Nine-year-old boy receives two credit cards and $18,000 line of credit

July 27, 2007

Nine-year-old boy receives two credit cards and $18,000 line of creditIf you think the minimum age of a principal credit card holder is 18 years of age, think again. A nine-year-old boy named Kyle Shoemaker has received not just one but two credit cards and an $18,000 line of credit.

Could this be another case of identity theft or simply a case of unsupervised computer use?

Teresa Shoemaker, mother of Kyle, didn’t take the situation lightly. According to Associated Press, she tried to call the consumer service department of the credit card company to ask why it issued credit cards to a nine-year-old boy, but failed to get a serious response.

Teresa suspects that her boy is the victim of identity theft and has opted to retain a lawyer for Kyle’s protection. But even if this is not the case, someone has some explaining to do, Teresa said.

As we all know credit cards are definitely for adult use. If some adults can’t handle a credit card because of their lack of discipline, what hope has a nine-year-old boy like Kyle?

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