Implanted RFID chips may cause cancer

September 9, 2007

verichip Some 2,000 people in the US have been implanted with those newfangled RFID chips.  I can’t imagine why someone would allow a big needle to be placed inside their arm and then allow the injecting of a tiny transponder just under the skin.  There are some instances I’m okay with it, criminals for one but it would depend on the severity of the crime.

At any rate some studies, though which studies I’m not sure, have shown that 1% of lab rats aggressive tumors that surrounded the RFID chip with cancerous cells, according to Engadget.  The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the makers of the RFID chips, VeriChip stand by “the safety of the device.”

The company says it is not aware of any studies that link their chip to cancer and the FDA is also certain in its decision that the devices are “perfectly safe” for use in humans.

We’ll see when all those long-term studies come in, until then, I’ll say its safe but only because 2,000 of you were crazy enough to sign papers that allowed the implantation in the first place.

This sounds like the “cell phones and WiFi cause cancer” argument all over again.  If I were you, I’d still avoid being injected with one of those things, my reasons are, I hate needles, I hate pain more than needles and I tolerate neither very well.

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One Response to “Implanted RFID chips may cause cancer”

  1. Amal Graafstra:

    My response:

    The short story here is, I believe it’s the anti-migration coating on “implantable” RFID tags that is causing the issue. Good thing both mine are not meant to be used as implants, and do not have this coating.

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