MLB 14: The Show for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita

MLB 14: The Show for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita


There have been many video games based upon real life sports but none has been as good as MLB The Show developed by Sony for its gaming consoles. The series called The Show has been a notch above all the real life sports based video games. With PS4 getting released in November, it was only logical for Sony to come up with a new version for PS4 and it is duly launching in May this year. However, f you own a PS 3 or PS Vita, there is nothing to worry as the next generation versions of The Show are also arriving on these two platforms.

As real as it gets in real life
It is Miguel Cabrera, the super star from Detroit Tigers, who has been chosen toMLB be the figure on the cover of the game titles for PS3 as well as PS4. Other baseball stars who have been used for the promotion of the new game are Brendon Phillips, Andrew McCutchen, and Buster Posey. There have been a few additions in terms of animations in MLB 14 but you are going to be impressed with the game play and the animations on MLB 14 even if you have played the earlier MLB 13 on PS3. You are looking at the crowds from a distance or from close quarters, they look very real and not animated at all.

Switch between different versions
As far as game play and the controls are concerned, there are minor tweaks here and there and for the majority of the game, players do not notice the difference. This is because the game play was so impressive and smooth in MLB 13 that there was hardly a need to go for drastic changes in it. The new feature of this game is indeed the ability to carry forward your saves as you switch from MLB 13 to MLB 14. Hough this feature will be included only later on; it is certainly great for the avid gamers of MLB.

Another new feature of MLB 14 happens to be RTTS is the road to the show. In this feature, you can play as a player for the entire season though you have the freedom to switch the player in between a season. MLB 14 also has a new feature that speeds up the game considerably to save on your precious time. You can actually have a game of baseball in 1/3rd of the real life time.