die bitch. Deal with it that 30 seconds to mars is the best!!

  • DERP

    FFDP calling out another band? Oh, the irony!!!