I mean, did you see those fucking pants?!?

Ian Watkins
The former singer for defunct faux metal band Lostprophets, Ian Watkins, appeared via video in court this afternoon for a pre-trial proceeding.

Watkins, who stood beside the other two unnamed female defendants in his case, is facing 24 different sex offense counts.

Those charges include two counts of raping a one-year-old infant in April of 2012; aiding and abetting another to sexually assault an infant child between August and October of the same year; and possession of bestiality porn.

Watkins’ sick-fuck broad cohorts have already admitted to sexually touching a baby as well as having taken and distributed indecent images of it.

Today, the judge in the case, Eleri Rees, warned potential jurors for Ian’s coming trial that afterwards, they may need counseling because of the horrific nature of the evidence.

“We need to consider what material the jury will be shown,” Rees said.

“There is the possibility that some jury members, having completed the trial may need counseling.”

Watkins, who denies all charges, will be back in court next on November 12 for a case management hearing at Cardiff Crown Court.

He remains in police custody.

  • SAM

    Reading this article reminds me why I cannot abide the GUTTER PRESS .. nothing like selective reporting for maximum effect – the general vein of your articles is that this guy is guilty as charged and a guilty verdict in court is merely a formality. The problem with this is the understandable disgust at the charges against the guy affects the objectivity of many people who write about cases like this at any stage BEFORE trial and is largely the reason why the lives of people who are FALSELY ACCUSED of serious crimes of this gravity are completely devastated and they find themselves unable to move on when they are in fact NOT GUILTY of what they stand accused and lets be honest now – whatever counselling jurors may need after this case if heard in court it will be nothing compared to the counselling this guy will need if he is in fact innocent of the charges against him!!!