Asking Alexandria
It’s happening this fall, and I will not be going.


Korn are fucking false bullshit, and showed their true colors on that last hip-hop record.

And Asking Alexandria are hooligans with absolutely no talent, beyond combing their hair like Peppermint Patty

These two miserable forces, together on the same bill? Maybe it is a sign of the impending apocalypse.

Maybe it is the return of Family Values?

Both bands will release new albums ahead of the run, which is expected to start in October.

Asking Alexandria will release From Death To Destiny through Sumerian Records on August 6.

Korn will drop The Paradigm Shift October 1.

  • Stumpaaaa

    The picture you have of Asking is complete bullshit. That’s from like high school. They actually look like normal people. The dubstep korn record was for experimentation, and now that Head is back the band is better than ever. Look at other perspectives and know your shit before you let it seep through your mouth.

    • Raf Eduardo

      If you mean “AGREE WITH MY PERSONAL OPINION” when you say “know your shit,” you obviously have first amendment misunderstandings AND you don’t realize that musical opinion varies from person to person AND you’re probably 12 because you’d have to have the mentality of a spoiled suburban 12 year old to like Asking Alexandria. So KNOW YOUR SHIT and agree with me.

    • MReyesG

      I Totally agree 🙂

  • Juan Ruiz

    nice, i haven’t seen korn since the early 00’s! can’t wait!!

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