iPod Touch firmware update fixes LCD issues

September 27, 2007

iPod Touch firmware update fixes LCD issuesWhile many considered the LCD issues plaguing some iPod Touch units a hardware issue, Apple just released a firmware update for the device that appears to fix the problem.

That’s the issue many Touch owners are dealing with at the MacRumors forums right now, it APPEARS to fix the problem.

Some forum members speculate that the update, which is a huge 150 MB, alters the contrast and brightness settings of the LCD screen. Others simply believe that the incorrect application of the LCD coating theory was just plain wrong, but that raises the question: Why did Apple admit to shipping faulty units if it could’ve asked users to wait for an update to fix the issue?

No one can answer that question, but one thing’s certain: the update significantly fixes, at least to a degree, the LCD issue.

Many users are commenting on their varying degrees of success with the update, with nearly all users declaring that the update fixed their “defective” LCD screen. Those without faulty iPod Touch units report mixed results with some seeing no difference in screen quality while others swear that the LCD screen on their units got better. Some, unaware that their iPod had a problem, report that they didn’t know the screen could look as good as it did.

Whether or not the screen problem is a hardware or software issue, it looks like the iPod Touch firmware update is a definite recommendation for all users unlike the iPhone firmware update also released today. If you’re looking for proof, check out page 4 of the thread on the MacRumors forum, in which a member pasted before and after pictures of a dark movie scene.

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One Response to “iPod Touch firmware update fixes LCD issues”

  1. Niyoko:

    hmm, weird … only took a firmware to fix. That’s good for all those early adopters.

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