Dell censors IdeaStorm Linux dissent

March 1, 2007

Dell censors IdeaStorm Linux dissentWhat’s the point of seeking ideas and feedback if you’re going to delete ”merge” the ones you don’t like? That’s exactly what Dell is doing with its IdeaStorm web site, which has been set up by the company to solicit ideas and feedback.

Someone using the alias Beer28 (who is not affiliated with posted a negative ”idea” with a link back to my article Dell makes excuses for backing off Linux on IdeaStorm. Both Beer28′s post and my article criticized Dell for back tracking on its decision to offer Linux preinstalled on its PCs and notebooks. Within hours the post, which was here, was deleted “merged”.

No matter, I have helped Dell with their technical difficulties by providing the screen shot below (click on it for a full sized version).

Dell censors IdeaStorm Linux dissent

The post that Dell didn’t want you to see (click to enlarge)

One might think that Dell’s wisest move would have been to do whatever it could to assuage the customer base they are upsetting.  At the very least, don’t do anything to further damage your already-slipping reputation, right?

Now, who am I to question the honorable intentions of mighty Dell; however, it does seem that an “open” response forum was seemingly censored due to a negative post regarding Dell’s conduct…

If, in fact, the intention of Dell’s IdeaStorm site is to truly gain insight into the desires of Dell’s customers, why would it object to a post that comments on their conduct in the Linux debacle?  Is that not precisely the feedback they claim to want?

It appears that Dell has chosen to really open up to its users, and … manage their own public image on their IdeaStorm response site (sarcasm intended).  

Perhaps the web site’s title is misleading; they must have meant a “storm of ideas” that make us look honest, customer-oriented, and approachable.

My business sense is not nearly on par with the corporate brilliance residing at Dell, but apparently the best way to respond to pressure is to squeeze your giant fist and eliminate negative commentary.

But somehow that doesn’t seem to be the right way of doing things.

In my opinion Dell should have left the post on IdeaStorm, and responded to the issues raised. If Dell is trying to create an open and honest forum for its users, why not use it to have an open and honest conversation.

If a Dell representative chooses to respond to this post, I guarantee that neither I nor anyone at will delete it. Though of course we will verify that it’s the real thing. (Update: John Pope on Dell is commenting on this post)

It seems to me that Dell, like many other big corporates, likes the sound of Web 2.0 and the idea of engaging with customers, but in the end, the company doesn’t really understand what it’s all about, and really doesn’t like what happens when you do ask for feedback.

Very rapidly Dell’s IdeaStorm is turning into a public relations disaster.

Update: Dell responds to accusations of censorship

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51 Responses to “Dell censors IdeaStorm Linux dissent”

  1. Rob Oakes:

    As a Linux fan and dedicated user, I regret what I am going to say now. When Linux users become upset, we tend to highly over-react. I have read some of the postings on, and they verge on becoming negative anti-dell rants. This is not atypical of the Linux community. Many of us (myself included) are rabidly anti-microsoft and tend to let that translate into rabid anti-everything M$.

    So, this leads to FUD of our own. It has been exactly four days since Dell made its announcement that it intends to move some of its very popular business models to the nSeries. While there has been some speculation, I have read nothing which convinces me that they have no intention of adding Linux as an OS option. Why precisely, do you certify your hardware if you don’t intend to make it interoperate?

    The screen shot you post attempts to spread that same FUD and really doesn’t have a place on a corporate idea box, regardless of any valid issues it might raise. For those who are interested in following the developments, it is currently being run in EVERY major technical publication. However, rather than being taken in by the blog echo chamber, it might be good to allow the company time to respond. It has been my experience that PR people and spokepeople are often rather clueless when they have to field unholy amounts of press/blog requests.

  2. Mark Ransom:

    I couldn’t agree more. I think that if they didn’t want to hear what people REALLY thought, they would have been better off not putting up the site in the first place.



  3. Hugo AHlquist:

    I think that the deletion of the entire post was a PR mistake, clearly. I run a fairly high traffic health related board so I’m somewhat used to dealing with somewhat analogous posts. My approach would have been to edit out the competing advertising links, but leave the message intact. I don’t allow advertising on my boards so that material gets deleted, too. Sometimes the whole post is advertising. That wasn’t the case here.

  4. byjove:

    If they’re censoring, why is this still live:

  5. honestRespondent:

    maybe they just don’t like the sarcasm… one thing us tech geeks gotta learn is that our condescending sarcasm doesn’t really translate well when you attempt to persuade people to our side.

  6. saskboy:

    Ebay is the same way on their discussion forums.

  7. Someguy:

    That wasn’t an idea. That was a sarcastic, horribly written, lame attempt at criticism. It was off-topic, not constructive and silly. You think that’s censorship? You don’t even know what censorship is.

  8. Allan Clark:

    Rob Oakes is correct: overreaction produces a FUD-like effect, except it’s the shock of the emotion coming back… opening up to linux is a step-function, but organisms react to step-functions by a bounce, an over-reaction that oscillates pro/con/pro/con until it damps to acceptance/accommodation.

    It might have been better distilling the emotion from it, as an “we think you’re saying this:” and then reacting to that. That process could lead to the same straw-dummy action that “surveys” offer (most surveys give no option to be negative, but are really marketing achieved by asking pointed questions)

    Dell should have distilled the article, or asked that the author distill it, but keep the words said as that: spoken words, past-tense intended. …then respond, not hush in Orwellian fashion.

    I think at this point, the proper response of the masses is to post a slew of similar questions, a DDOForum until some response it met to the core issue.

    Why isn’t Progeny stepping up to this hole of user-configurable linux loads? Last I remembe,r they had a great templating system.

  9. kmself:

    Lose snap.

    Most. Annoying. Web. Crap. Evar. (this week)

    Permanently Java/JS and adblocked.

  10. mike:

    I agree with snap being a bit annoying. I can barely see the thumbnail on my 20″ screen, and it has never made a difference either way on whether I visited the site or not. Another minor annoyance is the grey text, it’s bit hard to read against such a light background. Despite this, I still come back for the content, so all is not lost!

  11. Rick:

    My thinking is pretty much the same as Rob Oakes and “Someguy.”

    The posting in question provided very little and was mostly unrelated to Dell’s IdeaStorm. I would have deleted it too, or moved it somewhere else. DellCriticStorm :p

    On the other hand I do hope they stabilize a linux/bsd/alternative offering that is actually cost effective.

  12. Nix:

    To be blunt; dell has pulled the rug out from underneath their users more than once. The last time was when the made the N-Series. For some odd reason; it costs more than the Windows based PC’s. Now; without the cost of an MS license; it should be cheaper.

    PS: Yes, I am aware that there is cost associated with having several product lines. But after the initial posting; once word got out; dell decided to play with the configurations to make them harder to compare. IE:

    changed motherboard
    changed amount of memory
    changed etc.

    Sorry, but I just don’t care for the games that dell plays with its customers. OEM’s have gotten pressure to have MS installed as a default OS on PC’s. Even after the anti-trust suits; this B.S. still exists.

    I am not here to generate a steady stream of income for MS. I am a customer that wants to buy hardware and use my OS of choice (Linux, *BSD, Solaris) period. Keep in mind that dell doesn’t have the cleanest reputation:

    Here dell is getting kickbacks for supporting Intel; and keeping AMD out of their shop. How long has this gone on? 10 plus years? Yes, I am aware that dell now sells AMD chips on their machines. Their less than pristine image of being a honest company continues to tarnish with their actions. At present; with the last 4 games:
    1) Holding back on choice
    2) Pretending to accept criticisms about improving their business.
    3) Taking kickbacks from intel.
    4) Selling non-standard power supplies

    What benefit does selling no standard power supplies do for the the customer.

    A) Add cost to the product
    B) Add additional cost for upgrades. Dell charges (last I checked) about $300 for a PSU upgrade.
    C) Failure of PSU; higher cost for repair.

    This does nothing for the customer. What does this do for dell. It guarantees them more revenue; while gouging the end user. My costs to buy a unit have gone up as well as maintance and upgrade cost have gone up; almost by the cost of a PC. Why would I choose dell?

    Do I really want to do business with this company? Every machine that I managing ARE NOT A DELL’s. Even if they decided to straighten up and fly right; it would take a lot more on their part to win my business back.

  13. JohnP@Dell:

    As a Dell employee, I’d like the opportunity to clear up some confusion. Dell isn’t censoring dissent on IdeaStorm. If ideas are submitted and they turn out to be the same, we have been asked by the IdeaStorm community to merge them — as well as any votes cast and comments logged — for simplicity. To be clear, all votes and comments tied to an idea are added to the merged idea — they do not go away. In this case, that is exactly what happened. We will, however, per the site’s terms of service, delete input that is not an idea, or merely a digital reprint or link to a news article.

  14. Tom:

    And to think I was getting ready to deploy Dell workstations, with SLED preinstalled, throughout my company as soon as they were available. Guess it’s back to looking for a smaller OEM who can scale to my needs.

    Too bad as well, Dell’s been basically giving away hardware lately due to their poor earnings the past few quarters. But it doesn’t do me a bit of good to get the hardware cheap if I have to buy the SLED licenses separately and then install them all by hand.



  16. Homer:

    Sorry, but this story is inaccurate.

    The article was actually *merged* with beer28′s other poll, presumably at his request, since he has made no comment about it.

    Here’s his new poll:

    If you read the comments, you’ll find the one which indicates the polls were merged.

    Here’s mine:

    This article is considerably more inflammatory and yet remains unscathed. I haven’t read the AUP but it would seem Dell have set quite a high tolerance threshold on the Blog, probably only censoring certain swear words etc.

  17. x00010000:

    I think you might just have some issues with your user account for the forum, I heard that Dell uses Windows Forum Manager 2.7, it’s censorship is GPO based…. :’(

  18. Bananas in the Falklands:

    Look guys Dell are morons, I cant buy dell (they don’t work), so all there promo paper garbage is binned without reading, Dell are junkies to ‘Microsoft old = its illegal something or other’ premise

    Since junkies need to kick the habit, I don’t give money to junkies, or do I agree with Chair_thrower() that Novells linux is ‘safe’.

    Dell either has to provide hardware, or be a lady of the night to Steve Balmer mood swings. Giving up that addiction is hard

    Dont buy Dell – problem solved.

  19. Romer!can:

    Too bad some people at Dell appear to possibly be making the wrong decision in handling PR.

    Turn off that annoying Snap module. It ruins our ability to read your content.

  20. JohnP@Dell:

    Just in case some viewers may not get the tongue-in-cheek quip about a so-called Windows Forum Manager, fact is IdeaStorm is moderated by open-minded individuals who do not censor.

  21. John Pospisil:

    OK, due to reader hatred, we’ve turned off SNAP for now… I’ve also emailed JohnP@Dell to confirm his identity.

  22. Dave:

    Ummm… the post hasn’t been deleted. Either that or they restored it:

    It was just bumped to page 9.

  23. Staff reporters:

    Guys, is a completely different post to the one that is being discussed…

  24. John Pospisil:

    I’ve just confirmed the identity of JohnP@Dell – he is actually from Dell.

  25. John Pospisil:

    Homer, beer28′s story at was posted on Feb 25, the post that was deleted on posted on Feb 28.

  26. RockinJack:

    If you try to access the deleted post, a “404, sorry” page is brought up. The funny thing is its last sentence is the following

    “If you think the page should exist, please send us feedback.”

    Where “send us feedback”. Links to a feedback page.

    It would be interesting that they get SO much email taunting them from this link that they’ll become aware of their huge blooper.

  27. Joe Emenaker:

    I did some searching on Google News and I can’t find anywhere where someone from Dell said that they’d be pre-installing Linux. Everything I’ve read from them is in regards to *certifying* some of their product lines for SUSE and, in some cases, shipping some hardware with FreeDOS so that the machine was all set for the user to install their Linux distribution of choice. (
    What happened after *that* is that some bloggers interpreted that as what they *wanted* to hear and posted “OMG! OMG! OMG! Dell’s gonna ship Linux! W00T!!!!!”, and other bloggers read those blogs and re-blogged it… until everyone assumed that it was fact.

    Dell didn’t back-pedal. They reiterated. It’s the *bloggers* who need to back-pedal… but they never will.

  28. papavb:

    How weird that’s beer28 who got banned from Channel9, oh small world

  29. John Pospisil:

    OK, to clear up this whole issue of “merging ideas”, I just searched IdeaStorm to see if I could easily find Beer28′s Feb 28 “idea” merged into another entry.

    Beer28 articulates a specific argument that involves concepts like economic theory, Steve Ballmer, the Department of Justice, and closing factories. For all intents and purposes, Beer28′s “idea” of Feb 28 is not there.

    If it’s been merged, it’s been merged into oblivion.

    If Dell “merged” the article the legal reasons, or for some other business reason, it should just say so… that’s kind of understandable, and at least than there’s some guidelines on what’s OK and what’s not OK…

  30. KidKaos:

    Seriously folks…if you want to run linux install it yourself. No business will factory load linux yet as it’s not as user friendly as it should be. To Dell’s credit they are working on writting Linux drivers for those people who want to run linux on their system. Give the company a break. There is a small community of Linux user who are just being very vocal. Give Dell a break and cut them some slack for trying. Do you see any other computer company writting Linux drivers for their machines?

  31. JavaMonkey:

    Um.. IdeaStorm is a site for IDEAS. Constructive suggestions for how Dell can improve its offerings or service. Where exactly in your post was the idea or suggestion? The site isn’t called “VentStorm” or “WhineStorm”. If posted that crap on my site, I’d delete it too.

  32. Homer:

    @ John Pospisil

    Hmm, given the date discrepancy, it would indeed seem that beer28′s post really has been censored.

  33. John Pospisil:

    Let’s put aside the whole Linux thing for one moment.

    I think the real issue is what do people (both the company and the “community”) expect from these kinds pseudo social news sites?

    IdeaStorm looks like digg, works like digg, but it’s not digg – and I think that’s where the problem arise, the company and the community have different expectations.

    Sure IdeaStorm’s terms of service (if you can find them) spells out what Dell expects, but there are some issues that are really come down to opinion. Who’s to say what exactly is inappropriate, inaccurate, profane or defamatory? Well, in the case of IdeaStorm, it is Dell’s moderators.

    Beyond the controversy surrounding IdeaStorm and Linux, this particular case raises some very interesting issues for companies trying to engage with their “communities”. 

  34. cantormath:

    If you don’t like them preinstalling dumba$$, don’t buy it. Learn to use Linux before you spew this crap. The folks who voted for this on idea Storm can use Linux, hence there were so many votes. One day you are gonna wake out of your spell and realize, maybe there is something great about Linux that Im missing. If you never do, Im fine with you have a lessor computer.

    I would have deleted your user also too

  35. Rick:

    dell = douche bags, have been for years.

    Good Thing ™ would be a large company selling hardware with drivers supported. Reality, you’re going to install your own preferred distro of Linux anyway.

    Bad Thing ™, Dell is differentiating between different distros of Linux instead of looking at the reality of the kernel as a separate piece…. that and they are hookers and sell themselves to the highest bidder anyway. Everyone likes a whore sometimes.

    To defend Dell once again though, does it make a difference whether or not they personally decide to be sex slaved to Microsoft or not? They’ll always be a whore. Let them rot, stop bitching you pussies. Everyone is always so damn sadistic about the situation. It’s not as complicated as it’s made out to be.

  36. orbis360:

    I’m curious:
    1) if we don’t like Dell, why do we *care* how they handle this kind of thing?
    2) if we *do* like Dell, why should their attempt to solicit feedback meet with such withering scorn? Surely an imperfect attempt on their part is better than no attempt at all. Shouldn’t we applaud them for going as far as they have?

    It works the same way with environmental issues and corporations – we attack them for not being green, but when they try we attack them for not being green enough. Shouldn’t we encourage companies who make small steps forward rather than trashing them? If they get trashed either way, where’s the incentive for them to even *try*?

    Or is it just that when we don’t get exactly what we want from someone we feel justified in throwing a temper tantrum? The only difference between Triston McIntyre and my two year old is that Triston didn’t use the term ‘poopypants.’

  37. Bbuddha:

    Has anyone thought of the other consequence to Dell, when completely uninformed consumers browse the website, and they see two models of the same hardware, one with windows (more expensive), and one with Linux (less expensive), and buy the less expensive unit, then call tech support asking where windows media player is, any why they can’t install (x,y,z piece of windows software). What about legitimate support. Walking grandma through loading a video driver in windows = double click setup.exe, next, next, reboot. Could you imagine trying to walk grandma through editing some text file to change video resolution? (Or other highly detailed linux action/modification/text file/command line operation)
    In short Dell is doing the right thing with the N-series, if you really want to run Linux, and you’re all up in arms of hate against Microsoft, Dell accommodates you, get an N-Series, and install Linux yourself, and DON’T call Dell for support when you can’t figure out how to do something, and DON’T blame Dell for not having some driver for your Linux install. I’m really tired of listening to Linux zealots talking about all their ‘open-source’ applications and drivers, and how they can ‘fix’ or write code themselves because it’s not closed source. If you really want a driver for your Linux install, don’t blame Dell, write your own in true Linux zealot form.

  38. cyber_rigger:

    The moral to the story is,
    “Don’t buy from Dell”.

  39. bobby:

    on March 1st, 2007 at 4:34 pm,
    KidKaos: said

    “Seriously folks…if you want to run linux install it yourself. ”

    Most of us will.. Even should Dell pre install it. The important points are other than that. Dell has previously stated they would ship machines with Linux & then pulled back. The publics’ (those who do not yet realize the usefulness of Linux/X etc..) view of that action was “Linux isn’t good enough”. That was unacceptable & we certainly wish to not see that again. We want Dell to sell preinstalled systems to mom, pop & the kids. Systems (more than) capable of web browsing, document writing, finance keeping, homework doing & picture storing/viewing.. Basically everything a normal home user wants (minus the joy of spyware/virui). If Dell aggressively offers it, the U.S. public will finally see the value of Linux/X.
    Unfortunately, Dell is married to the MS Windows upgrade cycle. Simply put, where a Linux system can work for years with periodic & automatic upgrades (Dell need only include K/Ubuntu to achieve this with no difficulty), MS’s New & Improved Windows systems require (both technically as in performance & legally as in the easiest way to deal with MS’s draconian licenseing) regular new hardware purchases. I fear Dell will never give Linux/X equal time & cost to the guaranteed upgrade MS’s system gives them.

    I would, however, love to be proved wrong ;-).

  40. bobby:

    I’m afraid you’re passing the FUD again.. My K/Ubuntu Linux installations have a Control Panel.. I can select Display Resolution & then slid a bar to choose the resolution I wish. My video drivers are automatically installed when I first boot following a video card change. The nice thing about a command line is I _can_ work outside of the GUI. When MS Windows fails (when, _not_ if) & ‘Safe Mode’ doesn’t provide the tools, I am SOL (unless I have Knoppix nearby ;-)).
    Further, you may want to recheck the prices. Equivalent Linux systems cost _more_ than those with a pre-installed virus ;-).
    (disclaimer: above info was via my brother who has a corporate account with Dell)

  41. Bbuddha:

    I’m afraid you’re not correct, while I can’t say that all N-series systems are cheaper than those with windows, here’s a fine example of the lowest possible priced system, the optiplex 320: Link

    It costs a whopping $30 more to get Windows XP SP2 instead of FreeDOS.
    In most situations where N-series was more, there were different hardware specs being compared.

    I find it amazing that you criticize me about editing a config file as a generic example of changing video resolution using a linux control panel, then re-affirm the exact point I was making about ‘fixing’ or modifying the OS ‘_outside_ the GUI’. With complicated, case sensative, syntax in a command line environment.

    I’m very glad microsoft has increased their install-disc operations available to users in Vista, which solves this problem specifically. If your vista box encounters this ‘can’t boot into safe mode’ problem, simply boot to the Vista DVD, and you have 4 options:

    1) Attempt System Restore from the DVD. (System restore is a great concept, however, traditionall you had to get into some portion of the OS in order to get it to work; now a system can be restored directly from the install DVD.

    2) Allow vista to attempt to repair itself. Admittedly, this isn’t the end-all fix all for any startup type problem, but I’ve been rather impressed in the past several weeks of testing it in the lab.

    3) While not setup automatically, a user can create an entire system ‘image-like’ backup to a file, and can restore this image using the install DVD, even in the case of a failed HDD.

    4) Full command prompt, with some GUI capability (notepad.exe, etc) for finite recovery options, no longer limited in command scope, nor directory locations.

    There is also a capabilty to install WinRE on disk for better boot times, and in cases where end users lose their DVD. This is especially helpful to OEM’s where end users don’t keep track of their media very well.

    From a support standpoint in helping grandma _OVER THE PHONE_, which is preferable:

    1) Linux- OK grandma, you said your comptuer won’t boot to the desktop? OK, we’re going to go into single user mode, and type in all these (case sensative) commands, then I want you to read me parts of some log files, then we’ll type in more case-sensative, complicated commands, or possible edit a config file (could you imagine walking grandma through editing a file using vi?), then reboot and test it. Rinse & repeat until we fix it.

    2) Vista, OK grandma, you said your comptuer won’t boot to the desktop?
    OK, let’s put in that Vista DVD, then we can go down the list of the one-click pretty hyperlinks in WinRE, and if they don’t work we’ll just click the hyperlink to restore the scheduled system image I setup for you.

    Don’t get me wrong, please. I recognize Linux as a wonderfull operating system, which definatly has it’s place in the computing world; however, being preinstall on major OEM computers as a desktop OS for the common layman is _NOT_ it’s place. (In it’s current form anyway).
    Linux is an absolutly outstanding OS for people that want to learn about how their OS works, and like to tinker, etc; or for specialty research, or large datacenters with a specific purpose.

    So, I say again, if you’re all up in arms about ‘Windoze’ being a ‘Virus’, Dell will still accomodate you. Get an N-Series system, save your whopping $30, and install Linux yourself, and don’t call Dell when you break your OS.

  42. bobby:


    Thank you for your reply,

    Firstly, as I said, I relied on my (usually meticulous) brother for the prices. I hear there is a problem with different hardware configurations.. Question.. Why does Dell _not_ offer a ‘free’ hard disk upgrade for some FreeDos systems whilst the MS Windows system gets one? This creates a very real price difference.

    Secondly, you still miss my point. I did _not_ “re-affirm the exact point” you were making. In fact, I completely denied it. Whilst the CLI is available, the GUI is also available. Having more options does not create a limitation.

    Thirdly, for Grandma on Linux, I simply tell her to turn on the computer, log in from my Linux system (from the comfort of my living room), fix hers & tell her “you’re good to go”.. It doesn’t get any better than that. I did set up a VPN when she installed her system. Hey, I like life to be easy.

    Fourthly, again, from my brother (who maintains a mixed Linux/XP/98 (the company still uses some 98 specific apps which fail on XP) network of some 70 or so systems), Dells response to software issues is ‘refer to Microsoft’.. whose response is ‘call your vendor’.. Does anyone remember the “Infinite Loop” index entry in Ashton Tates (remember them?) manual?? “Infinite Loop, see Loop, Infinite which, of course was Loop, Infinite, see Infinite Loop”, otherwise known as the ole’ run around. At least Linux is honest in saying that forums are your best support.. And darn good support at that. The only support Dell gives (for Microsoft) is to companies who purchase support as an extra.. which they could also supply for Linux. RedHat is an excellent example of a company making a very good profit from supporting systems.

    Lastly, I forget the link, but there was a rather interesting story of a fellow (in Texas, IIRC) who set up a retiree’s group with Linux.. only to find that they jumped whole heartedly into editing their individual configurations. Who’d a thought Grandma (& Grandpa) would like to change things?

    BTW, altho I’ve not done a VISTA install, I can assure you that a Linux/X install is vastly easier than an XP install.. So easy that even Grandma can do it. Unlike XP, it is a one step process. When you are done, it all works. Networking is on (has anyone been following the fiasco that Vista is making of this?), dial-up is there (enter the phone number, user name & password of course) video drivers (remember those?) & sound card drivers are installed, OpenOffice & Firefox are installed and educational as well as recreational games are installed.. Indeed, if you are installing K/Ubuntu/LinuxMint, it is quite likely a LiveCD. After booting to the CD you simply click on a Desktop Icon called “Install” – difficult, eh?. If one should have any questions during the install, simply bring up Firefox & browse the web for answers (Ubuntu forums are already bookmarked). MicroSoft should be so easy.

    I realize that just several years ago, Linux/X was not nearly so easy to install/config (it has always been easy to use.. how difficult can a GUI application be?). Things change, though, and this is one of them.

    Sorry (ok, not really ;-)) to say it folks, Linux/X, specifically, LinuxMint is easier to install & use than MS Windows.. The facts that it is less expensive, more stable & virus free can be considered bonus’.

    Just the facts..

    Back on subject, Dell could easily install a version of Ubuntu (LinuxMint is a version of Ubuntu which is itself a version of Debian, meaning it has a _lot_ of support), create a/several mirrors for updates & have a ready made support system in the many users already out here.

    p.s. While I’ve no specific knowledge of WinRe, if it acts anything like the recovery console in Windows XP which it replaces, it will likely be of little use. A quick Google shows people are already having trouble with it. YMMV..

    Remember, Bbuddha, I/we are not asking Dell to drop Microsoft products. I am glad you are happy with them (Microsoft). My/our point is we would like different options. We would also like a little more honesty from Dell. Microsoft selling an operating system is their right. Microsoft using manipulative, untruthful marketing practices to prevent the dissemination of other’s products is not right. Dell is joining with Microsoft in that. This is wrong.

  43. Nah:

    Uh, how is “you suck at Linux” an IDEA?

    The site is a site for IDEAS, not for complaints.

  44. Matt:

    Personally i never had a issue with Dell or their products. My dedicated sales person, who should be commended for his great work, always helped out with all my computer needs.
    I will continue buying dell products. As for Linux, i personally never had a need to install Linux on a dell system because my clients doesn’t use it for their workenvironment. Dell does sell OS-less Computers and they are about 40 dollars cheaper then their Microsoft Windows XP Home version. 40 dollars is about what Dell charges their customers for a OEM version of Windows XP Home. Just because its included with your system doesn’t meen they didn’t charge you for it.

  45. Fred Schtiener:

    Exactly IdeaStorm not Whine,Cry,Bitch,Jokes,Complaint-Storm. They’re running the site so they should have all the right to just pull a post/idea or close the whole thing if they wanted. Just like any other board they can do what they want why should they leave up a post they don’t like? Will you leave a post up on this site if its not within your standards or lack of?

  46. Bios:

    This reminds me of something both eBay and Microsoft would do on their discussion forums.

  47. Revelation:

    Linux in 2007

    I recently purchased a brand-new Sony VAIO laptop. It’s beautiful, which is why I went against every fiber in my body that expresses allegiance to the open source software movement. See, Sony doesn’t offer any computers with Linux loaded …

  48. Doodee:

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