It’s as if every band I dig realized I don’t approve of crowd-funding campaigns, and decided to piss me off.

I guess this is simply the way the entire industry’s heading, and I need to accept it. I mean, Universal Music — the largest label on the planet — is launching a crowd-funding campaign for a bunch of vinyl reissues.

No shit.

They want your money to sell you vinyl reissues. Its just the way of the world.

Arsis need help paying for their forthcoming U.S. tour with Wintersun, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Starkill.

“This is a truly amazing opportunity for Arsis, and we are certainly grateful for the chance to go out and share our music on tour. Unfortunately, with great tours come great responsibilities, and this is a big tour with a big overhead,” says the band.

“The current circumstances that coincide with such a tour have prevented us from ‘road dogging’ in a van, which is traditional Arsis fashion, leaving us with a substantial amount of financial ground to cover. $12,800 to be exact,” says Arsis.

Basically, they need a bus. At least that’s my half-awake interpretation.

“After exhausting all other possibilities, we must ask our fans for support. We need your help to keep our heads above water and be able to melt faces in a town near you,” ends the band.

More than $1,600 has been raised at this writing. Go here if you’ve got money to burn.

  • Spec

    Why do people get so upset about crowdfunding? you get stuff out of it and you help the band put out more shit for you. I really like this concept for every band out there.

  • Jared Babilis

    I’m admit I haven’t done a lot of research into the whole crowd funding campaign, with that being said what does getting signed to a label these days even do? Fund your first record and if it doesn’t do well only fund a tiny percentage of the tours/records/merch/bus’s/vans? Sure you get something back if you help out..I mean you better right? You’re helping pay the funds for something you’re going to pay for. What happens if they don’t get the amount they need? But to keep on the positive side of things if it’s a band that i’m a fan of, then be more than happy to help….if I have the funds of course.