Microsoft encourages college students to steal Microsoft Office ’07

September 12, 2007

Microsoft encourages college students to steal Microsoft OfficeAs if college students didn’t already have enough of a reason to "illegally" install Microsoft office, Microsoft is now encouraging them to steal their software. But there’s a catch…

Microsoft’s definition of "steal" doesn’t have much of anything to do with theft or software piracy. Cnet reports that Microsoft is launching a promotion called the "Ultimate Steal", which offers college students the opportunity to buy the Ultimate edition of Office 2007 for only $60.

Perhaps this Microsoft’s attempt to get the majority of college students to buy Office as opposed to pirating it. As a college student, I don’t know if I know anybody who has actually bought Office. It’s value to students is nearly priceless, but most people that I know usually get the software through piracy, a legal install from a friend/family member, or it came on their computer.

It’s no doubt that college students aren’t willing to pay hundreds of dollars to get office when they can get it for free, illegal as it may turn out to be, so I commend Microsoft for waking up to the notion that they need to charge a reasonable price for this software. Otherwise, people just won’t be tempted to buy it.

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6 Responses to “Microsoft encourages college students to steal Microsoft Office ’07”

  1. Triston McIntyre:

    If you really feel the need to spend money on Office, most universities carry office for 10-15 dollars as a student anyway…

  2. Juli3n:

    MMMM sweet. So basically what i’ve told about stealing of the internet since i was 12 (16 now) has now been justify’d ? O well im guessing Microsoft finally has seen the big picture. lol its to bad that it took them so long, maybe xp wouldn’t have sucked so much. I find it funny that Microsoft finally noticed that even some of the worlds greatest hackers don’t work for them.[im no hacker btw]

  3. Alex h is da man:

    I think this a great idea does anybody know anything about it in the uk and where can u find this gr8 deal

  4. Alt_227:

    There is always the legal and free (as in beer and as in speech) alternative Open Office. Most students just need something to type a paper and do some basic formatting. Open Office is comparable to MS Office. Plus it doesn’t carry any risk for downloading it free.

  5. Thea Juhl:

    I would like to put a ding in the universe.

  6. M$:

    For me office costs 600 !!! Imagine if the office would cost 600 your currency !!! What would you do ??? Buy it or steal it ???

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