Zune firmware update upgrades Zune 1.0 to Zune 2.0 capabilites

October 3, 2007

Zune firmware update upgrades Zune 1.0 to Zune 2.0 capabilitesThe typical process of hardware upgrades for digital audio players follows this model: Company A unleashes DAP 1.0, and then unleashes DAP 2.0, making DAP 1.0 obsolete. Well, it turns out Microsoft doesn’t like that mode of operation, so it issued a firmware upgrade for older Zunes along side the introduction of the Zune 2.0, upgrading all older Zunes to the capabilities of the new model.

Microsoft loves its customers unlike a certain other company, (cough – Apple – cough) which refuses to give its customers what they really want. Well, Microsoft came through in giving its customers what they really wanted, delivering wireless synching with your home computer in the older Zunes via the firmware upgrade and the Zune 2.0.

Gizmodo comments on the incident, saying that Microsoft took huge forward step in PR tactics, taking "a middling jump in hardware and turned it into a genuinely good move for loyalists."

Apart from wireless synching, the update also adds support for new codecs, podcasts, and Windows Media Center TV on the go.

Microsoft also introduced the Zune Social and added DRM-free MP3 tracks to the Zune Marketplace.

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3 Responses to “Zune firmware update upgrades Zune 1.0 to Zune 2.0 capabilites”

  1. Niyoko:

    Very nice to hear. Where most companies would also be worried about not selling past their existing user base, I like how Microsoft has brought them along for the ride and they too get to experience the upgraded features and promising user new UI in the new Zunes.

  2. prendio:

    whats the big deal with wifi if u cant surf the internet, and y would they leave that 3 play BS.

    If the zune had a web browser I would buy it immediately. For now I’ll stick with my iPod touch don’t think I’m an apple fan because I have owned a zune but for me it isnt as easy to use as ipods, just my opinion. The setup on a zune sucks.

  3. Danny Rivera:

    hey im a zune fan all the way!!! but i have to agree with prendio. the zunes setup iz bad.wut iz the whole point of the wifi?
    my opinion, make it more sleek make it all touch!!
    kinda like the iphone but more like a smaller more sexier version of the microsoft surface. personaly i like the body look of it. but my friends say it looks rly old and too bulky. screw the sharp edges the unecisary thickness and the buttons. touch is the way to go. even better wuld b to add wifi browser, better resolution lcd touch display, longer lasting battery, customizible body, and satilite radio.
    micrsoft…ima fan hardcore…but we need to step up.

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