YouTube developing system to end copyright infringing

July 28, 2007

YouTube developing system to end copyright infringingTo avoid the dangers of any and all lawsuits, YouTube is working to develop software that will aim to end copyright infringing once and for all on the popular video sharing site. Google, YouTube’s parent company, hopes to have the system up and running by September.

Viacom recently initiated a lawsuit for 1 billion dollars in damages against YouTube for the unauthorized showing of content from MTV, Comedy Central, and more. YouTube believes it is in the clear, responding that it goes above and beyond what’s stated in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, reports the Associated Press. The act protects Web hosts from lawsuits as long as they remove unauthorized copyrighted content when asked, and YouTube always cooperates with copyright owners to remove protected content. Regardless, Viacom seeks to squeeze YouTube for every penny it made while broadcasting the media giant’s content.

A lawyer representing Google told a judge presiding over copyright lawsuits that the new system will be as sophisticated as the finger print technology used by the FBI. The system would allow content creators and owners to provide a digital fingerprint with each of their videos so once the system detect it, it would remove it within about a minute.

Google’s lawyer believes the system should stop any disputes in the future and that YouTube is now truly going far beyond what the law requires to prevent and stop copyright infringement if it didn’t already.

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