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It was just after Christmas when we first started to work with the new material, and now six months later, we’re left with a pile of demos; about ten to twelve songs more or less, ready or at least together.

It’s still a long road ahead of us.

Endless amounts of tweaking, and it will only get more intense from now on. But the main thing is that we’re getting there, slowly but surely. Perhaps the most challenging thing with every album — this being no exception — is to come up with something interesting and fresh. In the end, this is already our sixth record, and it’s getting harder and harder to avoid the safest and most familiar routes that you’ve taken.

And while you obviously don’t want to reinvent the wheel, you still need to find at least a new pair of tires.

Partly the pressure comes from the outside; it’s important to show everybody that you still have something to give and that you’re able to hang out there with all the big names. And partly you’re pressured because of your own ambition; you want to top up all that you’ve done previously. Yep, easier said than done.

If it were so easy, everybody would be doing great albums all the time, right? And it has to be hard because only then you know that you’re really pushing your limits. So, last week we got together with our current lineup for the first time ever (we’ve only played live with Mr. Vanhala thus far). And you know what? We now have three great new songs ready and rehearsed. And the songs do sound fresh, interesting and foremost fucking epic.

All the hours spent in front of the laptop, all the time spent on the road — all equally important. When you lose a long-time member, it changes everything, the whole dynamic. But it also gives you a new perspective; sometimes you need somebody to question the way you act, perform and handle everything related– similar to long-term relationships, old habits die hard also in the band.

So you need to be willing to change your ways, willing to evolve and be reborn. And with those three new songs, we kind of did that last week.

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  • Aryc Ogre

    You could call me a relatively new follower of Insomnium, but a dedicated one. After hearing Across The Dark for the first time I very quickly bought every album and have enjoyed them immensely. I’m looking forward to the next one and these little insights are very cool. Thanks.

  • Sirithang

    Happy to hear that everything is going forward, slowly but surely.

    Never loose that will do to something fresh, despite narrow minded people screaming when you’re adding clean vocals for example. Don’t let your fans define your sound, but only you. There is too much bands out there trapped by their fans, and when they try something new because they want to, you hear thing like “Yeah that’s a nice album, but not a nice xxxx album”. Fuck that, bands have the right to define what’s their sound!

    Best of luck, and keep up the amazing work. As long as you d music you like, I know you won’t disappoint!

  • equiald

    As a long-term Insomnium fan who got on the ride sometime prior to the release of ATWW I’m really curious about how the new album will turn out.
    Obviously there are certain things I’d prefer to see (well, hear) over others, but there is no pleasing everyone.
    I really appreciate the effort and time you guys put into your songwriting, especially the acknowledgment of songwriting difficulties. It just makes everything more worthwhile for me as a listener.

    Best of luck with finishing touches, I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.