Google preparing new version of Gmail

September 23, 2007

medium Gmail was launched just over three years ago and has changed little since then save for the storage increases but the interface is lagging, on some ways.  Google is preparing to release what it describes as a “new version” of Gmail.

According to ZDnet, only very few have access to it, Google employees and select Google outsiders that are known as “Trusted Testers”

As such there are no screenshots to look at and I doubt very much it will be viewed publicly before it is rolled out, though knowing Google it would make sense for them to offer a test program, for example, allowing users to sign up for a limited test run.

A small snippet of text that passed through Google Translate is very telling, ZDnet’s anonymous source was asked to translate the following phrase in English to another language, “Link that users can click on if they are part of the trusted testers program to go to the newer UI.”

ZDnet thinks that the new version of Gmail is either being tested or about to be released to testing very soon.  Now, if only Gmail could catch up to Yahoo! (storage wise) and offer unlimited storage.

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