The Oath
The Oath
I wonder why I’d be so interested in them.

I mean, the name The Oath isn’t all that great, and the fact that they couldn’t even come up with a name for their debut self-titled album for Rise Above Records strikes me as lazy.

Think it could have something to do with the band’s members, Linnea Olsson and Johanna Sadonis, who looks totally sextastic in leather, with that peak of side-boobage going on.

I’d like to be the meat in an Oath sandwich, folks.

Fuck, I’d even just supply the mayo, if need be.

The Oath, just so you know, drops on April 15.

A press release claims that the band’s debut will be appreciated by fans of bands ranging from Angel Witch and Black Sabbath to the Stooges, Poison Idea, and Danzig.

The debut album was recorded in ten days at Studio Cobra in Stockholm with producer Konie Ehrencrona.

If either of those broads wants a green card, I’m game.

Here’s what they sound like:

  • Brutal Brandy

    I am also suddenly interested in this band!

  • Jared Oates

    You’re fucking gross.

  • Jordan Campbell

    Not only is the “commentary” herein poorly-presented and practically worthless, but it’s also in exceptionally poor taste. You’re suddenly intrigued by a band based on THEIR PROMO PHOTO? We’re you just too lazy to check out their Bandcamp (obviously, because there’s no sample embedded), or is the music secondary? Are your READERS supposed to be intrigued by this band because you apparently want to engage in an incestuous three-way with this duo? Or is this blog just about jerking yourself off, figuratively AND literally.

    I’m sure The Oath can take comfort the fact that even though you’ve totally devalued their work giving it a chance to be heard, you probably still want to fuck them.

    • christhescribe

      Hey Jordan,

      Lighten the fuck up.

      – Chris

      • Jordan Campbell

        Hey Chris,

        Stop being a shitty writer.


        • christhescribe

          You wouldn’t know shitty writing if it facefucked your sister

          • untimelyripped

            And you wouldn’t know good writing if it facefucked you, so there’s that.

        • untimelyripped

          Awww, but then he couldn’t say “sextastic”! Think of all the wonderfully shitty “journalism” this would would be deprived of.