Verizon/Vodafone to ditch CDMA for better 4G GSM standard by 2013

September 21, 2007

Verizon/Vodafone to ditch CDMA for better 4G GSM standard by 2013Vodafone CEO, Arun Sarin, just announced that Vodafone, a GSM/EDGE carrier, and Verizon, a CDMA/EVDO carrier, will share compatible 4G GSM networks when both companies move to 4G technology.

CDMA and GSM technologies are incompatible with each other, but it seems that Verizon’s parent company, Vodafone, is looking to strengthen the relationship between the two companies by allowing them to work together.

According to RCRWireless, the 4G technology is known as LTE, or Long Term Evolution, a GSM technology, the same technology used by AT&T, T-Mobile, and much of the rest of the world. The transition should occur sometime within the next 3 to four years.

This path will open new doors for Verizon since currently you must buy a phone from Verizon to use their service. Theoretically, when Verizon moves to LTE, subscribers should be able to use phones from around the world simply by inserting their Verizon SIM card into their device.

Sarin has made it clear that he would like enter talks with Apple once the computer maker deploys at least 3G technology into the iPhone, and, now that Verizon is moving to a GSM standard, it is becoming more likely that one day iPhone users may be making calls on Verizon’s network. Even if Apple never releases the phone on Verizon’s network, a little unlocking action here and there should net you the ability to use a future version of the iPhone on an LTE carrier like Verizon.

The iPhone on a carrier with real service? Sound good to me. How about getting on that, Apple?

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