So, this is a bit of a bummer.

I like Ihsahn. A lot.

But this is lame. In fact, it makes me quite sad.

Trivium frontman and guitarist Matt Heafy tells MetalInjection that Ihsahn will produce the debut from his side project, Mrityu.

But Heafy said the project won’t be happening any time soon.

Because both artists are busy with their main projects.

Ihsahn, of course, has a new album due in stores next week, and Trivium just released their new album Vengeance Falls, which was produced by Disturbed’s David Draiman.

Mrityu is a black metal project, according to Heafy.

I hate that a guy from Emperor has agreed to give credence to a pop metal poster boy.

  • Spec

    Although, I agree Trivium is a piece of crap and all, Matt used to be Metal back in the days. He was in Capharnaum which was an amazing Technical Death Metal band. Because of that band, I have a slight bit of respect for him so hopefully he’ll do a half-decent job with that side project.

    • christhescribe

      You don’t gotta tell me about Capharnaum, dude.

      • Daniel Lahner

        LMAO! “You don’t gotta tell me about it dude, I dream about Lord Heafy in my butt-hole all day, because I can’t stop obsessing over how Heafy can sing and play guitar and be so awesome at the same time!” “I SOOOOO gotta make another article the next time he takes a piss CACK-eyed, maybe he will accidently dribble on his pants and then wear them the rest of the day while he is playing a show! Then I can make fun of him for peeing on his-self!!! Ha ha hahah Wouldn’t that be funny if Heafy dribbled on himself ha ha ha my name is Crrise the scribblecrybaby!” Both you 2 are GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY/ Eat a deeeeeeeeek Crhis. Go fuck Miley Cyril and criss cross your your bumm bum withs heafys Cock.

        • Luke Brendan Peter Daley

          well that escilated quickly ..

    • Borislav Ignatov

      So you refer only to death and black metal as metal? Man, you’re no better than all the mainstream pop, hip-hop, or whatever music it is, fans that think that metal is all about screaming your guts out and killing people and worshipping satan. That’s the problem with metal fans, we’re divided by this “true metal” stuff. It’s not how it should be. Metal music should unite us. Be more open minded. That’s why the world is overwhelmed by shitty music. Just look – Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj… bullshit, man, fucking bullshit.

  • Matthew Radick

    I agree with you Chris, I am also saddened.