Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath
Peruvian Black Sabbath fans are no doubt bummed this morn.

The band’s canceled its concert in Lima, scheduled for October 16.

A press statement from the promoter clarified that the band’s Latin American tour will not be canceled — that only the Peru show was taken off the routing.

Black Sabbath start their South American tour in Santiago, Chile, with stops in Buenos Aires Argentina; Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Bogotá, Colombia; and finally in San José (Costa Rica).

Those who have purchased their tickets can receive full refunds as of August 9 through Punto Ticket.

Neither the promotion company nor the band has explained the reason for the cancelation of the concert.

Megadeth were set to open the show.

  • Dan

    Wow, someone convinced Dave Mustaine to OPEN A SHOW? That fuggin’ egomaniac?