Look out for Elecrosmog!: German Government warns citizens off Wifi

September 10, 2007

look out for electrosmog!: German government warns citizens off WiFi Because it has yet to be proven that it isn’t bad for you, the German government has issued a statement warning its citizens away from Wifi use.

According to an article in The Independent on Sunday, Germany’s Environmental Ministry not only suggests limiting wifi exposure, but also that citizens refrain from using mobile phones, and try to reduce their general exposure to “electrosmog” from other electrical devices. They urge citizens to choose conventional wired connections over their wireless counterparts.

As The Independent has had a longstanding campaign against  wireless communications, it claims that the German position vindicates its stance. Even though radio has been in use for over 100 years, The Independent and other anti-wifi campaigners feel that the increasing use of the technology may have unspecified harmful effects on humans.

Over 30 studies have been carried out on the effects of electro-magnetic interference in the brain. Of those 30, only three have suggested any possible link to ill health, and those were shown to have flawed methodology.

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2 Responses to “Look out for Elecrosmog!: German Government warns citizens off Wifi”

  1. Alex Richards:

    Please note there are more than 600 studies which show bioeffects at low level radiation intensities from Radio Frequency (RF) fields. See http://www.marinproject.org for a list. Also see http://www.bioINitiative.org for a 600 page report on the wireless impacts.

  2. Sean Arthur Joyce:

    Which 30 studies are you choosing from among the hundreds that have been done on this subject? The Bioinitiatives Working Group of the University of Albany, New York, has undertaken a review of 2000 studies related to bio-effects of electromagnetic fields and has concluded that current safety standards for protecting the public against exposure to EMF are inadequate.
    Dr. George Carlo, who was hired by the US telecommunications industry to do the first major study on the issue, had 200 scientists at his disposal in his $28 million study. It was only when his scientific results contradicted the industry’s pre-supposed position of no harm at non-thermal levels of power output that he was marginalized by them and forced to quit.
    It was through the industry’s ‘low power exclusion’ that telecom corporations achieved the rare feat of having a consumer product introduced into the North American marketplace with NO pre-market testing!
    Brain cancer has risen by 300% worldwide during the past 20 years, roughly concurrent with the widespread use of wireless communications.
    And just because we’ve had radio frequency waves in our environment for 100 years doesn’t of itself mean they’ve caused no harm. Cancer in general has soared during the past century.
    The World Health Organization has recently admitted (after 30 years of studies to this effect) that children living near high-voltage power lines have a substantially greater risk of developing leukemia.
    In any case, it’s up to industry to first prove beyond any reasonable doubt their products are safe, not up to the public to prove otherwise.
    Have you forgotten already, oil corporations spent millions persuading the public for decades there was no such thing as global warming. Now it may be too late.
    I suggest you check your facts more carefully before making irresponsible statements such as the above.

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