I love it, too.

So, I sometimes don’t feel like I can believe a new album is actually happening until the cover art’s released.

Imagine my relief when I saw that Iced Earth offered up fans a look-see at what will grace the front of their impending new disc, due early next year.

The album is titled Plagues Of Babylon and Century Media will release it.

The cover artwork is the work of Eliran Kantor

Now, here’s Plagues Of Babylon’s track listing:

1. Plagues Of Babylon
2. Democide
3. The Culling
4. Among The Living Dead

5. Resistance
6. The End?
7. If I Could See You
8. Cthulhu
9. Peacemaker
10. Parasite
11. Spirit Of The Times
12. Highwayman

  • Jon Kropiwiec

    Set is the most bad ass metal mascot with the coolest back story. I can’t wait. Stu Block is a fucking awesome singer. They kick ass live with him… Seeing him perform Dantesb Inferno live only prompted me to yell play it again.. Such an awesome experience.. it was the best show I saw with them since the first reunion show with Matt Barlow at Chicago Powerfest… I just wish Smedley still played in the band.