Digg users don’t realize Digg is lame

September 11, 2007

Digg users don't realize Digg is lame Digg used to be good, before all the lame stories that had [PICS] or were NSFW got on the front page.  Back in the golden age that was 2004, Digg was all about Tech, Digg was good.  Something happened and now Digg is by far the lamest page on the Internet, consider it the “trash bin of blog posts” if you will, it has become little more than that.

In fact a recent article over at ValleyWag considers those very points and proves conclusively that Digg, is in fact, lame.  Even better, this story has made the front page of Digg itself with users condemning the article for being “blogspam,” being a “noob post” or just because they think he wants attention.

I don’t think any of that is true, in fact, if they had taken the time to read it, they might have seen the light.  Everyone who isn’t a Digg user can and I suppose everyone who is a Digg user can’t, not to mention the fact that a majority of Digg users are far from intelligent (these days).

The ValleyWag story is simple which I’ll try to summarize what was said,

Stories that have [PIC] in the title will get buried because 9 times out of 10 they are lame.

His second point is “it’s the seventh story you sent me this week” well, not being a registered user of Digg, I’ve never been asked to Digg a story and I will never take the time to Digg a story.

You want traffic to your blog, yeah, I’ve seen plenty of those.

Learn how to forward emails correctly (read the article for that one, it’s a good point).

Headlines and other misspellings in the story, I guess for most of the Digg population, using a spell checker is outside their skill set.

I’ve noticed in the comments (on Digg) that, users are defending themselves with an IQ greater than that of two jars of mayonnaise put together, way to rally guys!  Friends don’t let friends use Digg.

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