Third format crops up in HD-DVD, Blu-Ray war

September 9, 2007

Third format crops up in HD-DVD, Blu-Ray warAs if the choices between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD weren’t enough, meet HD-VMD.  That’s right, if the situation wasn’t complicated enough for you it just go more so with the new entry.  For most people, three formats is too much but you never know, there is the price consideration with HD-VMD being the cheapest.

New Medium Enterprises is preparing to launch its $200 (MSRP) ML622S HD VMD player next month.  The device will have support for HDMI 1.3, 1080p output and an Ethernet connector for firmware updates.

HD-VMD uses the same red lasers that are used with DVDs thus keeping the price down.  The exact amount of storage space on an HD-VMD disc is unkown but is rumored by Gizmodo to be in the area between 20GB and 40GB.  The downside is that the technology does not support Dolby TrueHD or DTS Master Audio formats, a shame.

But if the price is right, consumers will usually bite and the price is definitely right.  The player and 20 titles will launch some time in October so keep an eye open.  I believe someone once said that Two’s Company and Three’s a Crowd, well, it’s getting crowded, let’s just hope there isn’t a fourth entry.

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