Apple admits to faulty iPod touch displays

September 20, 2007

Apple admits to faulty iPod touch displays

It isn’t very often Apple will publicly admit a problem with its products unless it explodes or there are enough complaints from customers that justify a response, which is the case here.  Apple has admitted that a “small number” of iPod touch displays are faulty and the problem is “being remedied.”

What the remedy involves and how many units are affected is not known.  The faulty screens range in problems from being too dim, even on the highest settings, to having a few dead and/or stuck pixels and the infamous “negative black color” problem.

Engadget is also reporting that some new iPhones have also ended up with the dimmer displays which comes after the price drop.  Surely, Apple hasn’t decided to cut corners, again?  And here I thought it was all about customer service.

In related news, I’ll be posting my own iPod Touch review in a few days.  Yes, it has a few quirks but I’ve not experienced any of the major problems listed but more on that after I find time to stop playing with it.

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