Fucking hell

Fucking hell
Look at that picture.

That was snapped by someone backstage during a stop on the Warped Tour, the most metal tour on the planet.

The worthless band using those fake amps is Black Veil Brides.

I don’t even know where to start. I know bands have done this in the past for show, but does that make it right?

I have been to plenty of concerts in larger venues where bands have lugged huge amps onto the stage, and I watched them plug in. On fests. That travelled the country. So what gives?

Are these guys even playing at their Warped stops, or are they piping in audio? If you like this band, I genuinely feel sorry for you.

You’ve been duped. And you apparently like what I consider to be the audio equivalent of HPV.

That photo was shared by The Bronx’s drummer Jorma Vik.

I wonder if their roadies pretend their uber heavy when they load them on to the stage, to keep up the act. I get that they’re for show, but that’s fucking whack.

“A friend of mine took this photo at Warped Tour. This is what the kids are calling ‘rock n roll’ these days,” he says. “I’m lighting fire to every drum I have and becoming an investment banker.”

I think we all should do that.

  • NedZep

    Really? You’re an “internationally-published music journalist”, and you don’t realize that ALL bands have fake amps as part of the stage set? Pantera, Van Halen, Metallica, etc.. Did you really you believe that every amp in that wall of Marshalls is where the sound was coming from?? C’mon, you’re a hack.

    • Jarrett Lewis

      What this guy said. Going direct to PA or having a wall of fake cabs and using one cab in the back that’s mic’d is NOTHING new.

    • Jos. von Wienerhaus

      Look around, a LOT of metal sites covered this today. Also, this is a story about a dude from The Bronx calling them out.
      Jucifer or GTFO

  • Kyle

    …as seen on Reddit

    • christhescribe

      …If I ever visited that site.

      • Matt Wilson

        Get off this dudes back all you crazy fucking “Black Fail Brides” fans! #1. They wear to many god damn belts! Is it starting to be about the look and not the music? In this case I would have to say yes! Fuck the props your mother fucking rockers! #2. I find it funny how so many people are pissed at the guy for speaking what’s on his mind. I give him a thumbs up and if you want go to “VideoMattPresents” on youtube. I did interviews at Vans Warped Tour in Mountain View, Ca on Saturday. No wonder this garbage of a band didn’t do interviews for their music. THEY ARE FUCKING ACTORS!!!!

        • christhescribe


          • Anonimoose

            what matt said. Fuck the fake musicians

  • DrunkenPhysics

    This is not news, pretty much every large band does this. You just have a hard on for Black Veil Brides.

  • Tony

    You’re an idiot, “The wall of marshalls has NEVER been real! impractical to carry, impossible to mix! its just a badass looking backdrop! i guess A giant painting of something with the band logo is all you’ll accept? music journalist my ass. you sir are a moron! go BVB!

  • Jay Barnes

    Those are not amps, they are CABS, as in… speaker cabinets.

    You’re welcome, Chris.

  • Chris Biersack

    This is a complete non-story. The empty cabinets are part of the BVB stage set. They are nothing more than what some bands use to show off their logos. They are called scrims. In fact, BVB’s Legion Of The Black mask logo is on the front of these cabinets.

  • Chris Biersack

    You’re bias against Black Veil Brides knows no bounds. Does it, Mr. Harris? You are, clearly, trying to make a story out of something that even the most novice of rock journalists would know is not one. To insinuate that BVB is not playing LIVE is B.S. and you know it. To anyone who has actually attended one of their shows, they clearly are. What you have done, instead, is show everyone how much it really pisses you off that these guys keep getting bigger and bigger.

    • Emma Dolphin

      isn’t it something similar to slander to accuse that? I’d suggest an apology goes up quick!

      • Ke Pawprint

        oh boo hoo, Chris merely speaks the truth. i saw bvb this past saturday and they were playing live. any dipshit who says otherwise is just that. a dipshit. if you dont like them, get over it, seriously. nobody is making you listen to them, youre just making an excuse to bitch about them just because of their props. i loved the props and when everyone saw them being put onstage, we went crazy. black veil brides forever

        • Emma Dolphin

          If you had bothered to read Chris’ post you would notice I am backing him up on the whole they’re not playing live issue by pointing out that saying that they’re not is slander. By the JOURNALIST not Chris. If you had bothered to look at my other posts and get off your fucking high horse you would notice I AM A HUGE BVB FAN. If anyone is bitching it would be you. Don’t like badly researched slander about bvb? Don’t post accusatory comments at bvb fans or at anyone really. You want people to back off bvb? Be a bigger person and actually researchyyour facts b4 you post! I think the bvb army have enough enemiesddon’t you?

        • Emma Dolphin

          Oh for fucks sake! READ WHAT CHRIS TYPED! IM AGREEING WITH HIM! I love bvb to pieces and u need to get your facts straight before posting. Apologies if this is post two as the other didn’t appear. Just be careful who u accuse if u want to take the moral highground against this journalist xx

        • Emma Dolphin

          Oh and don’t be a hypocrite either u don’t like badly researched slander don’t post it. If you look a wee bit further down ull notice my other pro bvb posts. Xx

  • Chris Biersack

    The truth can’t be deleted forever, Mr. Harris. As an “internationally-published music journalist” you certainly are aware of that. Empty cabinets used for staging is quite common and YOU know it. Be a man and admit you let your bias against BVB cloud your judgment.

  • Bluu

    They aren’t meant to be amps, they are just to show off the LOTB mask logo, so you can stfu and get your facts straight next time.

  • lia //

    these aren’t amps but boxes with a logo of them on it and don’t even dare to delete an other comment saying the truth!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    Wow, BVB is just too big for you dear, when I was growing up following Metallica and Mötley Crüe around this country, they also had “staged” amps. Guess Metallica and Mötley Crüe aren’t worth anyone’s time either. You must be a Bieber fan.

  • Barbara Franco

    Listen here you little shit. They’re used as part of their set and their actual amps are behind those “fake amps”. You deleted the comment andy’s dad made because you know he’s right and you just want your 15 minutes of fame. You know nothing and you disgust me. This isn’t news! As everybody else said every big band does this so you just look like an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? For someone who is a music journalist, you should have some knowledge and experience. Dude, if you did your research, Jake Pitts said that the amps are BEHIND the stage props. Ever heard of stage props? News Flash: Most bands use stage props. The real amps weren’t in that picture. And you’re only making stupid things up because clearly you just want to hate on this band. You would do anything to make this band look terrible. Dude, we all have different opinions on music taste. So why use your website to hate on them. And calling yourself an “internationally published music journalist” is quite a lie because most bands use stage props. They put the F.E.A.R. symbol on it because its a stage prop! And DELETING comments is SO immature of you. What? Can’t take the heat? There were comments that proved you wrong. So you delete them. This article is stupid. You have not said one true thing about Black Veil Brides. Great job. Your not doing your job.

    • Andrew William Schreck

      “Dude, we all have different opinions on music taste. So why use your website to hate on them.” The redundancy in that statement, like the rest of your long-winded comment, defending a untalented bunch of cunts, is awe-inspiring.

      • Anonymous

        Haha, “untalented bunch of cunts”?? Untalented? Huh, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard. Okay, Andy can sing, has a great voice. Jake can shred the guitar, Jinxx plays violin and guitar beautifully, Ashley is a great bassist, and CC can kick ass on the drums. So you still call them untalented? Wow. You don’t have to like them but calling them untalented is the stupidest thing. And cunts? Yeah, I’m pretty sure cunts don’t save lives and make awesome music. Get a life. Your hate comments are so untruthful and immature.

        • Anonimoose

          Andy cant sing he has a terribad voice, I can wiggle my
          dick on the guitar and shred better than jake, you really Jinxx has a retarded fucking name, asheley sucks at the bass, and CC doesent know jack shit about the drums. Yeah im calling them untalented what about it? Go listen to Dying Fetus and then come back and tell me whats shredding whats good vocals and etc.

          ps. choke on your shitty band taste

        • Dustyy Ruins

          i would still like to watch the little shits be decapitated man they are irritating little poser wannabe fuckers. do i care if they can play or sing well?. no because collectively they sound like shit. i dont often wish dead on people but when i do its BVB

  • _angelbabii

    For the guy who “snapped” this picture, If hes suppoedly that good of a musician himself then he’s in the wrong industry. Lol! The drummer was obviously busy looking at people from behind because thats obviously where they belong and doesn’t know how the front of the stage looks. Go check your info before accusing shit!! Oh and by the way, your face is FUCKING HELL. Go get some real shit to talk about.

  • Rebelangelxx

    You shouldn’t judge before you see them play! If they are sooooooooooo bad then why did they when Kerrang’s best live band award?! So maybe next time you should talk to the band and not just assume.

    • Brittany Morgan

      Because Kerrang sucks

  • Anonymous

    Its called empty cabinets. Yeah, most bands use those as stage props. And to say BVB isn’t playing live is very untrue. You know that as well as many others. And don’t delete another comment. Obviously you are wrong.

  • Wesley Dancause

    It’s unfortunate, but I guess a lot of bands are doing this. There’s that picture of Immortal playing live from a few years ago with fake Marshalls. I don’t care for Black Veil Brides, but I saw a photo of that same set from the reverse side. They have an emblem spread over the four cabinets and “Peavey” is tacked onto one of them. At least they’re not trying to pass off realistic looking amps, they look fake from the front to begin with. And on another note, I remember when I saw Megadeth last year they substituted video screens for any display of amps, and at a couple points during the show they projected these towering stacks of (obviously fake-looking) Marshalls. It was completely ridiculous because they were playing an indoor venue in Worcester that can fit ~2,500 people. I’ve actually got a couple pictures of that.

  • Brittany Morgan

    Good Charlotte on acid.

  • cheyne fritts

    You sir a a poor excuse for a “internationally published music journalist”

  • Red Redly

    Hope you don’t get paid for writing stupid shit like this, lol.

    Also, those aren’t amps, they are cabinents.

  • Julie Griffith

    Real journalists do their research. Maybe you should go work for a tabloid. You want to hate on this band, you’ll have to pick something else to criticize them for because this one’s not working.

  • Ness

    Bottom line is this.. They could have put a back on the cabs. lol juuuust sayin. Not to mention bvb sucks regardless. Go to a concert and you can see that MOST of the fans are 15 year old kids with emo haircuts and black eyeliner… So I can understand why a GROWN MAN would be bias. The whole “scene” sucks to be honest… Just my opinion. Everyone’s got one. If you don’t like it I don’t care. I won’t be on this site again to even see any of your comments. Have a great day. 😉

    • Chris Biersack

      I know you’ll be back, Ness. So, do me a favor. Check out the 10,000 people watching BVB when this pic was taken during a recent BVB show on Warped Tour and tell me how many “15 year old kids with emo haircuts and black eyeliner” you can count. Stereotypes are ignorant.

      • Blvck Lotus

        that doesn’t look like 10k people it looks like a bunch of 13-15 year olds.. and we all know children aren’t real people. No sane person listens to BVB

        • Manny1234

          I was on the first week of the tour. They’re getting a very large portion of the crowd, daily.

        • Anonimoose

          already spotted fat chicks with colorful hair and emo cunts crawling in their skin. and thats not 10k at all stop being a douche

        • Chris Biersack

          Thank you for spreading the hate.Your ignorant statement is a perfect example of why BVB is so popular with so many kids.

  • Steve

    I hate Black Veil Brides, but you should probably delete this article before your integrity is completely compromised. haha

  • bvbforlife

    Excuse you you idiot they aren’t fake amps they are called scrims and are just for decoration. Its called staging! They are a real band and play real music. Pull your head out of your ass.

  • psylo

    thats why everyone loves edm now cause bands now suck dick…

  • Russetfurl

    The most metal tour on the planet? That’s some bullshit. And this is me, as a 15 year old girl saying that is bullshit. I can think of people that are more metal than this tour. BULLSHIT. Black Veil Brides and all the other pussy metal bands on this tour are terrible. Pick up some Black Sabbath or something. Warped tour is bullshit pussy metal and punk.

  • Jack Cain

    They’re called “Dummy Cabinets.” They’re used by basically every band you see live that has more than one cabinet on stage. The real guitar rig is set up off the stage so it can be mic’d without picking up more “stage noise.” Bands have been doing this since the 70’s when PA systems could broadcast louder and multiple guitar amps weren’t necessary to have the guitarist be heard. Hell, amp companies even sell dummy cabs.

  • Brenda Reid

    You’re very presumptuous! Those are not amps and are not being displayed as amps! They are simply empty cabinets that hold the BVB logo flags during the show and then help create more space by doubling as storage for small items such as cables, mics, etc during travel. I have seen these boys in concert up close and personal a few times and they are GREAT live!! They have improved and grown by leaps and bounds during the making of their most recent album. Those who have NOT seen them since this growth transpired, YOU SHOULD!! They are quickly becoming one of the top band in MANY genres of rock. Now, lets see if what I’ve been hearing is true, that you delete any positive comments towards BVB and only leave the negative, degrading posts up. That’s not really what a comment section is for! If you only want your opinion read then you shouldn’t provide a “Comments” section! BVBArmyMember#0911

  • Jon

    Bands have been doing this clear back to the 70’s who cares, it is just part of the stage set up, I cannot believe people are really getting all pissed off on something EVERY band has done, enjoy the show, and if you want to get messed at something get messed with the lip sinkers m/

  • Manny1234

    I’m actually a huge Bronx fan, and hate BVB, but this whole thing is so stupid.
    Chris- reading your bio, seems like you’ve been around a while. Either you’re totally ignorant about common tour practices or you’re ignoring what you know to try to make a (lame) band, look worse.

  • Steve Ashcraft

    Well trying to be clever you’ve shown your ignorance.

  • Sara Leann Robres

    It’s sad that the writer of this article is so ridiculously biased. Also, it sounds like he doesn’t even know the set up of big live shows. How can he call himself a music journalist at all.

  • six years ago on warped even Paramore had 8 dummy cabs spelling out their album title. their amps faced backwards so their techs can optimize sound better as theyre all on in-ears making stage volume almost mute. this is a standard practice, and there’s no difference between dummy cabs and scrims.

  • Captain Butch

    Seriously? There are these things called stage props, which can be seen in the picture. The actual amps weren’t included in this picture for the sole purpose of making the article more truthful, which it isn’t. C’mon, I don’t like BVB either, but making lies about them is fucking moronic.

  • Matthew Baxter

    I guess it’s okay that Chris Harris has no idea how a PA works because he’s just a writer. Or a reporter. Or an “on-air talent”. Or whatever. Having no guitar amps or cabinets on-stage doesn’t constitute that someone isn’t playing an instrument. There’s a plethora of ways to convey a signal from an instrument through a PA. The more you can remove speakers from the stage (Google things like “line level inputs” and “in-ear monitors”) the more control an engineer will have over the overall sound of the show. Not to mention the difference it makes for the loaders not having to load in unnecessary and time consuming equipment into a festival the scale of Warped, where set ups are already short on time, if not already behind schedule.

  • youfailatlife

    Black veil brides blow harder then your mom on dollar tuesdays.

  • Ryan Littlefield

    Old news, almost every band with multicabs uses empties aside from one real amp. Noob reporter, we can all move on.

  • picksail

    I feel bad that these guys actually have to dignify it with a response.
    Imagine trying to explain this to someone who isn’t technically inclined.
    Everyone from KISS and RUSH to Van Halen have always done this.
    Most big touring artist haven’t mic’d an amp since the 70’s!!

  • Anon

    Obviously you have a problem with Black Veil Brides. No one ever said you had to like them. But in a career field like yours, Harris, you need to have respect for people who are on stage doing what they love. You may hate some bands and that is perfectly fine. Don’t cover a story on them. If you do, at least be neutral on the topic instead of saying ‘this band is shit’. You’ll lose readers quite quickly and not even because they like that band, but because you don’t have enough respect for people putting hard work into making a living in the music industry. You writing an article like this one shows people that you are unprofessional and biased. Even if you hate bands, your opinion doesn’t matter. It’s the opinion of your readers and how they see you as a ‘professional blogger’. It’s also pretty sad that you have to have other people tell you that your information is wrong. Maybe you should also work on doing some more research. Yet another sign of being unprofessional. I feel sorry for you. You’re saying that BVB aren’t a decent band but I think you’re just taking your anger out on them because you haven’t struck it big like they have. They’re more popular than you will ever be. And I think you may be jealous. You might want to work on that too. But, these are just my opinions. And I’m not an “internationally-published music journalist whose work has appeared on the pages of Rolling Stone,, Revolver, Alternative Press, and Radar.” I’m just a young female music lover who keeps her head about her and doesn’t let it get clogged with an ego or fogged out with hate. Have a wonderful day, Harris. Lord knows you’re just going to delete this comment too and pretend it never happened.
    – Young, unbiased female music lover

  • Chris Biersack

    Through some magic of technology even though BVB’s dummy cabs are turned around and empty they STILL PLAYED A LIVE SHOW. Dear clueless cred police meatheads, the cabs are staging meant to enhance the stage show, but, since you couldn’t get that, they figured it was time they show you what’s behind them. Now sadly it’s time for you to find a new thing to hate BVB about. They play live through DI profiling amps and you’re idiots. By the way amplifiers and speakers are two different things..unless your super cool “core” band has found a way to plug directly into cabs.

  • Chris Biersack I think this one’s for you, Mr. Harris. What little credibility you had (and, to be fair, there was very little to start with) is now completely gone. You have shown yourself to not only be a complete failure as a rock journalist, but, also to be a hack who is, clearly unethical, as well. Maybe you can commiserate with Jorma Vik. He appears to be as clueless as you are when it comes to this. I think we can understand how he wouldn’t know what the “big bands” do when they play on the “main stage” at a rock festival. The Bronx never has and, based on the ignorance of their drummer, they likely never will. You, however…well…you don’t get off so easy.

  • Maygan PhYnix

    your complaining wont keep them from getting more and more successful. sorry dude. ^,^

  • stephanieRevelation

    BLACK VEIL BRIDES are the best band in the world and they arent going to stop getting biger and bigger.that what you do is alful let the band do their jod

  • Denver Gaasch

    I hate this band… But dummy cabs are used by just about every band out there. This is industry standard.

  • Ali

    You are a fucking disgrace to the name of rock n’ roll music. I have seen BVB live and they give some of the most real performances I have ever seen. How dare you say they pipe in audio? They have never claimed that those are amps, they have always said that they are for the show. Imagine that! A rock band putting on a good rock show! What a concept! Next time you trash a band, no matter how good or bad it’s music is, do your research. And then keep your fucking mouth shut. Black Veil Brides will always be the best rock band of the century.

  • alfred

    It does NOT matter AT ALL and I’m NOT a fan of BVB anymore than I’m a fan of BS “reporting” with an agenda,sounds like the drummer of The Bronx is jealous that BVB sell more records.Whose the whiney bitch,now?

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