I’m sure it had nothing to do with this craziness, but you never know.

Reports claims Los Angeles firefighters were called to the home of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne for the second time this year on Tuesday night.

Apparently, whilst making a “bacon sandwich,” Ozzy sparked a fire in the home’s kitchen.

Don’t these fucks have servants anymore? Maids? Chefs?

Doesn’t Ozzy have a wife? What’s he doing making his own bacon sandwich?

Sharon tweeted about the incident: “I’m in London, Ozzy is in LA making a bacon sandwich last night and the fire brigade ended up at our house!!”

There were no reports of any injuries to Ozzy or whether there was any damage to the kitchen or house.

  • Luke Orr

    that will teach that kid to fuck with you. and now we know that bacon is a gsa fan

  • Jon Kropiwiec

    Jeesssus that’s exactly what I mean about Ozzy he’s like a fucking cartoon character a bumbling fucking out of date bafoon.. I mean fuckin’ a how do you start a fire making a fucking sandwich??