iPhone not compatible with 64-bit Windows XP or Vista

June 30, 2007

iPhone not compatible with 64-bit Windows XP or Vista As if it had to add insult to injury, Apple states quite clearly that its newest product, the iPhone is not compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows XP or Vista. Users with those operating systems who wish to use the iPhone are advised to install a 32-bit version of Windows.

Of course, this is a first generation product and problems are to be expected but it stands to reason that at some point, Apple will support 64-bit versions of Windows. Mac OSX users can rest assured that the iPhone will be fully compatible with OSX Leopard 10.5 which is fully 64-bit if supported by your Mac’s processor.

According to Engadget, many users are experiencing this error when attempting to use the iPhone on a 64-bit Windows operating system, “The software required for iPhone is not installed. Run the iTunes installer to remove iTunes, then install iTunes again.” Which means it isn’t compatible with your 64-bit operating system.

No doubt 64-bit users out there are fuming right now and its doubtful Apple will be willing to accept a return though that will probably be on a store-to-store basis. It is stated quite clearly on Apple’s website that 64-bit operating systems are NOT supported by the iPhone.

I don’t know about you but I would have read the system requirements before dropping $600 on a piece of hardware. Don’t blame Apple for this, it’s your own fault that you didn’t know it wasn’t compatible with a 64-bit Windows operating system, then again, what is?

Always assume something isn’t compatible when you’re dealing with a 64-bit OS, really, it’s a bit of common sense.  Though, if enough people complain there is no doubt in my mind that Apple will magically and mysteriously provide a fix for the problem.

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12 Responses to “iPhone not compatible with 64-bit Windows XP or Vista”

  1. Bob Johnson:

    You’re an idiot. I specifically asked this question of the sales force yesterday, and they responded “Yes, it works with any version of Windows XP as long as you have Service Pack 2.”

    I’m not complaining, it’s just odd that they can’t be bothered to extend a 64-bit driver for USBAAPL.SYS, given that it’s a whopping 26kB.

  2. Jonathan:

    But Windows XP is 32-bit. If you had asked if it was Windows x64 compatible, the answer might have been different. There is no 64-bit version of Windows XP, it’s Windows x64 and it’s called that for a reason.

  3. Bob Johnson:

    I did ask if it was 64-bit compatible. No matter, after attempting to get it up and operational on a 32-bit install of Windows XP which simply doesn’t recognize it, no matter what I do, I’m going to sit on it for the next 3-4 days and see if they decide to patch it.

    Also, the name is “Windows XP Professional, x64 Edition”.

  4. Bob Johnson:

    Additionally, it could be worse. I could be a Zune owner. :>

  5. Jonathan:

    That’s the main reason I stayed away from a Zune, that and my primary laptop is a Mac. I just got used to calling it Windows x64 Edition, which is probably a better name anyway.

  6. Dave:

    Spoken like a true enbittered Mac user – *issed that 90+% of the world revolves around MS OS’s. So, in between white-knuckling your Mac, you’re happy to see an MS user frustrated by lack of compatibilty.

    The fact is – this is a stab from Apple to MS. And in classic form (as I’ve seen over the last 23 years in IT) the users get the short end…

  7. Greg:

    And even the box (system requirements) make any differentiation on what version of Vista or XP you must have, nor did the store employees know.

    And here’s a thread I left at Apple’s Disccusion forum yesterday – only to have it removed within the hour of posting…

    “Well as a Vista 64 bit user (and not necessarily proud of it), I bought the iPhone on Monday, only to find out later that day (with much confusion, both in the Apple store and Apple Tech support, that it doesn’t actually work with 64 bit Vista or XP.

    To make matters worse (and I’ve seen this thread online as well), I returned the phone today (Friday) at the store with no problems (thank you – full refund)). But the gal there as advised by a Mac Genius there in the store – said “Apple Will never support Vista 64bit.”

    How naive is that?!?!

    That’s like saying gas will never hit $4/gallon.

    I promptly told her it is inevitable for Apple to support 64 bit OS from Microsoft. It is where the chipsets from Intel have to go – to get past 4gb lmitations… let alone all the other benefits that consumers, Intel, Microsoft and even Apple will be pushing. That of course went right over her head.

    But it’s a shame that statements like this are coming from supposed “officials” at the Apple store.

    I really like what Apple is doing, want an iPhone, and plan on supporting the Leopord OS when the bugs are worked out (most likely Q1 of 08)… all I’d like to know is WHEN will Apple update iTunes to support Vista 64 bit.

    Oh and will they (the stores) get the story straight – Apple will support 64 bit – resistance is futile.


    Let’s see how long it will be before a new version of iTunes supports 64bit – I guess I can wait now.

  8. brian:

    Hello peeps.
    1. The incompatability is not on the iPhone Box it is an issue list deep in their website.

    2. You have to purposely write your app to be incompatable with x64. All 32 bit apps run with a 32 bit emulator. They are placed in the C:\Program Files(x86) folder when installed. The reason why I-Tunes has issues with x64 is the writers of I-Tunes commited a n00b windows programming mistake. They hardcoded the path from I-Tunes to Quicktime. This is Apple’s Bad 1st year college grad mistake. Say what you want about their innovative ui and hardware, they are n00bs programming on Windows.

    3. I paid 650$, suffered the cancelation fee on my other plan. Antied up the cash for the plan. With 1k$ on the line, you would think they would put a sticker on the box saying “We cant afford a x64 box to test on, we know that all new comps now are dual cores, but we suck with windows. Do not expect this to work on x64″ or at least saying ” x64 Incompatable”

  9. Mike:

    I am not an “IT” guy, just an average user. I bought my laptop with the regretable intent to get all the newest technology so as to not regret missing something. I do not want to have to upgrade anything for the next couple years. I have been slobering over the idea of getting the iphone for a couple of months. I did my research and could not dig up anything negative prior to my purchase. I bought the 8 gb last night as there were no more of the 4′s and was asked if what I was running, I told him i was using vista ultimate. “Yea, that will work”. I looked at the box and there it was “Vista Ultimate”. I get home and try getting it started and the uninstall message and install 64 bit version, after 4 attempts I call the salesman and he says to call the 1800myiphone number so I did, they are closed. I contacted them this morning and the service gal said it is not compatible and won’t work. She also stated there is no guaranty they ever will have a fix and she was sorry and thought there should be a disclosure on the software requirements. Funny thing is when i do a internet search for “64 and iphone” there is all kinds of issues and problems with this set up but when I previously looked up “Iphone” there was no mention of the problem I could find. So, a normal dude like me has no way of knowing there is a problem untill they get their new toy home and try to set it up. Unfortunatly it is too late it’s already open and will cost me $40 to give it back.

  10. ttk2:

    could you just partition your hard drive (just big enough for itunes and your music) and install 32bit windows?

  11. ttk2:

    could you just partition your hard drive (just big enough for itunes and your music) and install 32bit windows?
    It worked for me when itunes would not work on my computer no matter what i did.

  12. Tony:

    Can you get windws 64 to operate in 32 bit for certain programs like in a shell mode? apologies for the terminoloy, I am not somebody ex or a drip under pressure!

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