Free phone calls to any number from any number

July 14, 2007

Free phone calls to any number from any numberIt’s about time someone got to providing completely free phone calls and a new service just on the market does just that. Sure, Voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is, in a way, free but only for computer to computer calls. ViaTalk is different.

With ViaTalk you can place a phone call from your computer to any number, from any number; all you have to do is enter the number you are calling from and the number you wish to call. The service provides 10 minutes of free talk time.

Future plans for the service are unknown at this time but it would be silly to think this will remain free or, even if the free service stays around that some paid service will not come along at some point. Or, you could be like everyone else on the planet and just call your friends on their mobile phones from your mobile phone but where would the fun be in that.

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8 Responses to “Free phone calls to any number from any number”

  1. over peak mins:

    I thought is was free? My cell phone company disagrees with your statement. Thanks for nothing.

  2. Jonathan:

    It’s always best to read the fine print of your service contract… which may or may not have provisions for this.

    Also, most companies round up to the nearest minute so if your conversation went on for 10 minutes and 15 seconds then that’s 11 minutes of talk time.

    Only the first 10 minutes are free, the rest is up to you. It doesn’t do a lot of good to complain about it here, if you aren’t happy with ViaTalk then send them a message and complain to them.

    I’d suggest using their “Send Feedback” button.

  3. Raquib:

    When I place my number with caller’s number, it says that it’s incorrect. where is the problem?

  4. Jake:

    This is stupid. Only 10 minutes?


    No time limits.
    Free calling to North America.

    (Btw, your cell phone company probably charged you because you don’t have free unlimited incoming calls. If you get charged for incoming calls, especially incomming long distance calls then you will be charged because this service calls you first to connect you with the other party.)

  5. Ponnamperuma:

    Like to get calls to friends worldwide

  6. zonkers:

    abe ye to pagal panti hai na bhai…ye log aapko choootia bana rahe hai

  7. arvind yadav:

    free call

  8. qmobile games:

    is that working ??

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