Mozilla issues critical Firefox security updates

February 26, 2007

Mozilla issues critical Firefox security updatesMozilla, the open-source developers responsible for the ever-popular Firefox web browser, mail client Thunderbird, and other handy web applications released a vital security update to their Firefox web browser Friday. The patch updates current 2.0 browsers to, and comes strongly recommended from the Mozilla team. 

Firefox made a huge splash in the internet browser ocean back in February of 2004 with a few powerful features: attractive GUI styling, light usage of system resources, and increased web browsing speed due to coding that loaded text prior to images.

It is an excellent alternative for..well..anyone who doesn’t absolutely love waiting for every single image and web structure to load in a web browser I will leave nameless; however, I can hint that it rhymes with Winternet Hexplorer. For Mac users, Firefox includes a sidebar for bookmarks and history that is not built into Safari.

Their latest edition of Firefox, which I am actually using to post this article, fell susceptible to hackers, who would crash the browser and gain access to the unwitting users’ systems. This was accomplished by leading users to believe they had connected to a trusted website, and then invading their system through the “trusted” website.

Thankfully, the good people at Mozilla, like us, do not enjoy having their security compromised; Friday’s patch fixes this issue in particular, as well as increases compatibility with the new Windows Vista operating system.

Users of the older Firefox 1.5 are strongly encouraged to make the transition to 2.0 soon, as Mozilla will not be creating updates to 1.5 after April 24th.

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