iPhone Firmware Update Apparently Disabling Hacked Units

September 27, 2007

iPhone Firmware Update Apparently Disabling Hacked Units Apple warned us this may happen, and it seems the nightmare of iPhone SIM hackers everywhere is coming true.

The new iPhone firmware (version 1.1.1) went live today, and while it brought new features with it, it also appears to have brought with it death to all those freshly hacked units to boot.

Numerous sites, such as WirelessInfo and 9to5Mac, are reporting that the new firmware update does indeed kill the hacked units.  In the case of Richard Baguley of WirelessInfo, he even had his original AT&T SIM card in the unit at the time of the update.  Even after an attempted restore of the original software, the iPhone remains dead for the time being.

Those of you with hacked phones that have not yet updated, the message is clear: Don’t!  Those still running their original SIMs, you get some nifty new features such as the iTunes WiFi music store, louder speakerphone, spave dar double-tap to insert a period and several other goodies.

If these dead phones can brought back to life is another matter, but one has to be sure there are some hackers working very quickly to figure out that very problem.

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