Updated: How to get full YouTube working on your Windows Mobile Phone

August 16, 2007

How to get full YouTube working on your Windows Mobile phoneJealous of the iPhone’s ability to stream YouTube videos? Now those of us with Windows Mobile phones have a way to stream YouTube videos from the real, full YouTube site.

This method does NOT use the mobile phone video sites http://m.youtube.com and TinyTube, which take videos from popular video sharing sites and encode them into a mobile phone video format.

This method requires you to use Pocket Internet Explorer to explore YouTube, Google Video, or the Veoh Video Network sites. Once you select a video, the Core Pocket Media Player will pop up and play the video. You can play any video hosted on any of those sites.

Step 1: If you have The Core Pocket Media Player installed, uninstall it now. Once your phone is free from TCPMP, download this version of TCPMP. Choose the appropriate version, Smart Phone or Pocket PC, for your phone. Install it on your phone.

Step 2: Download the Flash Video Bundle from here. Install it on the same location (memory card or phone memory) as you did the Core Pocket Media Player.

Step 3: Restart your phone.

Step 4: Watch some videos!

Not only can you watch real YouTube videos on your Windows Mobile phone, you’ve one upped the iPhone by being able to watch videos from Google Video and the Veoh Video Network as well. Also, if you’ve got 3G Internet access, now you can download and watch the videos faster than your iPhone wielding friends.

Note: I’ve tested this method on my Verizon Motorola Q. It should work with other phones/carriers, but I can not guarantee that it will work with all Windows Mobile phones. I’d like to thank the members of the Qusers and PDA Phone Home forums for sharing this with the world.

UPDATE: It appears that some of you are having trouble with this solution. YouTube has started redirecting mobile phones automatically to their mobile site, which has a much lower selection of videos and works differently than the traditional YouTube site. which is much better.

In order to get around this, type the following into pocket IE instead of the normal YouTube address: http://www.youtube.com/?nomobile=1

It keeps your phone form being automatically redirected to YouTube’s mobile site.

There has also been an update to the flash video bundle, if you’d like to download it. You can get it here.

Make sure to uninstall the old flash video bundle and install this one. Restart your phone and you should be good to go.

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27 Responses to “Updated: How to get full YouTube working on your Windows Mobile Phone”

  1. Dieter Bohn:

    Some people might enjoy this related video:



  2. Brian:

    for some reason it guts stoped working for me??? help plse

  3. DarthMowzy:

    This was working fine but now it doesnt. They must have “patched” this hole.

  4. Anonymous:

    Ditto – it was working fine for me as well but now it doesn’t!

  5. jon:

    its still working for me… how long you guys been doing videos? maybe its your carrier thats stopping it?

  6. Danny Mendez:

    if you haven’t noticed, there’s an update to the article addressing these issues

  7. it is not working for me it worked on the 27 of august it stop on the 30 of aug:

    my youtube dont work on my moto q as of 29 of august it stop what is the problem

  8. Mario:

    hey how do u istall the flash thing?? i was able to install the firts thing mentioned but not the flash

  9. Mario:

    nvm i did install it but now when i go to youtube and i try to click on a video i cant do it

  10. adian:

    will it work for windows mobile 2003 SE?

  11. jander:

    wow! after i installed this it also let me able to watch videos on stage 6 and joox.net!! I believe it can play all website with divx formatted video.

  12. tom:

    It looks like the TCPMP is not free anymore. Anyone know of a free player to use?

  13. hakuna:

    You may try http://m.vtap.com. It does not require any client installation and gives you access to all youtube videos and much more.

  14. anonymous coward:

    You can also try the vtap client to search and view any video on the web on your windows mobile phone.

    vtap also has a site http://m.vtap.com which provides MMS streaming playback for windows mobile without any additional software. This will work for any version of windows mobile.

  15. Adam:

    I installed both to the same direction and restarted the phone and opened Internet Explorer and typed youtube…..didn’t work for me, it says “Video not available (may have been removed)” And i was like okay? Let’s try another then! “Video not available (may have been removed)” I am trying this again it’s not impossible that this could happend twice in a row “Video n……..Let’s not try this again before my phone hurts. Don’t know may be my phone not working for this. It’s a Samsung i900 wich is called Omnia and that’s the funny part because Omnia means all/everything in latin, for the most part they are true but not for this one. Can’t they just make a real working flashplayer. Guess i will have to wait rest of my life for that. Thanks anyway

  16. Hardik:

    guys, just download Kinoma Freeplay and start enjoying youtube….it’s a free player , a trial version of Kinoma Play but you can access the whole youtube on it..
    you can also download it from Windows mobile site

  17. Oscar:

    more simple only do this
    uninstall your youtubeplayer
    download this http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-download-youtubeplay.html
    and install this NEW version

    ready for youtube

  18. Someone:

    This may be a stupid question, but I’ve installed those two things, now how do I get it to NOT go to m.youtube.com? That’s where it sends me every time I just type youtube.com, unless I use Opera because it can pretend to be a desktop, but it doesn’t work in Opera.

  19. mike d:

    Does flash video plugin with windows mobile 2003 se? So far, when I click on videos, I am not given any options to play, save, or link etc… I keep getting sent to the videos URL…TIA

  20. Dave:

    If you are using WM you have to install Flash Lite 3.1 or upper and then install “google youtube” software, you can download ir from m.youtube.com/app.
    It worked for me in the past with Windows Mobile 6.1, unfortunatelly since 2 days ago im having problems like google youtube stops buffering almost at 30 seconds, and when I try from a Flash supported browser it doesnt load, I dunno if its a youtube problem, a flash problem or what else… please anycome could try and tell me if it works for you ?

  21. kevin:

    hey I’m kinda late on this WINDOWS MOBILE hyphe but I have a WM 8125 and want to know if any of these methods work for that phone. thanks

  22. Dave:

    I have an IPAQ HP2755 HX running WIndows Mobile 2003. MS has stopped providing WM5 so I cant upgrade. I have been using youtubeplay which works on the WM2003 / IP but youtube did something and its not working. I checked with others and they are having the same problem.

    What is the solution (if available) for those with older PDA / pocket computers?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  24. Tyrell Jannett:

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  25. Aurelio Tretera:

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  26. Leatrice Buchinski:

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