Not cool

Not cool
Not cool
I was on a metal forum this afternoon, reading about metal stuff, and someone posted a link to Urban Outfitters.

They said of the link: “I have a serious problem with this.”

I clicked on the link, only to see the hat pictured in this post, on sale for $9.99.

What. The. FUCK?

How is Eric Greif not filing an injunction right now to stop this from continuing?

A bunch of kids across America will wear this hat, just thinking its a cool design from Obey.

Never will they know the awesomeness behind that font, nor will they ever appreciate it.

That font’s from Death’s logo, for those who didn’t recognize it.

This is not acceptable. Not in the least.

Eric, where’s the rage?

[UPDATE: Greif has offered up the following on the matter:

“Wow — I’ve received dozens of messages recently because of this story by my friend Chris Harris. I’ve known about the Obey thing for quite some time – it isn’t new – and at first I was explosive about it. It was then explained to me by people smarter than I am (but involved in the metal retail world whom I respect) that this cat is some kind of urban art icon, and his art is always in homage to something ICONIC. The Death logo is iconic, and he picked up on it. I should there take the highroad and let it be instead of getting all litigious and pissed off. Same with the other band called Death — instead of wasting a hundred grand on fighting them for the name, the best course of action was to become friends! I do agree with Chris that there is a whole lot of educating that needs to go on, so my mission to bring the brand to urban America is confirmed”]

  • Eric Greif

    Thanks so much for bringing this matter to the fore, Chris. I actually dealt with this quite awhile ago: at first I was, like you, fully on fire & raging. Then some label friends quieted me down and explained politely that ‘Obey’ is some kind of urban graffiti artist god (something my brain can’t comprehend, but nevermind) and that, actually, in his world he only makes ‘art’ that is based on iconic symbols – hence this isn’t meant to be a ripoff but is an ‘homage’. Uh, I’ll buy that for a dollar. But, anyway, I was urged to take the highroad and to be honored instead of pissed off, and in any case being litigious costs money, so I chose to be flattered instead of hitting the courts. I do agree that there needs to be a massive education of urban youth as to the historical significance of DEATH, so that continues to be my mission supremo… 🙂 ERIC

    • Jackson

      DudeIn no way is OBEY paying “homage”. Obey is not art in any way it is a shitty brand that capitalises off taking real Icons and transforming them into some mass produced shitty design so it can be worn by a bunch of faggot, bottom feeding hipsters with no talent and nothing really to offer the world. And all this while also managing to get around copyright laws.

      • Eric Greif

        Well, Jackson, you’re entitled to your opinion. If you ever control a trademarked logo that Obey bases a design on, then you’re free to litigate. But please – unless you’re quoting from Mutilation, there is no need to use the word ‘faggot’ in your response. E

  • Marchosias84

    I can’t be too mad about this, but at the same time it is pretty lame. Listening to Death always motivated me to open my mind and to follow my own path. I get the feeling that the target group for this hat isn’t really going to worry too much about what it’s paying homage to and many will just think it makes them look tough. Like you said to the other guy though, that’s just my opinion.