I didn’t even know there was a metalcore band from Florida called Adaliah, but I do now. And so do you.

Let’s avoid their music together, shall we?

According to Lambchode, the band’s bassist is alleged to have punched a 16-year-old girl Saturday night.

The girl was witness to the band’s set over the weekend in Spokane, Washington.

The bassist, Ryan Nagle, allegedly punched the girl in the face, hitting her several times.

The band posted the following message on Facebook after the show, only to delete it later.

“Our deepest apologies to Spokane and The Hop. How certain members acted was very out of line and will certainly never happen again, no matter what city/state.”

They deleted it because you never admit in writing you did anything illegal. Like assault. Their manager likely scolded them for this already.

It’s gonna be interesting to see where this goes.

  • *Alien Voice[S]*

    Not going to stop me from jamming to their music because like c’mon if you can’t fucking hang then….

    But in all seriousness the bassist was above and beyond out of line but I’m certainly not going to send abuse to the entirety of the band and “avoid their music” because of the actions of one dumbass. With that said they are releasing a new album this year featuring since released singles ‘Ghosts’ and Shedding Skin’ lets all look forward to that.

  • They are getting some negative comments on their Facebook page, apparently the basist was moshing and accidentally hit the girl as the venue was small and dark. There is also a security guard posting on there about one of the band sucker punching him while he was breaking up a fight.