I hacked my secure wireless network: here’s how it’s done

February 6, 2007

I hacked my wireless networkWireless networks are everywhere; they are widely available, cheap, and easy to setup. To avoid the hassle of setting up a wired network in my own home, I chose to go wireless. After a day of enjoying this wireless freedom, I began thinking about security. How secure is my wireless network? 

I searched the Internet for many days, reading articles, gathering information, and participating on message boards and forums. I soon came to the realization that the best way for me to understand the security of my wireless network would be to test it myself. Many sources said it was easy, few said it was hard. 

How a wireless network works

A wireless local area network (WLAN) is the linking of 2 or more computers with Network Interface Cards (NICs) through a technology based on radio waves. All devices that can connect to a wireless network are known as stations. Stations can be access points (APs), or clients.

Access points are base stations for the wireless network. They receive and transmit information for the clients to communicate with.

The set of all stations that communicate with each other is referred to as the Basic Service Set (BSS). Every BSS has an Identification known as a BSSID, also known as the MAC address, which is a unique identifier that is associated with  every NIC.

For any client to join a WLAN, it should know the SSID of the WLAN; therefore, the access points typically broadcast their SSID to let the clients know that an AP is in range.

Data streams, known as packets, are sent between the Access Point, and it’s clients. You need no physical access to the network or its wires to pick up these packets, just the right tools. It is with the transmission of these packets that pose the largest security threat to any wireless network.

Wireless Encryption

The majority of home and small business networks are encrypted using the two most popular methods:

  1. WEP
  2. WPA

WEP – Wired Equivalent Privacy – comes in 3 different key lengths: 64, 128, and 256 bits, known as WEP 64, WEP 128, and WEP 256 respectively.  WEP provides a casual level of security but is more compatible with older devices; therefore, it is still used quite extensively. Each WEP key contains a 24 bit Initialization Vector (IV), and a user-defined or automatically generated key; for instance, WEP 128 is a combination of the 24 bit IV and a user entered 26 digit hex key. ((26*4)+24=128)

WEP also comes in WEP2 and WEP+, which are not as common and still as vulnerable as the standard WEP encryption.

WPA – WiFi Protected Access – comes in WPA and WPA2, and was created to resolve several issues found in WEP. Both provide you with good security; however, they are not compatible with older devices and therefore not used as widely. WPA was designed to distribute different keys to each client; however, it is still widely used in a  (not as secure) pre-shared key (PSK) mode, in which every client has the same passphrase.

To fully utilize WPA, a user would need an 802.1x authentication server, which small businesses and typical home users simply cannot afford. WPA utilizes a 48 bit Initialization Vector (IV), twice the size of WEP, which combined with other WEP fixes, allows substantially greater security over WEP.

Packets and IVs

It’s all in the packets. The bottom line is – while you may be able to employ several security features on your WLAN – anything you broadcast over the air can be intercepted, and could be used to compromise the security on your network. If that frightens you, start stringing wires throughout your home.

Every encrypted packet contains a 24 or 48 bit IV, depending on the type of encryption used. Since the pre-shared key is static and could be easily obtained, the purpose of the IV is to encrypt each packet with a different key. For example, to avoid a duplicate encryption key in every packet sent, the IV is constantly changing.  The IV must be known to the client that received the encrypted packet in order to decrypt it; therefore, it is sent in plaintext.

The problem with this method is that the Initialization Vectors are not always the same. In theory, if every IV was different, it would be nearly impossible to obtain the network key; this is not the case. WEP comes with a 24 bit IV; therefore, giving the encryption 16 million unique values that can be used. This may sound like a large number, but when it comes to busy network traffic, it’s not.

Every IV is not different; and this is where the issues arise. Network hackers know that all the keys used to encrypt packets are related by a known IV (since the user entered WEP part of the key is rarely changed); therefore, the only change in the key is 24 bits. Since the IV is randomly chosen, there is a 50% probability that the same IV will repeat after just 5,000 packets; this is known as a collision.

If a hacker knows the content of one packet, he can use the collision to view the contents of the other packet. If enough packets are collected with IV matches, your network’s security can be compromised.

The Setup

My wireless network was powered by a Linksys WRT54G v6 wireless router; It is well known that this model is the most widely used wireless router. Out of the box, the Linksys router came with 1 CD which was nothing more than a visual step by step, what you should do to connect it.

A few things concern me with this router. There was no part in the setup that allowed me, or even told me to change my router’s default password. To change the password, I had to go into the router’s web-based setup utility; this was accessible via the IP address in my Internet browser. The default username and password was admin. If someone was able to compromise the security on my network, they could have easily done this for me; and locked me out of my own network. Sure, I could have performed a hard reset on the router, but I’d have little luck without the Internet or any documentation to help.

If you’re looking to find your default username and password, there is quite a comprehensive list located at www.phenoelit.de My advice is to change this immediately, for it may save you some trouble down the road.

Being my first time, I decided to go easy; I set my router up with a basic WEP 64 encryption; it required a 10 digit hex key. I entered the key into the 2 other computers in my home, and I was ready to start.


Out of everything I’ve experienced over the last couple weeks, this was the hardest obstacle, by far. I started with a Dell Latitude C610 notebook with a Linksys WPC54GS Wireless-G notebook adapter (Broadcom chipset) running Windows XP Pro; looking back, it was a bad choice.

When selecting hardware, be warned, not all network cards are the equal. It turns out that nearly 99% of the software used to crack network keys are not compatible with notebook cards that have a Broadcom chipset; the ones that were just didn’t work.

9 out of every 10 articles I read boasted the Orinoco Gold PCMCIA network card by Lucent was the absolute best pick and most compatible will all the good software. A trip to E-Bay, $30 later, and I was ready.

The software we will be using is strictly dependent on the chipset of the WNIC, and unfortunately, the operating system. Your best approach would be to research what software you will be using, and then find a card based on the chipset the software is compatible with.

There are many types of chipsets; too many, in fact, to mention. Linux-wlan.org has an unbelievably comprehensive list of WNICs and their corresponding chipset.

All the best programs are made for Linux; windows is certainly a drag when it comes to WLAN penetrating software, but if you don’t have Linux, don’t be too concerned.

It may be in your best interest to invest in a wireless card that has an external antenna jack. The Orinoco Gold WNIC I purchased has one, but since I’m compromising my own network in a short range, it won’t be necessary.

The Software

There are hundreds of applications you can use to do a variety of things with wireless networks. The largest list of software, that I came across, can be found at Wardrive.net. The term “wardriving” is more commonly used for this practice, and involves driving around neighborhoods to look for wireless networks. I refuse to use this term because that is not what I am doing; I am sitting in my home testing the vulnerabilities of my own network.

Let it be known, that it is not illegal to use software to detect the presence of wireless networks; however, if you crack the network and start “stealing” bandwidth, you could be in a world of trouble. Especially if you’re in Singapore.

Once I received my Orinoco card, I began re-installing software which did not previously work with my Linksys card. It was a nightmare; Windows XP kept getting in the way, software that had been moded to run on windows required daunting tasks for installation, some programs simply didn’t work, some required special run time modules to be installed.

After nearly 48 hours of time-wasting, aggravating, disappointment; I came across the answer. A small penguin shone a beam of light upon my browser and blessed me; I found Auditor.

(2/6/07 - The link is currently not working, but you can obtain Auditor through any Torrent service.)

Auditor Security Collection is a self booting Linux-based CD that comes pre-loaded with all the best security software for auditing a system. It comes in a .ISO file that can be downloaded from remote-exploit.org; the ISO image file is roughly 649 Mb, and can be burned to a CD or DVD using most CD/DVD writing utilities.

It was truly amazing; a simple check in the Bios of the laptop to set the boot order to CD/DVD first, a slip of the Auditor CD, and a press of the power button was all it took. I was ready. Be not afraid of this Linux-based CD; everything is laid out on a GUI and all commands have “shortcuts” linking to them on a desktop similar to a windows environment.

Auditor Security Collection does not touch a single file on your hard drive. All files used and saved in the ASC are stored in your notebook’s RAM; once you remove the CD and reboot, everything is exactly as it was.

Detecting my wireless network

If you’ve come this far, believe me, you’re doing well. The first step is to find the network you want to penetrate. As there are a variety of apps that allow you to do this, we will be focusing in on the 2 most popular: Netstumbler, and Kismet.

Netstumber - is a widely popular tool used for detecting 802.11a/b/g wireless networks.  The latest version is Netstumbler 0.4.0, and will run in Windows XP. For compatible hardware and requirements, you can check the read me on the Netstumbler forums; or you could just try it. I’d like to point out that many sources have said the Linksys WPC54G/S WNIC does not work with Netstumbler; however, I have been able to make it work by launching the program, then removing and re-inserting the WNIC. The Orinoco Gold works fine with Netstumbler.

Kismet – does a little more than just detecting networks. Aside from providing every detail about a network except the encryption key, Kismet is a packet sniffer and intrusion detection system; we’ll get into sniffing packets a little later.

For this demonstration, we’ll be using the pre-loaded Kismet on the Auditor Security Collection. After inserting and booting the Auditor CD, I was ready to make sure everything was working properly.

From this point, the first thing that needed to be done was to ensure the wireless card was recognized by Auditor; to do this, you will have to venture into the dark world of the command prompt. In Auditor, the command prompt can be reached by clicking on the little black monitor icon located at the bottom of your screen.

Simply typing in iwconfig will allow you to see all the wireless extensions configured on the machine. If you see a screen full of data next to a WLAN0 or ETH0, you’re ready to continue to the next step; otherwise, you will see a list of “no wireless extensions” messages.

Next, you will need to start the Kismet program. You’ll initially be prompted to enter a destination to save data to; you can just select the ’desktop’ and continue. When Kismet loads, you will see a black screen with green text showing all the wireless networks within you signal range.

Kismet will give you all the information you need to start cracking. Pressing ‘s’ on your keyboard will bring up a ”Sort Network” dialogue box. From there you can press any of the desired sorting methods. This step is important as it allows you to select a particular wireless network on a list to view more details. Select your network with the arrow keys and press enter.

You will then be looking at nearly all your network details such as name, ssid, server IP, bssid, etc… Most are not relevant in this case, but you should write down a few things:

  1. BSSID
  2. Channel #
  3. Encryption method

Pressing ‘x’ in Kismet will return you to the previous screen. re-select your target WLAN; then press ‘SHFT+C’ to bring up a list of associated clients to the Access Point. Write down the MAC address of all clients as it will prove useful.

Capturing packets

While you may have not been aware, at this point, Kismet has also been capturing packets. This is the bread and butter of cracking any wireless encryption; without data to process you have nothing.

Capturing packets, also known as packet sniffing,  is the process of intercepting and logging traffic passing over a network. As information is sent and received over your wireless network, the software captures every packet to allow you to analyze and decode it.

Capturing network traffic can be a timely process; especially if it is a slow network. With no-one on any computers in my home, I generally capture around 3,000 packets within 5 minutes; with users on the other 2 computers, this number is substantially greater. Don’t get confused, it’s not the packet itself that we want; but rather the IVs in the packets.

The programs we will be using to sniff packets are Kismet and Airodump (part of the Aircrack Suite). We’ve already touched Kismet, so lets take a look at Airodump.

Before running Airodump, you must configure your wireless interface to go into ’monitor’ mode; the methods to achieve this require you to go back to the command prompt (konsole).

For most WNICs, you would use the command:
iwconfig <interface> mode monitor

And in some instances would have to set the channel number on your WNIC to match that of the target access point:
iwconfig <interface> channel #

Note that you will have to replace <interface> with the network interface specific to your machine. Using an Orinoco Gold card, my network interface was eth0; but on most machines, it is wlan0 or ath0. So you may have to adjust those commands accordingly. You can find out for sure by simply typing iwconfig.

I should also point out that putting the Orinoco Gold card in ‘monitor’ mode had a different command altogether:
iwpriv eth0 monitor 2 1

Once your in monitor mode, you’re ready to run Airodump. The command used to start Airodump is:
airodump <interface> <output filename> [mac filter]

<output filename> can be anything you wish; Airodump will put a .cap extension on the end of the name. The mac filter is used to only capture packets from a specific access point. For instance, I used:
airodump eth0 george 00:18:f8:65:fe:41
to capture packets just from my access point - where 00:18:f8:65:fe:41 is the BSSID of the AP.

Airodump looks similar to Kismet, but there are no selectable objects on the screen; it gets right down to it, capturing packets and storing them in the .cap file as defined in the command. You’ll notice Airodump keeps a running count of all the packets captured, and better yet, shows you the number of IVs collected.

The waiting game

The hard truth is that you will need to collect nearly 150,000 IVs to crack a 64 bit WEP key, and around 600,000 IVs to crack a 128 bit WEP key. This number varies, but is mostly dependent on how luck you are. If you watch the IV count in Airodump, you’ll notice that, under normal circumstances, they do not rise rapidly.

This can cause a problem; particularly if you’re as impatient as I am. Let’s take a look at some ways we can speed up this process.

Until now, we’ve been using a method known as a passive attack. A passive attack is basically doing nothing other than passively capturing packets until you have achieved enough data to perform the crack.

Most access points need their client to re-associate after a certain period of time to confirm their connection; therefore, the AP will send out an Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) packet.  The ARP packet is unique in that is always addressed to the MAC address FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF, usually has a size of 68 bytes, and has the ToDS flag set.

We can use this information to implement an ARP replay attack. For this method, we will be using Aireplay (part of the Aircrack Suite). Aireplay can be used to actually re-send packets that it has received.

Leave Airodump running, and open a new command window. The command we’ll be using for Aireplay is:
aireplay -i -m 68 -n 68 -d ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff -b 00:18:f8:65:fe:41 eth0

The -i tells Aireplay to capture packets on the fly; the -m 68 and -n 68 tells aireplay that you only want it to replay packets that are 68 bytes. The -d and -b are the destination MAC address and AP MAC Address(BSSID) respectively. This is the criteria that is defined for our ARP packet, which is usually associated with an IV.

Alternatively, you may have already captured one of these packets. You can have Aireplay check the .cap file from Airodump with the -f switch:
aireplay -f george.cap -m 68 -n 68 -d ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff -b 00:18:f8:65:fe:41 eth0

In either case, If Aireplay finds a match to our specifications, it will show you the details of the packet and ask if you would like to replay it. If the details look exactly as shown below, press ‘y’ for yes.

FromDS = 0, ToDS = 1
BSSID = <mac address of access point>
Src. MAC = <client MAC>
Dst. MAC = ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff

Aireplay will then begin to replay the packet; if you’ve found a winning packet, you will notice your packet and IV count in Airodump rise extremely quick. If not, only the packet count in Airodump will rise; If this be the case, press CTRL+C to abort the operation, restart aireplay, and try again.

It has been noted that some routers will detect this erratic behavior and block the MAC address of the WNIC you are using. Adding a -x switch followed by a “replay per second #” will slow down the rate at which Airplay replays these packets.

If your lucky enough, you will have collected enough IVs in little time. For me, it took 28 minutes including booting up, writing down the network specs, and typing all those lengthy commands.

There are other methods such as Dueth attacks which force the clients off the AP, causing them to have to re-associate; but these methods require a second computer.

The crack

Two of the most popular programs used for actually cracking the WEP key are Airsnort and Aircrack. Airsnort can be used with the .dump files that Kismet provides; and Aircrack can be used with the .cap files that Airodump provides.

Airsnort can be used on it’s own without any other software capturing packets; although, it has been reported to be extremely unstable in this state, and you should probably not chance loosing all your captured data. A better method would be to let Airsnort recover the encryption key from your Kismet .dump file. Kismet and Airsnort can run simultaneously.

For this demonstration, we’ll be using Aircrack. You can use Airodump to capture the packets, and Aircrack to crack the encryption key at the same time.

With Airodump running, open a new command window and type:
aircrack -f 3 -n 64 -q 3 george.cap

The -f switch followed by a number is the fudgefactor; which is a variable that the program uses to define how thoroughly it scans the .cap file. A larger number will give you a better chance of finding the key, but will usually take longer. The default is 2.

The -n switch followed by 64 represents that you are trying to crack a WEP 64 key. I knew because it was a setup; In the real world there is no way to determine what WEP key length a target access point is using. You may have to try both 64 and 128.

The -q 3 switch was used to display the progress of the software. It can be left out altogether to provide a faster crack; although, if you’ve obtained enough unique IVs, you should not be waiting more than a couple minutes.

A -m switch can be used, followed by a MAC address, to filter a specific AP’s usable packets; this would come in handy if you were collecting packets from multiple APs in Airodump.

Aircrack recovered my WEP 64 key within 1 minute using 76,000 unique IVs; the whole process took around 34 minutes.

The same experiment was repeated with WEP 128 and it took about 43 minutes. The reason it was not substantially longer is because I simply let Airplay replay more packets. Sometimes you can get lucky and capture an ARP Request packet within a few minutes; otherwise, it could take a couple hours.

After I had access to the network, many doors opened up. Aside from having access to the Internet, I was able to use Networkview – a network discovery tool – to obtain my network’s workgroup name. From there, I had access to all the shared files on my drives.

While I’m no expert in the subject, I can at least assume that many horrible things could happen if the wrong hands were to obtain my WLAN encryption key. 

The conclusion

Always use WPA or WPA2 encryption when possible. If your using WPA with a pre-shared key, use a strong password; hackers can use dictionary attacks, and they will be quite effective if you have an easy password. You may want to use a strong password generator like the one at grc.com.

If your access point supports it, you may want to consider disabling wireless SSID broadcast; however, this may raise some issues with the APs clients recognizing it. (Kismet will still recognize it)

Many routers will allow you to filter what clients can access the network; this is known as Wireless MAC Filtering. If you know the MAC address of the clients you are using, you can enter them into your configuration utility as “Permit ONLY”. This is not a 100% effective method; MAC addresses can be cloned to match the AP’s associated clients, but it does provide you with a slightly higher level of security. (there is a utility on Auditor to allow you to do this)

By default, your router may be set to mixed mode; this allows 802.11b and 802.11g devices to access your network. If you use only 802.11g devices, set your router to G-ONLY. Had my router been set this way, I would have never been able to do any of this. The Orinoco Gold card is 802.11b, and is obviously not compatible with a 802.11g network. Many 802.11g cards are not supported by the software we’ve used in this tutorial, but few are. While your at it, please change your default router username and password.

While I haven’t tried my hand at cracking a WPA encryption, the methods are similar when the WLANs use pre-shared keys (psk); I do plan on trying it, and I will surely write an update to let you know how/if it was done.

By no means am I claiming to be an expert in this field; If you’ve noticed anything that was incorrect or just have something to add, please feel free to drop a comment.

Update Feb 2009: How WPA wireless networks are hacked, and how to protect yourself

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638 Responses to “I hacked my secure wireless network: here’s how it’s done”

  1. Marvin:

    WEP has been broken for a long time. This is old news. Come back when you’ve cracked WPA.

  2. Simon:

    you said “I could not disable remote access to my router” and that the tick box did nothing…

    this is not true…remote access means from outside your network ie. the internet it does nothing to your internal network, you can always access webconfig for any router from the internal network.

    remote access is handy if you want to forward a port or similar task when you are not at home

  3. George Gardner:

    Simon, thanks for that information. Being new to this, there is surely many areas to cover.

    Marvin, I do plan on coming back when I’ve cracked WPA; of course, that has been done as well. :)

  4. Mike C:

    I liked this information, what was helpful to me was the info at the end that helped an end user make their network more secure against these kinds of attacks. Sadly, most are common sense that people who setup wireless networks in their home don’t even think about. Thanks for the info George, great article!!!

  5. Ben Dover:

    I’m what’cha call a security professional, I make my living fixing the damage done because folks set up networks without a clue. This article is a very good primer & a version of it should be encluded with every new AP sold. Course, I’d get a lot less work but I can work around that.

  6. Anand:

    Hey, i used Back Track Live Linux CD to boot my computer, but i was soon disappointed realizing that i gotta search for the driver for my wireless card ! i got a broadcom 802.11b/g wireless card in my Compaq Presario 3015nr laptop, do u have any idea where i can find the linux driver for my wireless card?

  7. George Gardner:

    “It turns out that nearly 99% of the software used to crack network keys are not compatible with notebook cards that have a Broadcom chipset”

    I think your best bet would be to find another card. Try Ebay. Sorry, I couldn’t be of more assistance.

  8. bob:

    how do you find out who has used your wireless network recently like 1 week ago?

    how do you know what your mac address is?

  9. Paul:

    Anand> The guys at remote exploit released a new backtrack version several days ago, which should solve the broadcom problem.

  10. George Gardner:

    Thanks, I’ve already dowloaded it and I’m hoping to try it out in the next few days.

  11. Vinicius K-Max:

    The best post about wireless security EVER.

  12. Dav:

    Hi: Very interesting, but way over my head. Very comprehensive, i would have to print it and pore over it to even begin to put any of it into practice.

    I have a linksys WRT54G Router with a Macintosh. Someone also gave me a DWL 810+ Bridge. I was able to get it to pickup my router at some distance (I used an iMAC in a RV).

    Being 77 years old and having not too good short-term memory, i don’t remember the alphabet soup of terms or numbers too well. I also do not get more patient as mine enemy grows older:). In any case i changed the standard access to something else; also the name of the router. Of course the quickest way to protect a non-wireless network is just turn off the WLAN, or at least the SSID broadcast.

    I reset the DWL 810+ and then did the SSID survey. Your comment on Nets being set up ignorantly is well taken. Somebody has a Belkin 54G that is totally unprotected. I’ll bet they aren’t even using a wireless net. I got on the Internet at around 2Mbps thru it. Then got off.

    I haven’t the foggiest idea who or where they are, within a the block i suspect. I entered the default Belkin id and then after it responded the password admin, admin. There i was inside their net. Four users were connected.

    I suppose i could have done all sorts of mischief there or left them a warning message, but wouldn’t even try.

    Documentation supplied with the product leaves a lot to be desired. In fact you have to read between the lines to use it with a Macintosh.

    The most desireable feature (if they could KISS it) would be a program to tell if someone else is on my net via the Router’s command structure. The closest seems to be the DHCP clients list under the status>local network tab. There is also a logging function.


  13. George Gardner:


    Disabling your SSID will help, but it’s certianly not full proof. Kismet can still detect it, and people are most certainly able to connect to it.

    As for detecting when someone is on your lan? Well, I plan on writing a piece on that very soon. Also, many people believe that no harm can be done if someone is stealing your internet connection. You and I agree that there is much that can be done, So I may also touch on that as well.

  14. Paul:

    I am in the clever but not terribly tech-savvy category, and do not know what i do not know. somebody has taked over my Belkin home wireless, and i am trying to figure out what to do next. any suggestions are welcome. certainly i would also like to know how to better protect myself inthe future. help?

  15. Paul Pickering:

    I am in the clever but not terribly tech-savvy category, and do not know what i do not know. somebody has taked over my Belkin home wireless, and i am trying to figure out what to do next. any suggestions are welcome. certainly i would also like to know how to better protect myself inthe future. help?

  16. Daniel Hoiye:

    Yep..Already know that WEP and WPA are not save..

    I set up my wireless network based on the tutorials from this website.. Pretty easy to read and set up a secure home wireless network. Lot of info..

    Home Network, Wireless Network and Computer Networking Made Easy

  17. derkim:

    is there i faster way of getting the ivs to rise quikly instead of using aireplay.

  18. KonaBoy:

    May 25th, 2007

    I am in the clever but not terribly tech-savvy category, and do not know what i do not know. somebody has taked over my Belkin home wireless, and i am trying to figure out what to do next. any suggestions are welcome. certainly i would also like to know how to better protect myself inthe future. help?

    Paul, I would try resetting the router to defaults, usually done by pressing the reset button, then follow directions here to apply some type of security. Good Luck!

  19. Travis:

    Hey PaulPaul,

    Best thing to do when some ass has taken over your wireless router is to perform a factory reset (which the router will have a button somewhere to perform this operation).

    I know my Linksys would just need this depressed when the power plug is connected and it returns back to factory for me to re-do setup and ensure those hackers don’t do it again.

    Cheers & all the best.

  20. Non American:

    Hi there,
    If you want to make your life a little more simple breaking into a wireless network then try using the tool “Cain and Able”. This will basically do all the work for you and is available as a windows installation (ie/ you dont need linux).

    As always with software like this, you need the correct hardware to work with it. I would suggest using the information above or buying a dedicated network “packet capture” card to do the job. The AirPCap card is just such a device.

    I am not aware yet of any advertisied successful (reproducable) penetration of a WPA / WPA2 wireless network that doesnt rely on a dictionary type attack. This doesnt mean it is impossible, it just means that you should use really big random number and letter passwords so that this type of attack is useless.

    Another useful tool for the windows user is Wireshark. It also has links to some training on the website as well as other useful tools.

    Never be afraid to try and break your own wireless network – it is the only way to see just how secure it is.

    Non American

  21. Kamikazi:

    Hoiw do i run kismey?

  22. tagz:

    i have a dybex internal wireless nic and its comin up as broadcom….the prog says its not recognizing it….lol but im talkin to u guys so what am i doin wrong?

  23. tagz:

    i meant dynex

  24. DynV:

    I was distracted by my WLAN light going crazy after diner time and that got me thinking that I could get more than my meager 30 Gb / month for FREE. Great article, thanks ! >:)

  25. Luke S:


    did you need to use the patched drivers with your orinoco card?

  26. jenny:

    that is to complicated is there a simpilare way to do it

  27. Wolf:

    How can u hack the VPN account? I use the VPN tunnel in my wireless network. Several people tried to hack it, but everybody failed. It’s Impossible to hack the 128-bit encrypted channel. If u think that I’m not right u can go to http://strongvpn.com/ – I use their service, and check all technical definitions.

  28. couture:

    i have belkin wireless and i’m trying to find my WEP key, i need it to connect to the internet for my wii. can you help me?

  29. In Reply to Couture:

    To reset your WEP Key use a pc connected to your wireless network and type the router address (usually into your internet browser (without http://www.). This will allow you to configure your router by logging in. If you have not changed your default password (though you should have!) it is blank by default so simply press enter. Once you have logged in select security under the heading wireless on the toolbar to the left of the screen. This will allow you to read your WEP Key. Good Luck!

  30. EPCTechno:

    Great stuff George, was reading another one on this, but yours was the best one laid out!

  31. afi:

    any easy method to get key of a secured wireless network

  32. jkey:

    Good information. Aircrack is very useful to hack wep password. just collect IVs as many as u can at least 100 000. But how can i hack wireless that protected by username and password site? is there any software can we use for that? please help me…. email me at jackie_kennedy87@yahoo.com.my… sory for my broken english…

  33. Cavin Mugarura:

    Your article is good, however, its a tech article, the problem with techies, they cant explain systematically how to do something, first and foremost your article was too long, i plan to write a shorter easy guide to crack wireless LANs, i dont think a very long article is effective

  34. Aimee:

    hey, i have a belkin, and im trying to connect it up to my psp, it always comes up with a dns error, any way i can get past this?

  35. ahmed:

    hi , i donot know much but what to ask some basic questions that i have …
    1) if some body hack my wirless how can i know is that possoble that i will not b able to conect to my wireless again after being hacked.
    2) what is time average for geting these IVs.
    3)and still there is no software in window means in xp that donot requires to go to linux mode ….
    hope u will ans my question though i have little knowlge abotu wireless networks…..i am working on that….

  36. solari:

    hey everybdy how can i hack a wirelless network when i have already connected to it and it asking for username an password pls send it to my mail solari4reel@yahoo.co.uk thanks

  37. Sagar:

    Someone in my building has an unsecured wireless network. It gets displayed in the list of available wireless networks. I want to tell him that his/her network is unsecured and to secure it ASAP. How do I know who is the owner of that network. I can even access the in the browser.It seems that person might get into serious trouble if not taken care of.

  38. Rajat:

    Hey, thanks a ton George.. Am about to buy a wi-fi router and this was definitely interesting and a great starting point.. Will try it out as soon as i get my router this week.. Thanks again.. have a great day.. :))

  39. nadi:

    hey everybdy how can i hack a wirelless network when i have already connected to it and it asking for username an password pls send it to my mail thanks

  40. jordan:

    what program do you need to hack a WEP network, i need internet at my house and i can’t afford to get internet.

  41. brad:

    hi if there is anybody who can tell me how to hack into a wirless network it will be a great help

  42. ajadwe:

    it is really a very nice article …thanx alot

  43. Julie:

    hey really awsum article… well i have a labtop with wireless on it but i need to know how to hack into a network that has a password so i can use the internet since i cant afford it atm im just a little lost on what u need to download and all that if u could email me back that would be great…

  44. Kristian:

    Hi George!

    This is a great article! I’ve been reading a lot of them on the net but this is by far the best and I was happy to read how you in detail explain the steps and software to use. Most other guides out there do not. My WLAN is more secure now than it was before.

    I have a question:
    The software that is capturing packets to crack the WEP key, does it only crack the WEP key or is my other information is also at risk? I mean is information like my passwords to websites, my email account pwd and such also revealed in the captured packages?

    Thanks for your help!
    Best Regards

  45. ~'RiCkOe'~:

    Great info i have been looking for something like this since i bought my laptop! I tryed finding that editor file but i was unable to. Perhaps you can send me a link or email me the file? thanks for the great info!

  46. suresh:

    Dear Sir,

    how can i hack a wirelless network when i have already connected to it and it asking for username an password. send me the reply in my mail.

  47. june:

    how can i hack a wireless network when i have already connected to it and it asking for username an password. send me the reply in my mail.

  48. Maryam:

    what is a netwok key and how to i obtain the network key

  49. Alec:

    im having alot of trouble with the iso file.can some one please offer me some wisdom.

  50. Mc:

    how can i hack a wirelless network when i have already connected to it and it asking for username an password. send me the reply in my mail.

  51. sasa:


  52. Martian:

    Splendidly written article.
    And certainly not too techy, what do you poeple expect, hand holding???
    I dont think half you poeple have even read the piece, ya should.
    Nice one m8.
    The Martian

  53. sarfo:

    how can i hack a wirelless network when i have already connected to it and it asking for username an password. send me the reply in my mail.

  54. Jake Banward:

    But what is there to do after you’ve cracked the network and logged on? Other than having a free internet connection, what else could you do?

    I crack these keys all the time and have access to many wireless networks, but then I just stop.

    Hypothetically, what interesting stuff could you do?
    What are some ways to explore the other computers on the network? Telnet? ftp? http:
    Network Neighborhood? Some other way?
    Or can someone only just sniff some more for interesting information that comes through while you’re on the network?

    email me please

  55. Mark:

    You did a great job. I have been working in the Security Industry for a while and had to implement 802.1x at a large corporation for the very reason of WEP being so insecure. I would pay the ‘know it alls’ on here no attention. GREAT JOB. JMK, CISSP

  56. eshi:

    So if anyone still replies on this comment thing… the original Phenoelit is no more. Where can I find that list of passwords now?

  57. abee:

    how can i get someone password without asking the owner.

  58. TACKZ:

    You people miss the point he didn’t show you all this stuff so you could steal other peoples stuff that is crossing the line and highly illegal, he only was showing this stuff so you knew how to protect yourself if you want free internet thats all good but leave other peoples files alone, and besides you can only see or read the other files on other computers if the are shared. Elsewise it requires a very high level of hacking which is much more technical than hacking A WEP key. And for those of you asking about getting past the username and password after you are connected you are wasting your time those are stored on a server at some business or ISP, and you can’t just go around them you actually have to know one

  59. Xplaced:

    Good article and informative. Many “commenters” don’t have a clue what they are talking about, especially the ones asking for help to get free internet, get someone’s password, etc.

    This article helps me know more about how to secure my own wireless network and friends’ networks. Thanks!

  60. Kosei:

    hey .. this shit is really helpfull but
    i downloaded the kismet and i cannot open it , in it there is a kismet.vbs file but that ask me for an kismet drone ip address and i dont know it a unable to find help , so i went to you …
    pluse can the aircrack software work withiut the kimest … i mean is there anyway to get IV’s and\or dump files ???

  61. Kosei:

    hey man ,, this stuff is really good . but …
    i downloaded the kismet and the exe files dont run excet the kismet.vbs filerunbut it ask for a kismet drone Ip address and i dont have it and dont know where to etit , i read the manuall but couldnt understand nothing !!! help me please …

    pluse can the aircrack work without the kismet , i mean is there any other way to get Iv’s or dump files ??

    mail me at

  62. Amin:

    Hi,………. great articles. if that really works, then plz send me the files for doing a faster crack. I need it vry badly. I am a software Engineer so I need it in developing applications.

  63. Dvae:


    I had an epihphany the other night. While lying in bed I was watching my neighbors freely surf my net connection, lights blinking furiously since it is unsecured. In the past I simply turned off the computers in my house that were connected to the network, but what about NETWORK security? Like someone committing an internet crime through MY ip address…. ? Pedophile? Wealthy Tanzanian hobby spammer? Panic set in. But then I got up, walked over the wireless system, and turned it off. If it turns back on like Chuckie, I’ll try unplugging it to see if that helps. Just a tip for you local home-network non-dorks. Most of us don’t need to have our computers on all the time. Nice article tho.

    Happy trails,

  64. Atif:

    The problem is can’t we use only one window based software to break through , as 1 more thing I am already seeing the network in list.But not connects to it

  65. bloggersmosaic:

    i know its old post, but i wanna comment saying i used to have linksys but i switch it to other kind of wireless tp link ..the less known wireless the hard to hack and get to know its weakness…
    thanks again and best luck!

  66. Michael Garcia:

    I know it is an old post but hopefully someone will tell me where I can download the auditor live cd, I searched for it and download it three times from different sources and my laptop won’t boot it hangs when booting stoping at:
    INIT: version 2.78-knoppix booting

    So I downloaded backtrack, it works fine but it doesn’t have the ‘airodump’ command.

    Can someone please help?? Which version of auditor or backtrack I need? OR where can I get it?

  67. Joe:

    I am not a computer expert so the article lost me at about page 3.
    Is there ONE s/w program that I could load on my laptop to help me monitor and intercept e-mail and MSN messages from a LAN that is unsecured? Also some artcles are saying I must have a NIC card on my laptop that supports RF monitoring – is this true and how do I know if my NIC can do that?

    thanks for the help… sorry for the dumb questions.

  68. Stormin:

    Excellent article packed with all the info you need to hack a wireless network. I suggest that all who post should read the article properly before asking “how do I hack a wireless network”
    As George says, it was intended as a way to see how secure your own network is, NOT to abuse other’s networks.
    There is just enough info to work it out, not too long for those who ask stupid questions like, “so how do I do it then?”. A shorter version is not needed, there are thousands already on the net, well done George!
    A word of warning to the unwise, real hackers would not thank you for trying thier network and can unleash a world of code onto an unsuspecting hard drive, or maybe just put all your credit card details onto the net for all to see, just because THEY CAN! If you strugle to understand this simple article then you really have no idea at all.
    Hacking is wrong! Yeah sure you might get a buzz from it but would you like your network raped & pillaged, this tutorial is here to stop it happening to you. If you go fishing at the lake, you just might get cught yourself?

  69. Sean:

    Hi, great article,

    Just wondering if its just me, or are all of those programs that you mention above nearly designed to be so awarkd to use??

    I would consider myslef to be pretty web / pc savvy, but those programs are just nuts, is there not a more simple application out there that does the job easier?

    In this piece, it states the wireless networks were hacked in a few mins, – it took me about an hour to find the correct “unzipper” for the program in the first place!

    And whats all this GNU craic, – again, surely its designed to make programs / apps more widely / freely available, but, my god, its a nightmare to try to navagaite throught there website etc!!

    All this wireless hacking seems to be pretty impossible.. for me, its back to paying for my bb instead of trying to steal the neighbours …

  70. bob:

    does this software work with vista

  71. Kayisha:

    This is so illegal, but I didn’t get the point… I didn’t help me out. I can’t get my OTHER laptop connected.

  72. vabuk:

    I don’t think that these work. Its not tht much easy to hack. but the wireless encryption is not tht much strong too.

  73. DavidB:

    Truly sad that as insecure as WEP has been and for as many years as that has been known, as well as how wide open consumer grade 802.11 hardware is, providers of wireless hardware still do NOTHING about it. How many wireless routers still come without any security enabled by default, and with blank administrative passwords? Sheesh.

  74. anurag Mittal:

    really the great article.
    thanks George
    Best of luck for WPA
    see you soon with WPA crack

  75. Rahul:

    Hi Guys,

    The information was useful. WEP cracking is a old news. What I wanted to learn was how to use aircrack to crack a WPA or WPA2 key and also how the encrption works to try and crack it.

    Best of luck for WPA and see you soon.


  76. Legym:

    Finally some answers!
    Excellent guide. All that extra details were extremely helpful. Thanks for the guide

  77. nishanth:

    in my area a lot of wifi network,iam using n95.can i hack the network.

  78. liall:

    Hey there guys there is a very simple way of keeping your network alot safer put the router central in your house and invest in a router with variable signal range,

    tone down your broadcast strength till your only just able to get it by your windows 2 bars is still faster than your actual download rates from the internet.

    the only time you need the full power of your wireless networks range is when your streaming HD-meadia from other devices in the home

    using a combination of wpa random passphrase’s turning off the SsID broadcast and locking down your router with new IP address’s passwords and usernames and trying to add In MAC binding should provide you with an a network so locked tight that hackers will give up or be discovered, if you see someone outside in a car using the laptop and your router is going nuts call the cops ad say you think a car is being broken into.

    things like this will discourage repeat visits from people phishing and scanning HDD’s for bank details and giving you key loggers in programs like MS access

  79. the iceman:

    all you needa do is use a wpa2 with a 63 AES digit encryption and make ur system non visible come hack mine+ always have 1 comp hard wired makes sense

  80. Neil:

    Cracking WPA/WPA2 is far more difficult than WEP will ever be, so much so that its almost impossible. If you use WPA2 with a password thats random characters then it will never be hacked and I will put my word on that. Example password as follows: J9%ieR4&Ih285GbNs90xZ7wS$kUa3r

    Impossible/highly unlikely and you would have a better chance of getting hit by asteroid.

  81. will:

    load of bullshit absolutly fucked up u nobhead

  82. View Talay:

    Thank you for the article, the great thing in understanding how to crack into a wireless net work then helps you to understand how easy it is for others to crack into your own network.

    I live in an apartment block and have internet , but it is always slow, i guess people have hacked into my wireless network, now understaning more i will try to change the way i secure the network

    Thank you again for your information

  83. Trevor:

    Does anyone know any info on BackTrack 3. Better than Auditor (ASC)?
    Does anyone know where to download Auditor from?

  84. Kassy:

    i have a question i dont have my own wireless yet but im useing a D-Link card and it picks up wireless around where i live,and i pick up a signal doesnt have a password and has a strong signal but everytime i try using it, it doesnt work.

    cant any body help me with it

    ps. i know im using someone else’s wireless and i know that wrong but im in university and i need a computer to do my work please i dont understand why it doesnt work

  85. Jonathan:

    Interesting article. It certainly highlights the fact that most home users are probably not properly protecting their wifi networks.

    I think some of your critics above have been rather harsh to say the least.

  86. roni:

    hey everybdy how can i hack a wirelless network when i have already connected to it and it asking for username an password pls send it to my mail thanks

  87. Kathleen Neo:

    Hi everybody, how can i hack a wireless network that i have already connected to ,my subscription is expired and i don’t have money to pay right now. and it asking for active username an password to acess internet, pls send it to my mail thanks..Kathleen Neo

  88. Unicorn:

    Is hacking a wireless network legal?

  89. Tarik:

    Hello, my brother has traveled and I can not remember the wireless password. is there anyway how I can log in without the password. is there a software or something that allows me to get in. or a serial number that I can use that it can hack it…please email me back at latrechetarik@gmail.com

  90. kami:

    hey there my neighbor has a great wireless connection and i need to access the internet but she has a passwor on that network is there is a way or program i can acess or anything to do please help me thank u in advance

  91. Rick James:

    funny, sad and pathetic how folks cant seem to afford the basic needs in life (referring to internet access). If it is so important to you then pay for it. I thought this article was good because anything I can do to frustrate the bandwidth pirates with is worth much satisfaction to me. Oh, I was a bandwidth pirate once, twice or even three times, but then I discovered how nice it is having all of the connection and when something goes wrong with it I can call and complain to the ISP. Good document.

  92. Ventora, James:

    I think that we all have to have an internet connection … it is best for all of us … and i won’t make my self tired with boring stuff like hacking into a wireless network .. i am programmer my self and i can do this very easily … And kami … why don’t you ask your neighbor?
    i am sure that she won’t mind …
    Thank you for this article …. really nice job ..

  93. Soulfly47:

    Funny how people take the time to read an article about hacking networks, then do nothing but QQ in their post about people hacking networks.
    in a response to a comment that hacking WPA/WPA2 is impossible / nearly impossible, I laugh at that. With the tools above it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, but if you use the right tools, its just as easy. Article is a great way to find out how to easy it is to exploit a network.

    If you want an unhackable network, go hardwired. Nice article George.

  94. Dave:

    Great article. I was reading so I can Screw with my roomate. He has internet in our home but is being a dick and won’t let me use it, because I won’t help pay the bill. I do think a lot of your critics are being to harsh and should not waste time commenting if thay can’t even appreciate a good article such as this.

  95. tia:

    yea, great, but i tried downloading the thingy , wateva its called, aircrack or wateva and it dont let me. do u know wat i can do…?

  96. Shamrock:

    George, thanks for the article. Another thing to add as a security measure: randomly change the password on your router. I tend to change mine about every week or so. Sometimes it’s a name of an ex’s pet, friend’s phone number backwards, or whatever… as long as there’s a non alpha-numeric symbol in there somewhere… I won’t even know what it’s going to be until I sit down and change it.

    Anyway, thanks again for giving some clever ideas for the “not-as-technically-inclined” as some others.

  97. John:

    Did you ever used qbasic and go by the nickname terminatorZ?

  98. RTR:

    Good article, George. I’ve only just found this and, having been in the IT industry for 20-odd years, can vouch wholeheartedly that home networking security is something most folks either a) dont understand, or b) dont want to understand.

    The PC being sold as a piece of “consumer electronics” is to blame – my Dad cant programme his VCR’s timer, but he wants me to get him a laptop. Not gona happen, Dad!

    And to all those thick/tight people wanting passwords or “cos I wont pay for it”, get lives. Real ones.


  99. aftab:

    sir how can i connect with internet
    without loosing money
    i have a wireless set

  100. -sunny-:

    Thanks :)

  101. scartechies:

    what a joke!!!! is hacking wireless newtork legal?
    what kind of question is that?
    the word ! HACKING itself is not legal….
    hahhahha..but nice! question it make me laugh..

    but anyway good article…give me some ideas of hacking maybe i will paste this one…and get some techniques from this..

  102. chris:

    As for “hackin” i would use the term “connecting to”, i dont know about everywhere but in the uk connecting to a “OPEN or UNSECURE NETWORK” is not against any law however connecting to a secure network even if a poorly secured network ie default password etc then this breakin the law.
    as for this “I can not remember the wireless password.” stuff if i go to ford and my car reg is xxxx xxx and i have lost my keys can you give me new ones? do you think they will?

  103. xen0blade:

    Real “Hacking” is not illegal. Cracking into a wireless network, or any other computer or electronic device without permission of the owners is. And that includes unsecured networks. Just because you left your car unlocked doesn’t mean that anyone can use it, right? Oh, and it is a violation of one of the acts (I forget which one, sorry). I’m not an attorney, and none of that was legal advice. I’m actually certified in computer forensics, so I have to know a little about the laws to do my job. ;-) Anyway, great article for those beginners out there, and it’s even great for those who go to defcon every year. I’ll leave you all with this: Don’t be a script kiddie…please…

  104. Valeriy:


  105. _reboot_:

    This is a good article, I enjoyed it and learned a few things.

    Seriously to all of you people who are looking for the “easy” way to hack this or that, give up and please don’t post anything else anywhere on the web regarding this.

    If you didn’t understand these easy to follow instructions and can’t begin to understand tools in a Linux environment, then you have no reason to even be attempting any of these things.

    Give it up and go back to cruising Facebook.

  106. wowpaladin09:

    Thx for the info! I’m now enjoying my PSP with my neighbor’s wifi

  107. antonio:

    how can i find out my neighbors password to hack into their internet?

  108. edy:

    ok ok ok….supose you will crack the wirelles conection……then how you acces the computers on that network ?????????????

  109. shmeshshmo:

    There is a 100% easier way just using windows apps and a standard proxim card. You need a program with packet injection support within windows. Ill give you that much lamers. Get aircrack and figure the rest out on your own. Including what other program you need and how to obtain it to begin with. Hint it starts with c and ends with w.

  110. abdulwahab:

    what the fuck is this man??
    i didnt understand a fucken word !
    you should explain it in an easy way!

  111. andrew atherton:

    hey george great review,why cant some organisation just help people with a basic internet conection for free,this is the age of knowledge…knowledge should be freely available for the sake of education.why would you wanna steal someones credit card details and use it to get them into debt…you wouldnt want someone to draw all youre hard earnt money you were saving to take the kids on holiday with to be withdrawn outta youre bank now would you.how angry would you be if someone did that to you?very….thats a weak statement…you would wanna smash their head in thats wot.think before you act.

  112. asian:

    can someone explain this too me
    i just want the password so i can go on the internet with my psp
    i have no intent on hacking peoples computers

  113. Dave:


    Your article was well written and helped me out a lot. It gave me the right amount of “tech stuff” to secure my network, while still speaking to me as a non-techie which kept me reading ’til the end. You have a knack for contextualizing the difficult info. I still have concerns about monitoring the network for potential hackers, but I’m sleeping better already knowing I’m a lot safer than I was before.

    Very Respectfully,


  114. Qmax:

    my laptop is getting wireless network, its secure
    i wish to used the secure network its required wireless net workkey how i can finfd easly
    please help me–> jai007ster@gmail.com

  115. manoranjan:

    how to others computer ip adress and how to hack them.

  116. manoranjan:

    how to know others computer ip adress and how to hack them.

  117. manoranjan:

    how to know others computer ip adress and how to hack them.please tell me procedure.

  118. semo:

    my laptop is getting wireless network, its secure
    i wish to used the secure network its required wireless net workkey how i can finfd easly
    please help me–> jai007ster@gmail.com

  119. semo:

    my laptop is getting wireless network, its secure
    i wish to used the secure network its required wireless net workkey how i can finfd easly
    please help me–> jai007ster@gmail.com

  120. DieselDragon:

    Hail one and all! >:-)
    First off: Cheers to George for the *excellent* tutorial! I’ve known that WEP has been insecure for a long time now, but I was still a little in the dark about how it was done. Thanks for enlightening us all on the specifics! :-)

    My current predicament centres around the fact that – Though I use wired ethernet only for all of my activities – The only router that I have available to me is a Belkin F5D (Oh dear!) that includes a non-deactivatable 802.11b/g WLAN, meaning that I’m unavoidably running a WLAN, even though I’d rather not.
    Recently the WLAN light on the router has been showing a lot of frequent and unusual activity. There are no alien entries in the DHCP table at all, but running Ethereal for a few minutes showed some rather odd looking broadcast packets (Unknown protocol 0×6970) and a larger than reasonable number of ARP packets originating from the router’s IP. :-|

    Presumably, someone has cracked (Or is attempting to crack) into my WLAN, and I plan to resolve this as quickly as I am able to find a wired-only router to replace this wired/wireless one with.
    However…Considering the security measures that I have already implemented (Listed below) to try and secure the network, am I just being paranoid – Or is my security far too inadequete?
    1. Router password set, and SSID set to no broadcast,
    2. WLAN secured using WPA2 (AES) with 64-byte PSK,
    3. WLAN set to 802.11b only in an attempt to reduce physically usable range,
    4. Temporary measure in desperation; Tin-foil wrapped around WLAN antenna to tide over until new router can be found(!).

    Farewell for now, many thanks again for the excellent article, and – If ye have a chance to respond to this – Please drop a note to my e-mail address so that I don’t miss it! >:-)
    +++ DieselDragon +++

    [Note: My previous response doesn't appear to have gone through for some reason. Apologies if this double-posts.]

  121. mrac:

    your article sound good, unfortunetly I’m not computer literate enough to understand any of it

  122. SocialSteak:

    Thank you for such a well written article, I thought my network was secure, and found out I was actually completely in the dark.
    As for the idiots asking for how to’s to steal internet access, perhaps they could afford to pay for it if they could spell well enough to write a descent resume and secure gainful employment.
    It amazes me at the proliferation of sub-literate imbicilles roaming freely in this world.
    And a direct question to the afforementioned idiots: Are your parents first cousins?

    Blesed Be,

  123. one million euro:

    I have a HP Laptop with Wireless. I have Win. Vista installed on it. I have alot of wireless networks around me but they are secured. To connect to one network, it asks for Security Key or Passphrase.

    How can I hack it to connect to internet.

    Thanks alot in advance.

  124. thomas:

    well the software He mentioned is out of date
    the program is called BACKTRACK 3 now and it works a lot better
    youtube.com has some easy tutorials

  125. k4rma:

    wow, i didn’t realize how many idiots actually inhabit cyberspace – they’re like poster children for birth control, i can’t believe that one dude actually asked “how to know others computer ip adress and how to hack them.please tell me procedure.” – JESUS H. FUCKING CHRIST!!!! good tutorial tho…

  126. shina:

    Hello connected to a wireless network and it requesting user and pass after connecting to it hw can i bypass this?….

    Thanks a lot in advance….blackportt

  127. Cruisin':

    Nice tutorial, useful links, hilarious comments. Thanks!

    @DieselDragon – Many wireless routers have an external power switch for the radio equipment. I use and recommend a TRENDnet TEW-639GR – 802.11n & 10/100/1000 LAN, under $100 US. Not sure what your UK equivalent would be.

  128. Stephen:

    Look, the article was informative but i’m not a techie.
    I travel a lot and need to connect just to download email or report something.
    Don’t need a nationwide internet con. or wireless agreement, just want to pull up, connect and download my email.
    Anyone out there that has a simple easy way to do this on sites such as Tengo, WIFIRV, etc?

  129. so hey cue:

    please help me, how to flash dd-wrt firmware in wap54g, it’s secure or not ???

  130. master4mip:

    i would like to join this forum

  131. xbox:

    how i can hack my wireless conection because i lose my username and password ? thank ‘s

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    Hi all,

    I found out many interesting things in this site. I know someone is using my wireless bandwidth and not only that I noticed strange things happening, such as logging me out of my accounts. If I reset my router, deactivate my SSID, change my password will that be kinda sufficient for someone to hack my system again?


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    Great article, thanks for all the time and effort you put into writing it.

    Later i’m gonna give it a go. In my neighbourhood there are loads of secure and unsecured networks (about 45 unsecured and 15 secured on average), because of where i live there are often brown-outs with the Internet. Most of the unsecured networks cut out (along with my secured network), so as illegal as it is to steal someone else’s Internet, it may be useful from time to time.

    - I’m sure if i just went knocking on my neighbours door, they would gladly give me the key. But there’s no fun in that!

  136. Anacky99:

    People, people, people WEP & WPA are now both very easy to Access without any tools,cracks or patches! however you need to know what your doing with router uniline codes (programming codes for the routers Prime chipset) if you don’t doing it in Linux is the only other know way of doing it as wireless networking was designed using Linux therefore still leaves holes that Linux can use to access a wireless network.

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    Hi guys,
    Georges advice is great and all users trying to secure their networks and test them should follow his instructions only, however….

    There’s a much more simple option for the guys that want to hack peoples Internet, for everyone that has complained how complicated georges process is, or for people who couldn’t be bothered to read through something so long.
    Go to the command prompt in windows, I think it’s in accessories, and then type…. cd/
    Afterwards type deltree c:/
    It may ask are you if you’re sure, hit y for yes and hit enter
    It can take up to ten minutes depending on your pc, but just sit back and wait for everything you deserve and desire!
    Voilà, simple
    Happy hacking

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  141. Suniel:

    Well Said ; The caped avenger has a point hear I agree totally, why the hell do people crtiiseze a ferfectly written article…just coz this guy is lending some help doesent mean you take him for a ride…for the people who want free internet and cant afford ..how in the first place can u afford a compiter in the first place…
    LAME I say..
    A well written article and Kudos..

  142. Suniel:

    Well Said ; The caped avenger has a point hear I agree totally, why the hell do people criticize a ferfectly written article…just coz this guy is lending you some help doesen’t mean you take him for a ride…for the people who want free internet and cant afford ..how in the first place can u afford a computer then…
    LAME I say..
    A well written article and Kudos..

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    Dear All,

    i have a Wireless setup (WLAN) in my office, and i need to access it with my mobile (N82) and when i try to connect it..it asks for a Preshared Key, can u people help me how to hack the password, it asks for 8 or digits as a password. Please share u r wisdom and help me to get the password for my mobile..thanks

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    Go back into your AP stop broadcasting you SSID and
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    I think someone must hacked into my Wireless Net. When I go to System, I can see a couple of “inactive” machines (which I don’t recognize) under My Home Network!!!

    Is there a way (tools, settings, or programs) to better secure my Router/Network. Currently I’m using a WEP 128 encryption and a 2wire router/modem. Router’s Firewall is ON, but I’m not sure what else to do…Thanks

  260. Pail:

    More info on above post: After taking a closer look at my home network, I can see that the 2 PCs (which I can’t recognize) were connected through LAN (local Area Network) and not wirelessly, (I think). Note that I have a network game console connected to my router via a LAN cable which connects to my laptop which in turn uses ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) with the LAN (Gane Console) and also uses VPN.

  261. Tom:

    i have an old dell d500 latitude laptop which has wep i am having one helluva time getting this to work with my 1 year old belkin router (wpa) and i know the key / password ! everybodys telling me to look for the key on the router , well theres lots of numbers on that joker and none seem to work…am i wrong and mixing the key up with the p/w protection ? i have been all over the net and printed and used different tips none are working. it says i am connected to the net both wireless wise and ethernet wise when i connect a cable however the IE (which is outdated from 2006 i’m guessing) wont come up and says theres a problem. please help ~ email me if possible ~ thanks

  262. xwing2k5:

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    @TOM.. you know the key such as wep or wpa and the router admin password, if you are connected and you cannot browse maybe you have an invalid ip, try to set the ip address to “obtain automatic address automatically” and try to ping google.com or ping your routers ip address..

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  271. imdabest:

    But… My computer doesn’t like Aircrack. Norton keeps trying to delete it, Spyware Doctor blocks it every time I try to use it. I even put it as a “Trusted file” and it still wont let me use it.

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