The makeup under the makeup

The makeup under the makeup
The makeup under the makeup
I guess those enigmatic gents in Ghost expect us to believe Papa Emeritus II is some bald dude who looks like a retired Vegas lounge singer.

I’m not buying it. Which is why I held off on posting this nonsense earlier. But what the fuck? There’s not much else going on.

At the end of this post, you can see video of a Ghost performance in which the lead singer appears out of his usual makeup.

This is the second time they’ve revealed this version of Papa to the public.

The band were in Australia recently and stopped by the Music Feeds studio in full clergymen attire to perform “Ritual.”

Enjoy, bitch.

  • P-ST0LER0

    This is getting creepier each time…

  • Morgan Thibeault

    Sometimes you just wake up and have no desire to put make up on…

  • General Bison

    Seriously, what the fuck happened with Ghost? That EP was AMAZING!
    I enjoyed the full length more than Chris did (not hard really) but it didn’t touch that EP.