PlayStation 2 becomes "impulse buy", outsells PlayStation 3

February 2, 2007

It must be painful  being a Sony executive these days. Not only is the PlayStation 3 (PS3) being outsold by Nintendo’s Wii, but in the Japanese market it’s also being beaten by its elderly parent, the PlayStation 2 (PS2).

PlayStation 2 becomes "impulse buy", outsells PlayStation 3

Champion PS2 beat PS3 sales in Japan

The PS2 is the most popular games console of all time, having sold  more than 105 million units during its seven-year life. Despite the launch of the PS 3, the the popularity of the PS 2 still seems to be growing.

In the Japanese market in last full week of January (January 22 to January 28), the PS 2 sold 20,995 units, while the PS 3 sold 19,996 units, according to market research company Media Create.

Media Create receives sales information from 3000 stores around Japan, which it uses to estimate national sales.

Sony US spokesperson, Dave Karraker, recently dismissed the Wii as an “impulse buy”. In an interview with the New York Times. Karraker said that because the PlayStation 3 was much more powerful than the Wii, it did not belong in the same category.

It should be remembered that the price of the PS2 is about one third of the price of the PS 3, so to use the language of Sony PR, the PS2 really has become an “impulse buy”.

Sony hopes to ship 6 million PlayStation 3s worldwide by the end of March. It claims to have sold 2 million units as of mid January.

The sales figures from Media Create also reveal more bad news for Sony. They show that during that same week, Nintedo sold 83,754 Wiis, while Microsoft sold 7365 Xbox 360s. Nintendo’s portable DS Lite sold 194,526 units, against 35,700 PlayStation Portables.

There’s always an silver lining, and the great news for Sony is that because the PS2 is such an elderly machine, it can’t be considered to be in the same category as the PS3, and is therefore no threat to PS3 sales. And yes, I am angling for job with Sony PR.

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