Five reasons to hate Windows Vista

November 10, 2006

UK-based TECH.BLORGE contributor James Cornelius explains why he doesn’t think Windows Vista is worth touching with a barge pole.

Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t give a tuppence that Windows Vista is coming out? My esteemed editor Alex Zaharov-Reutt has been breathlessly reporting every development in the ongoing Vista saga. Me, I’d rather have an Amiga 500 hooked up to a tele and a nice cup of tea. Here are five reasons why I won’t be upgrading to Windows Vista.

  1. Windows Vista requires 2GB of RAM – give me a break, all Vista has to do is run a computer, not find a cure for cancer. And let’s face it, if 2GB is recommended, to actually get some work done you’ll need 4GB. It’s just never ending.
  2. Microsoft is jumping on the whole social networking fad with Vista. I don’t need to get laid, so why should I care about sharing my personal photographs with strangers. I’d much rather a computer that keeps the weirdos away.
  3. Every time a new version of Windows comes out I start finding that I need to upgrade some of my applications to get them work properly, and a lot of the time I get to pay for the privilege. I don’t need to pay Microsoft $200 for Vista so then I have to lay out thousands more for the software upgrades.
  4. I quite like the fact that my computer works. Invariably when I upgrade the operating system, something doesn’t work quite right, like a web cam or a printer, or even a graphics card. I then have to spend hours trying to get new drivers that don’t exist yet. I’ve got better things to do.
  5. I object to buying something where there’s no clear benefit, just a lot of trouble. According to Microsoft, Vista brings “clarity” to our lives. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Are they promising a cure for schizophrenia? Because if they are, I think they might be misrepresenting Vista! We all know the truth – Windows XP is perfectly fine, and Microsoft’s PR machine is just inventing reasons for us to buy something we don’t need.

Microsoft, how about some real innovation before you start wanting us to hand over our hard-earned money for something we don’t really want, but will eventually feel obliged to buy because everyone else is buying it. 

What about giving us some new features that will actually come in handy? Like time travel? Or word processor that automatically writes clever things? Or a photo viewer that allows us to see whether that twenty-something girl on Bebo is actually a balding 50-year-old bus driver from Brighton? That’s the kind of thing the public really want!

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35 Responses to “Five reasons to hate Windows Vista”

  1. Just a Visitor:

    Nice post and I absolutely agree with you but Vista does not require 2 GB RAM as a minimum. It is 512 KB.

  2. QuiescentWonder:

    1. Windows Vista does not by far require 2GB of RAM.
    2. Umm, Windows Messenger (MSN) and Net Meeting have been included with Windows for a LONG time.
    3. That’s how it works, that’s how it’s always worked, why aren’t you using Windows 95? I can’t believe you paid for all those upgrades to 98 and XP.
    4. New drivers that don’t exist yet? Yeah right, only if you have ancient hardware. Back this up and I’ll back down on this one.
    5. Just buy a new computer that comes with Vista once yours goes kaput, then you won’t have to worry about all that hassle if you really don’t want to. This is how most people are going to get it anyway, unless you are a technophile of sorts, in which case you’re probably willing to go through the little trouble it is to upgrade from XP to Vista.

    Features new to Windows Vista:

  3. James Cornelius:

    Gentlemen, with all due respect the 513 KB is a minimum requirement. If you believe that you’ll actually get Vista running properly with 512 KB, all I can say is good luck. Even Windows XP really needs at least 1 GB to work properly. Dell’s CEO had this to say:

    I think they tell you maybe 1GB of memory is OK, said Rollins. No- 2GB of memory would be great.

    QuiescentWonder, I’ll respond to your points later! Thanks for the challenge!

    Please Gentlemen don’t believe all the marketing!

  4. Crimsonmini:

    I don’t care two hoots about what Dell CEO says about memory requirements there is a lot of nonsense out there on this subject. Just for the heck of it I installed XP on an old PC with only 64mb of ram. As long as you run only one program at a time it wasn’t as bas as the experts would have it believe. As long as you don’t want to have ten or more progs open at once 512 mb is just fine for XP.

  5. Deb C:

    At work I’m running Vista RC1 and Office 2007 Beta on a 3-4 year old machine with 512MB. It’s slow and I can really only run Outlook but I love it. I wouldn’t upgrade an old machine but it is certainly worth moving to when purchasing a new machine. As an IT Support person theres a lot of good features to help with troubleshooting. There’s going to be a lot of heartache and hair pulling when we refresh our hardware in the office and move to Vista and Office 2007 (from XP & Office 2000) but it in the long run will be worth it. I wouldn’t be in IT if I didn’t like change and challenge.

  6. Taomyn:

    512 KB – lol

    Will you noobs go away and get your facts right!

  7. Larry Carter:

    you’re absolutely right, the only trouble is we all will be forced to upgrade sooner or later just as we have had to go from DOS 6.00 to Windows XP.

  8. Whateva:

    You are a whiney little bitch.

  9. zid:

    512kb, almost enough to play quake 1!

  10. Synonymous:

    Guys, don’t get your panties in a bunch, it is very obvious that he meant 512MB you don t need to be smart ‘aleks’. I’m currently running Vista partitioned on my computer with Ubuntu and XP. I agree it does bog down, but if u just turn off all that useless eye candy like the skins and set the computer to run for performance, you will see a huge boost in speed and unused working memory(RAM). I think 512mb of ram is definitely enough to run Vista, without the ‘skins’ and other stupid background programs and services!

  11. Sorgenkammer:

    I’m not sure about vista running on 512MB of ram, thats the official windows minimum requirnments, but it runs perfectly fine on my laptop (1GB of ram, Turion X2 1.8, Radeon X1400), which is far from a great computer. I dual boot vista on my laptop, desktop and work machine, and the ONLY problem I’ve had with it is one game, Rose online evolution, doesn’t want to work with vista. Thats the only problem, and its the developers problem not Microsoft. I’m very happy with vista, and I’ll definatly buy a copy or two when it comes out. It takes up 37% of 1GB of ram with the aero interface turned on, and ~25% with the non-aero themes. XP takes up about ~18-20%. Oh noes Vistas taking up 5% more ram, Microsoft is a nazi, lets all go out and buy a mac.


  12. jean:

    Check this link too

  13. HatesWinblows:

    You’re all a bunch of Corporate zombies
    Solaris 10 is the OS of the future
    For the IT types, it’s much easier to troubleshoot
    and best of all, no viruses

  14. bob:

    Ok…so we’ve all followed the upgrade path from Dos, to 9x to NT4 to Win2k to XP.

    Why did we follow that path?
    DOS->Windows: Productivity, WYSIWYG
    Windows->9x: Productivity, Ease of Use
    9x->NT: Stability/Performance (NT4 ROCKED)
    NT4->Win2k: Performance/Plug-N-Play/Stability
    Win2k->XP: True Plug-N-Play (Finally!)/More dynamic than Win2k
    XP->Vista? Why? Show me where I’ll see a real change.

  15. jamie:

    i ain’t no expert but i thought the main difference from winXP to winVista is true 64-bit processor support. Even though a lot of apps are 32bit.

    just saying is all

  16. jamie:

    oh should have mentioned…..screw microshaft…..linux all the way :D

  17. Synonymous:

    No, The only real difference is the that kernel was been remade from scratch not like XP,2k,me, which are based on the NT kernel. It also has more secure features as denying access to the kernel, which restricts 3rd party patches for OS issues.

  18. Techie:

    The kernal access restriction exists only in the x64 version of Vista.

    The only changes worth looking at are DX10 and the new driver model. Both of these things could have been implemented in XP.

    Whether we know what they meant or not, don’t go replying to tech articles if you still confuse KB with MB. You simply look retarded.

  19. Mike:

    Corporate Zombies??? You’ve obviously never got a quote from Sun! Yep you’re right Solaris is definiately the OS of the future with it’s rich multimedia experience *cough* and it’s fantastic low cost hardware *hack* and it’s multitude of globally recognised corporate applications.

    As for the virus issue. . . .what exactly would someone who wrote a Solaris virus be aiming to achieve? Solaris (like all OS’s) has plenty of vulnerabilities (see ) but in general I don’t think many people are interested in exploiting them.

  20. Joel:

    James Cornelius has no idea what he is talking about. His ONLY real point (2 GB requirement) is completely fake. I have run the RC1 version (which is supposedly slower than the final release build) with only 1 GB ram and it RAN PERFECTLY FINE. No hiccups, no slow downs whatsoever, or ANY problem. The only real gripes I have with Vista is the built-in DRM, the fact it took them this long to release this, the pricing, and the slower performance in 3D environments (specifically games).

    Synonymous: Vista’s kernel was NOT remade from scratch. Microsoft has admitted that in virtually ALL of the operating systems it has made they were built upon previous releases. Vista is built over windows 2003′s kernel. Oh and XP already HAS a 64-Bit version.

  21. mac:

    what is this a “my opinion is right because its mine” competition here in the comments?

  22. Raiden:

    Hi all. Just another little update to add. It appears as though MS is still going to use the one hardware transfer rule to harass PC enthusiasts who have the gall to purchase OEM copies of Vista. If you pay more and buy retail Vista, you are entitled to less harassment upon OS transfer. (why do they even bother selling OEM versions if they are just going to harass you for using them???)

    The following is quoted from a Newegg review of Windows XP Pro SP2b that includes a coupon for a free copy of Windows Vista. Seems like a cheap way to pick up both OSs for very little money if you can deal with the restrictions.

    *Buyer Beware

    Pros: New O/S with the latest features and protections.

    Cons: Memory Hog.

    Other Thoughts: I contacted M/S with the number here and was directed to Vista marketing. I was told that if you purchase OEM versions of Vista (like the coupon is) you will experience a lot of difficulty upgrading your PC and using this O/S copy again. She also said retail copies of Vista should allow you to upgrade a single PC and keep on using it if not abused. *

  23. Phil:

    Somebody said 2GB for XP to run really well . . . what? I’m a musician and an recording engineer. I can stream oddles of channels of live audio into my machine and put gobs and gobs of CPU eating plugins on them to affect the sound. All on 1 GB of Ram. Next to using your computer as a Video workstation, using it as an Audio workstation is one of the most demanding roles for a computer in terms of CPU/RAM. And mine does just fine. Be willing to tweak things a bit and don’t believe the hype!


    why would you pay 200 bucks for an upgrade? Give windows the boot…use linux

  25. Steve Mount:

    Hey, Synonomous, Me is not based on the NT core, it’s DOS. Mr. Cornelius, you’re dead right, it’s a con. XP is already an over-bloated system. And Bob, I must agree. A lot of folk can NT4, probably because they were at the time died-in-the-wool Win 98 users who knew little else. NT4 has the limitations of partition size, non PnP, no FAT32 (who cares?), no safe-mode, and no USB support, but for many home users, who just want a reliable PC to browse the net, write letters and use email, I still recommend NT4. Why? Because on an older PC eg. PII or PIII, it is rock solid, reliable, fast and for folk who are not PC savy it is a life saver. And it gives a small install package, and doesn’t need a ton of memory or disk space. But overall, as Gary said, give Windows the boot, there’re better systems out there.


    First of all, let me say I agree with everything you are saying James. Second, Microsoft is shaking in their boots. They know they are f-ing up. They know the revenue they are collecting off of leasing & licening Microsoft Office Suite will soon come to hault when Google perfects their Google Docs and SpreadSheet!!! THis IS HUGE!!! Check out Google Docs & Spreadsheets….this only the begining. ANYBODY CAN USE IT ON ANY Operating SYSTEM. Do you KNOW HOW MUCH companies, schools, ect. will save when they don’t have to pay for Micosoft’s crappy software that will only work on windoze. BRB

  27. francisco:

    Hi. I too hate windows vista and the bussiness merchadising for young people buy Vista to RUN DX 10.0; DOWN VISTA

  28. F. Molinar:

    Hey People lets see the facts :

    Windows XP was the easiest OS to Migrate to and probably the most stable at the time. But
    i am a Linux User because of the problems on those times.

    Vista has problems with Drivers, Applications
    and to much requirements so why change XP
    now i think i dont need to switch just yet

  29. Tony:

    Pre-release versions of Windows Vista (Beta 2, RC1, and RC2) expired on May 31, 2007. If you are running a pre-release version of Windows Vista, it is strongly recommended that you migrate your PC to the final version of Windows Vista.
    To install the final version of Windows Vista on any of these pre-release versions of Windows Vista, you may purchase the desired Windows Vista Upgrade. The Windows Vista Upgrade must be the same language version as the pre-release version you are replacing.
    This is the entry from Microsoft’s own website. Note you have to pay to upgrade Vista RC1 to Vista.

  30. John:

    I’ve been a PC user for years now and nothing really compares to Apple’s OSX. If you have never used an Apple computer before, go and try it you wont be disappointed!

  31. Petras:


    It could be explained better, so for noobs I wrote more detailed explanation…

  32. Nick:

    I’m using Vista home premium on an acer 5920 core duo 2GHz T7300, 2GB Ram 4MB L2 cache with Nvidia Gforce 8600M GS turbocache video card.
    The system is using 888MB but seems to be swopping tons of stuff to/from disk as if it doesn’t have enough ram. It can’t even run Quake 3 without 1 or 2 second halts in the video every 10 to 15 seconds. The system uses about 25% of processor time continually and sometimes maxes to 37%…DOING NOTHING BUT SYSTEM STUFF! The 25% is NT kernel. Every so often the hard disk goes crazy and is at max utilization. I’m trying to find out what useless namby pamby monitoring/safety stuff is running. Maybe I can turn it off. I’ve already pulled the plug on all sorts of junk to see what’s hogging the processor but still can’t find out….. ANYONE HELP ME? Aaaaaarrrggggghhh! I can’t take anymore I spent 750 quid on this laptop….it’s slower than my 3 year old laptop running xp.

  33. Sean:

    Vista sucks. I’m going off to college next year and my laptop arrived yesterday. It’s a fairly good laptop with 2 gigs of RAM, up to date graphics card etc. etc. First off as soon as I turn it on I need to wait for 5 minutes for all these shitty apps that I’ll never use to load. I went into the guts of the system and found that whenever my laptop was turned on Vista would automatically run over ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY applications. These ranged from fax programs to IPV6 to more shitty 20+ year old software. The computer froze three times in the first five hours of unboxing it. If I attempted to run a chat program while surfing the web it would overload and freeze. If I tried to open itunes and the internet at the same time it would take upwards of five minutes. Vista is shit and takes speed for stupid ass applications. I’m sending it back and getting a Mac laptop because I can’t have a computer in college that has a liability to freeze while I’m writing a paper.

  34. Eric:

    Forgot to mention the fact that Vista seems to have difficulty preforming a very neccessary task: turning on.

  35. Lokesonna:

    My whole family here has a Vista program on their computer including mine, and for me has been nothing but pure trouble. I am a college student that, for now, does online classes and must stay logged in for a few hours. So far Vista has taken out mine, my Moms, my Brothers, and even my little Sisters computer!!! It has depleted nearly all of my assignments, logs me out every 5 minutes because it’s not able to connect to the internet and deleting files I had saved. I prefer XP over anything else, and sadly I cannot change my computer to run XP because it has Vista hardware inside…

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