Naked people on Google Earth!

December 26, 2006

One of the most remarkable posts I’ve come across while trawling through the blogosphere is Google Sighteeing’s  “Top ten naked people on Google Earth“.

Hot issue: Is she on her front or on her back?

The post shows images of ten people who have been snapped sun baking nude by Google’s eye in the sky, and who now have their private parts on public display on Google Earth.

Well, admittedly the private parts are extremely difficult to make out (actually impossible), but if we had one of those computers, as seen in science fiction  movies, that allowed you to infinitely zoom in on images, THEN, well, we really would see something!  

The post  also highlights key issues about each image. For example, the image shown above drew the following analysis:

“Many people think she’s on her front, but personally I remain unconvinced.”

I’m with Alex (the author of the post; I think she’s on her back.

Google Sightseeing, which sports the slogan “Why bother seeing the world for real”, is not affilated with Google. Its mission is to show weird stuff on Google Earth. You can even buy a book.

It’s these kind of sites that remind me what blogging is all about. Who would ever think of trying to find nude people on the Google Earth; and who would ever think of listing ten of them? I’m just glad that someone has. Somehow, the world is a better place for it.

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