Apple won’t try to stop iPhone and iPod Touch hackers

September 11, 2007

Apple won't try to stop iPhone and iPod Touch hackersApple marketing boss, Greg Joswiak, says Apple won’t support the hacking of its products, but it won’t purposely try to stop hackers either.

He considers Apple’s stance neutral, neither in support or against third party development for the iPhone and iPod Touch, although, he mentions that Apple is always analyzing its position on such matters. If a software update does break any third party software, Apple did not do it intentionally.

Gear Log pointed out that Apple releases software updates for its Macs that don’t break third party programs. Joswiak came up with the BS that Apple has a lot less experience with the iPhone platform and that Macs are PCs, so consumer expectations demand third party software be available.

Gear Log also reports that Joswiak re-confirms the iPod Touch does not have Bluetooth and any images that may have implied it were errors. He also mentions that there aren’t any games coming out for the iPod Touch, although that’s just for right now.

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One Response to “Apple won’t try to stop iPhone and iPod Touch hackers”

  1. Deloras Rew:

    I can’t open the links! I need an iPad one. Please if someone has it contact me!

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