Zoltan Bathory
Zoltan Bathory
Zoltan Bathory is a complete fucking dope.

Some of the shit that comes out of that mouth…you have to wonder if he ever actually thinks about the things he says, or if he just fucking says them.

The Five Fisted Fart Box guitarist was speaking to Metal Hammer, and said the success of bands like his and Avened Sevenfold is merely a “changing of the guard” in metal.

First off, your band isn’t metal, Holmes. It’s cock rock that appeals to ignorant tools. You’re basically Poison without the makeup and hairspray.

Bathory said:

“…What’s happening is the ‘changing of the guard.’ The big bands we all grew up on either completely stopped touring now or they only go out on specialty tours every now and then, so they are definitely far from being as active as they used to be. That brings the next generation to the forefront. It already started but in these upcoming years a transition will take place and the torch will be passed down. It’s the natural cycle.”

They’re just so painfully mediocre, though. How anyone can listen to this band is beyond me. I think you need to be really dumb to dig these dudes.

  • Shawn

    I think that Bathory was just speaking in general about the “metal”/rock scene. It is true that the bigger bands are coming around a lot less in some areas and even the hiatus of other bands in the genre are influencing listeners into similar new bands, especially when I’ve heard many comparisons of Avenged Sevenfolds style to that of Metallica. Their music may be oriented towards a more aggressive fan base, but I disagree with this blatant attack on their musical individuality. I myself enjoy listening to FFDP, and while some of their songs are somewhat hard and aggressive, it shows their unique perspective and outlook. I, myself, am not an “ignorant tool” as you put it, but do still enjoy listening to FFDP and even heavier metal. Maybe you should change musical “scenes” if you can’t handle the punch. I heard Beiber is in need of some new fans since his DUI.

  • Nathan

    I enjoy 5FDP’s style of music. I wouldn’t classify them as rock or hard rock as their music does not comply with certain specificities of that genre mainly that of modern metal and ‘Nu’ metal, and I am not sure what this article implies about bathory as it is his personal opinion about the difference of bands of the old generation to the bands of the new generation which he explained it in a simple metaphor that actually made sense. i think the metalhammer article was about how a professional musicians as himself (which you seem not to be) see’s the success of his band in recent years as opposed to that of the older bands which still get recognition but not as much, but I’m an ignorant tool right? because of my music preference? i thought metalheads were about brotherhood among heavy music such as Children of bodom, Anthrax, Morbid Angel etc.? What the fuck happened This article is very close-minded as you open with ‘Zoltan Bathory is a complete fucking dope’ which isn’t the case since he is in a band which has won international awards, toured in places you have never even heard of and played in some of the biggest music festivals the world has to offer, but some how he is a dope? reply to this when you have written a song with Rob Halford of Judas Priest.

  • Marchosias84

    The only reason I know who this band is or that I don’t like them is because Chris is enough of a closet fan to post about how he hates them all the time. I always figured they were just another Korn – look like tools, act like tools and put out entry level shit that you grow out of once you develop an appreciation for better music. My suspicions were confirmed. They have this site to thank for much of their publicity