A booked Blake Judd

A booked Blake Judd
Well, isn’t this completely fucked up if true.

Blake Judd of Nachtmystium was arrested yesterday, and is being held this morning on $25,000 bail inside Chicago’s Cook County Jail.

Records claim Judd, 30, was arrested for theft.

While specific details concerning his arrest remain sketchy at this time, Judd is due to return to court on October 11 for his first appearance before a judge.

Again, I don’t know how these charges came about, exactly. But for months, I have been hearing and reading shit about Blake on various forums.

For example, this thread claims Judd is a serial seller of goods.

Problem is, he doesn’t deliver on the sold goods — at least according to these posters.

If that’s true, and Blake Judd ripped off his fans, he’s a fucking douche nozzle and a half.

I hate dishonest fucks like that.

But let’s wait until the official police report surfaces before we pass final judgement.

Thanks to Paul for the tip.

  • Babs Harris

    I know first hand that Blake is a douche canoe. He deserves to be in jail for a lot more than what he’s in for, that’s for sure.

  • damon

    The real crime is that Chris Harris is allowed to be called a ‘journalist’ when he clearly has a very limited understanding of how to construct a proper sentence in English.