Misspelled eBay auction search engine launches

July 16, 2007

Mispelled eBay auction search engine launches We’ve all come across a stray auction on eBay at one point; those auctions that may have been improperly categorized or simply misspelled are always a goldmine when it comes to finding cheap products. Branica.com  has now made these auctions easier to find with its new misspelled eBay search engine service.

Take for instance a Linksys Wireless-G broadband Router. I found 2 auctions for this item, both ending today, using Branica’s service. The only difference is that the properly spelled ”LINKSYS” router was going for $44.12; whereas, the router misspelled “LINSKYS” is currently at $14.49.

Branica’s mispelled eBay search engine service is exclusively designed to find the auctions that go unnoticed due to improper spelling. The user simply types in the correct spelling for the item they are looking for, selects the “Get Misspellings” checkbox, clicks “Submit”, and Branica’s search engine will return auctions based on a generated list of misspelled words for that query.

“We offer a unique way to shop at for auctions so you can make an educated purchase” says Arthur Lee, owner of Branica.com.  “Typically you can expect to see savings of up to 80% off the usual auction price with misspellings.” 

The service is completely free and requires no sign-up or log-in. 

Branica.com also provides a free online statistics counter for webmasters and bloggers to receive comprehensive statistics about traffic to their website.

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4 Responses to “Misspelled eBay auction search engine launches”

  1. Curt Crowley:

    That seems very similar to http://www.fetchbid.com they launched July 4th. They have search for Multiple Auction sites, Auctions with No Bids, and Misspellings with No Bids.

  2. Okky Jones:

    You called also try http://www.oktshun.com – The Oktshun engine. This site also helps you find misspelled ebay items and more.

  3. Bargain Hunter:

    Definitely check out http://www.newlifeauctions.com/misspell.html It finds more spelling errors than the other tools and automatically filters out common words from the search. You can refine your search by including or excluding words. The site also has a wealth of eBay related information.

  4. Allan:

    A similar site dedicated to the Australian auction market is http://www.auction-search.ozemalls.com. This site’s tools will search the databases of a number of Australian auction sites.

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