Digg guru Kevin Rose announces MySpace killer

July 1, 2007

Digg guru Kevin Rose announces MySpace killer Kevin Rose, the mastermind behind the phenomenally successful social news site Digg, has announced that he is launching his own social networking site Pownce

With a tag line “Send Stuff to your friends”, Pownce is described as a way of sending “messages, files, links, and events to your friends”.

The idea is that you’ll create a network of people you know, with whom you can share things.

Pownce [is a] a side project that I’ve been working on with some friends over weekends for the last few months,” said Rose in his personal blog. ”The site isn’t quite open to the public yet, but if you want to try it out, enter your email and we’ll get an invite out to you shortly.”

Invites can be requested by submitting your email address on the Pownce main page.

Rose is attempting to differentiate Pownce from the multitude of social networking sites by by emphasizing the sharing of content and information. At the moment there are four things that can be shared on Pownce: messages, links, files, and events.

One example of the kind of thing you’ll be able to do is to send an event to a dozen of your friends letting them know you’re having a party. They’ll receive the event details you entered, respond with questions or comments and then RSVP.

You’ll also be able to share photos and music (obviously music you’ve recorded, rather than pirated material) by sending the files to your friends, who’ll get them straight away. They’ll be able to reply and tell you what they think.

Rose was very careful to assure Digg fans that he was still very focused on Digg.

“My role at Digg hasn’t changed,” he said. ”I’m always thinking about fun tech projects when I’m not working on Digg, and Pownce is one of them.

From what I’ve seen Pownce looks very slick. It’s certainly much slicker than the still very kludgy MySpace (you would have thought News Ltd might have addressed that by now).

Of course there’s a lot of competition out there from the likes of MySpace and Facebook, and it will be an uphill battle for Rose to gain significant share in this very crowded market. But then again he does have a legion of Digg fans, some of whom will no doubt participate in this new venture.

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One Response to “Digg guru Kevin Rose announces MySpace killer”

  1. noob:

    Are you high?

    Pownce is no more a MySpace killer than Instant Messenger is. It’s just an FTP client and IM put together.

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