Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne
A woman has launched a Facebook campaign calling for the knighthood of Ozzy Osbourne.

The page has already gotten more than 4,000 signatures, supporting the notion that Ozzy be knighted.

I think it’s high time. But more than Ozzy, Tony Iommi should be knighted. The dude’s written every riff in metal.

The lady is a 45-year-old named Helen Maidiotis, and Kelly Osbourne the other day endorsed her efforts.

Maidiotis originally wanted all four original members of the group to receive a knighthood, but when told that was unlikely, she settled on Ozzy.

Again, I would have gone with Tony.

“Our campaign has reached Buckingham Palace, as a friend of mine had sent off letters explaining about our battle for Ozzy’s knighthood — and they have replied positively,” she said.

Maidiotis added that she is hoping to reach 5,000 signatures in time for Sabbath’s performance in London’s Hyde Park on July 4.

She said that she intends to “see this right through to the end, whatever the outcome.”

  • Helen Maidiotis

    Thanks for featuring an article about my campaign…yes Tony deserves a knighthood as well, I really wish that my campaign to have the whole band knighted was taken more seriously at the time I had created it. I was mocked at the time and have continued to be now by many with Ozzy’s knighthood campaign.

    Each member of Black Sabbath deserves this title, but seeing as I had to pick the prominent member of the band (as I was encouraged to do by the UK Cabinet), Ozzy was the most obvious choice as he is the ‘Voice’ and ‘Face’ of Black Sabbath. Hopefully, if my campaign is a success we can have Tony, Bill and Geezer knighted next.

    By the way, just to give you an update since you posted this article, we have now reached over 13,664 signatures and hope to have reached our new target of 20,000 by the close of the petition on July 6.

    Thanks again,
    Cheers! m/m/