How to turn your iPod Touch or iPhone on and off

October 7, 2007

How to turn your iPod Touch or iPhone on and offLeave it to Apple to design a device that you can’t simply hit the on and off button and expect it to turn off.  This fact was lost on some people who purchased the iPhone, pressing the power button does not turn the iPhone or iPod Touch completely off.

Instead, pressing the power button (located on the top of the unit) puts both devices in a standby mode where the display is turned off, kind of like a *gasp* computer, but thinking about it they are like tiny computers.

When the iPhone is in its standby mode, it is still accessing the nearest network and updating your emails, messages you have missed and so forth, this is why its possible to run up a $4,000 bill while overseas with the iPhone.

I don’t really know what the iPod Touch does with its standby mode as it doesn’t have SMS or the email application but both devices resume quicker from the standby modes than if they are turned off and have to perform a full boot each time.

Also, with the iPod Touch, shutting down completely and starting up again uses a large amount of battery life so I don’t recommend doing it unless its going to be sitting on a shelf for a while.

If you are traveling overseas, the iPhone will access foreign network if not turned completely off, to turn either the iPhone or iPod Touch off, first if it isn’t on, turn it on then hit the power button at the top of the unit which places it in standby then press and hold the same button for a few seconds until “Slide to turn off” is displayed, slide the slider and it will shut down, a lot like a computer.

Like I said, when you want to turn it back on from being completely off it will take a few seconds to come back on.

This procedure is more important for the iPhone than it is for the iPod Touch.

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101 Responses to “How to turn your iPod Touch or iPhone on and off”

  1. Jen:

    The time it takes for the iPod touch to start is definitely one of the most annoying things, along with the shutdown. I wish there was just one quick button to turn the whole thing off.

  2. jo jo the dancer:

    “Leave it to Apple to design a device that you can’t simply hit the on and off button and expect it to turn off”

    Huh? Have you ever used an Apple device? Guess how you turn their computers off? You use the power button. With Windows you have to go to the Start menu and select shut-down, then you can use the power button.

  3. JS:

    Wow, sounds like such a hassle just to turn off the device, but I think I could live with it :P

  4. Adam:

    My iPhone is never really off. When I’m done using it for the day, I put it on standby and IN AIRPLANE MODE. That way, it does not access the internet or anything. It just sits there, consuming very little power, ready to turn back on quickly when I want it to.

    By the way, the iPhone’s power button works the same way my last two phones did – the power button does indeed shut down the phone, but only if you hold it down for a couple of seconds.

  5. DaJ:

    I have both mac and windows and half the time I turn of my windowsbox i press the powerbutton, work exactly like you would expect, it shutdowns windows and turns of the computer.

    And half the time I shut down my mac I go to the Applemenu and choose shutdown.

    So both operating works the same way in the shutdownsense.


  6. Pat:

    You can disable data in the iPhone when traveling. Now there is no excuse for a $4000 bill.

  7. Alex:

    Yeah with my ipod touch i left it on standby over night and when i went to turn it on the next morning the thing was dead and i was like um…. so yeah the powering down is a pain but what ever. and windows power down is just as easy as mac so quiet..

  8. rm:

    i just got a ipod touch and i cant turn it on it just gives me the garging thing and a cd on the screen so how cant i make it work

  9. Kate:

    Well, I googled “how do I turn off my iPod touch, and I got this site. So how does one turn it off? It really is hit or miss for me.

  10. di:

    thanks for explaining this I was wondering why the battery level didn’t make sense to me, no it does.

  11. ryan:

    rm, I’m having the same damn problem and im pissed. i have charged it for awhile and it still has the stupid cord with an arrow pointing towards iTunes symbol

  12. lp:

    i just got an ipod touch and when i try to turn it on it just give me and image of my usb cable and a little cd w/a music symbol. HOW DO YOU TURN IT ON!!!!!

  13. Clifton:

    you need to install itunes on your computer and if you already have it you need to download the newest version of it…which is like changed everyday. LOL.

  14. Greg:

    u lot are bloody idiots! if you start it up for the first time you need a computer to connect it to… usb lead connecting into an itunes icon… come on ur not idiots(maby)

  15. Max Hawkins:

    Wow… What a retarded article. Sleep/wake button basically just turns the display off or turns the display back on again.

    As always, I bet you tried spouting this crap without even looking at an iPhone. Also, turning it off is easy: hold sleep/wake for a couple of seconds and drag the power off slider. And you say “leave it up to apple”. In the few HTC phones I have had before, they all sleep when you rest the “power button”.

    Of course, I expect the writer of this article to completely hate Apple. Your just making sound 10 more difficult than it really is. Learn your facts.

  16. pedro espinoza:

    max hawkins and greg:

    hey guys!!! i wanted to congratulate you both for being so smart!! you genius! i can’t belive you find it easy to turn off the iphone! woow! i am amazed, you are the best two persons on earth, you are such a blessing for humanity. thank you for existing, you make such a difference in this world =)

    but next time, save your overwhelming knowledge for yourselves, we want solutions, not lame opinions about our problems… by the way. I have just turned off my ipod touch and i’m glad to know how to do it now. thanks everyone.

    die max and greg

  17. Zeneyda:

    I was having a hard time turning off my Ipod Touch but thanx to this website, I got it.

  18. Zeneyda:

    By the way, does anybody know how to download free movies to my Ipod Touch?

  19. coustemer # 3747648393273:

    in the first day i got my ipod i was sooo trilled but i cant get it to work it still keeps showing a cord pointing to the itunes what do i do

  20. Niqueria:

    i want to know how you turn the ipod touch on?

  21. John:

    I guess you didn’t read all the comments. To activate your iPod Touch you will need a PC or Mac with iTunes installed. Untill you activate the iPod Touch with iTunes, you will not be able to use it. And turning the Touch on and off is simple, simply hold the sleep button. The sleep button simply turns the screen off, as this is the biggest waste of power.

  22. Drew Appleoff:


    Wow… What a retarded article. Sleep/wake button basically just turns the display off or turns the display back on again.

    As always, I bet you tried spouting this crap without even looking at an iPhone. Also, turning it off is easy: hold sleep/wake for a couple of seconds and drag the power off slider. And you say “leave it up to apple”. In the few HTC phones I have had before, they all sleep when you rest the “power button”.

    Of course, I expect the writer of this article to completely hate Apple. Your just making sound 10 more difficult than it really is. Learn your facts.

  23. Greg:

    Thank you for a great article, got a ipod touch with out a manual. Helps alot, Thanks again!

  24. Joey:

    To John –

    Thanks a lot bud, I was looking through all the little, bitching comments until I finally found out how, thanks to you! Now my iPod Touch is off, and I can finally remove it from my Mac. And it isn’t as complicated as this article went on about… it was very easy actually.

    For iPod Touch Users:
    - YOU NEED iTUNES!!! Jesus. What don’t you understand about that?!
    - Press, and hold the “Standby/Hold” button for about 5 seconds and it’ll ask you if you want to power off completely
    - Slide completely to confirm
    - It powers off

    Powering on isn’t a hassle at all. It literally takes 10 seconds to power back on! Patience is the key people.

  25. haylie [cheerbabyy]:

    i just got my ipod touch, and while downloading itunes, gave my computer a virus. thanks apple. now i have to pay $400 to fix my computer.

    btw, anyone else have this problem. idk, maybe it was from limewire. im not very tech-savvy. so w/e.

    ~haylieee [cheerbabyy]

  26. AppleFan:

    okay seriously?

    iTunes didn’t give your computer a virus. Unless you were stupid and downloaded it from limewire…oh wait you did. Why would you not use the Apple website to get the REAL non-virused version. Almost every single application of of Limewire will give you a virus.

    Don’t blame apple, it’s your fault.

  27. Chris:

    the bad thing is with a i pod touch is that you can’t do anything with it except turn it on and off until you plug it into itunes.

  28. jovel:

    man can you help me how to turn it on my ipod touch because i cant turn it on now??? im so lonely with out my ipod touch! can you help me? sorry for my bad english!! thank you

  29. Tara:

    Thanks so much, this really helped me out. I’d much rather just turn it off because I’m not using it every second of my day, so I don’t mind if it takes a few minutes to turn on. Saving the battery is key.

    ..And yeah, Haylie, it was definitely limewire that gave your computer a virus…not itunes itself. Silly.

  30. john:

    i bought an album on the itunes on my ipod touch and left for a min and it went on stand by or whatever and when i went back to the downloading page on it and it didnt show it downloading and it still charged me the 12$

  31. shel:

    Turning it off is so easy guys, just hold the standby button down. I duuno which is more beneficial tho, standby or turning off completely. I’ll test it

  32. Tyler:

    This is Great. Before posting half of the people here do not even read what has been written.

    If you got an Ipod touch, You will be instructed (directions in case that the ipod came in) to download itunes from

    Once you have done so you can register your ipod and start loading/purchasing music for it.

    As for turning your itouch / iphone off hold the sleep button for a couple seconds and slide to power down. Same to power on just no slide bar.

    Good luck to all of you!

  33. partha:

    Thanks for the blogs I was able to turn off my itouch finally ……till now i kept wondering why it is getting discharged so fast!!! Thanks again!!

  34. Joyti:

    Hey guys I just got my ipod touch and it just shows a usb cable with an arrow pointing up to the itunes symbol. I already downloaded itunes and now i dont know what to do. Please help!!!

  35. Ja:

    I’m sorry there have been such ugly comments on your website. I was also having difficulty figuring out how to “turn off” the iPod Touch, but, thanks to your website and after sifting through the crap, I now know how to turn on and off my iPod Touch. Thanks a million!!!

  36. unknown:

    omg i jus got an ipod touch and it wont work i downloaded itunes 8 and everything but everytime i plug it in my computer nothing shows up on itunes, i had an ipod nano 2 years ago and i never had this problem help me

  37. Sarah:

    Oooh! i was wondering why my iPod Touch was always running out of battery! Now i realise i have been leaving it on standby! Idiot!
    Thanks for the help :D

  38. Soulfisher:

    Since I got my ITouch it has been draining the battery. Took it off of Wi Fi and it works more consistantly. The problem is it doesn’t recharge when you plug it into a car adapter charger or a computer charger (sometimes ok but mostly it doesn’t). I bought a docking bay and it recharges well that way. Unfortunately I tried to turn it on after it docked all night and it will not turn on. I have it connected to the computer but it will not even charge. this happens regularly. Any suggestions. The first Itouch never turned on so apple exchaged it with this one. hoping this one isnt messed up too. thanks.

  39. hard juger:

    this is not helpful information i want steps to turn ii on.

    for example:


    any way i dont care if you think i was juge mental didnt you read my name: HARD JUGER
    next time make the steps with numbers ok because NO one will read that long thing you wrote.

  40. mike s:

    my ipod was stolen and i was wondering if there was a way on my pc that i can like deactivate it or make it so that the person that stole it cant use it?

  41. Marie:

    Hey, is there any way to change the article above? I read the title “How to turn your iPod Touch or iPhone on and off:By Jonathan Schlaffer” but the article didn’t tell me actually how to turn it on/off!! I had to read thru some of these rather rude comments. Is there any way to add that part to the article? That way the next person that needs to know won’t have to waste a lot of time. Thanks!

  42. unknown:

    My ipod touch wont turn on….i was using the calculator in the ipod touch and then bam it went out like the screen went black and now its not turning on…i hope it does….

  43. wow:

    That write up was practically worthless. By the way there is an SMS text app and email capability for the iPod touch. Jonathan Schlaffer, do your homework.

  44. AJ:

    Hi, i was using my iphone touch and suddenly the screen went black, it had been on the charger for hours b4 that but i didn’t know wat to do so i put it back on the charger and nothings coming up its still just a black sceen. I’ve tried holding in the on/off button but still nothings happening. I’ve only had the phone 4 a few weeks. Anyone have any ideas how to get the phone to turn on?

  45. Caitlin:

    Umm, ACTUALLY, I Can Access Emails On My Ipod Touch… Douche, LMAO!

  46. Big B:

    my ipod touch just went black for no reason i have held the on off button and it still doesn’t work any help ?

  47. Vee:

    Don’t be mad at Jonathan Schlaffer. He actually provided some helpful information. You all just need to carefully read it.
    He’s right when he says Apple makes things complicated. There should be a simple power off just to make using their high-tech products a little simpler.
    However, Mac and Windows shutdowns are exactly the same. No complaining there.

    But for all you people who don’t want to read the comments or whatever stupid excuse you have:

    Downloading the latest version of iTunes is necessary for all of you getting the picture of the cord point towards iTunes. It will also keep your device up to par.

    Turning on:
    1. Push the power button at the top and wait a few seconds. Be patient, it will turn on.

    Turning off:
    1. Hold the power button at the top for 4-5 seconds.
    2. An option will pop up telling you to slide the slider to power off.
    3. Slide it.

    For blackouts:
    It will tell you everything.

    A lot of the time, your iTouch or iPhone will never be completely charged. I’ve had both and as soon as they completed charging and I unplugged them, they instantly lost a small sliver of power. I returned my iPhone within 5-6 weeks. I was fairly unhappy with it.
    The iTouch has more than enough applications to keep you going. I now have a separate phone and my iTouch has my email, texting, AIM, facebook, myspace, etc.- all for free.

    Hope this helps some of you.

  48. Up yours:

    This is the stuipiest thing i’ve have ever read. It’s SO diffcult to acually find the information and there are so many of the same type of articals that are WHY better. Wow your a dipshit. Get a life abd write an artical that acually helps somoeone.

  49. Tungsten:

    Wow! The previous post contains 24 grammatical errors in only 47 words. That is absolutely amazing.

  50. sandra:

    pressing button on top does not work i press and hold and no slider appears

  51. Sukrina:

    its easy to turn off you know the little button on top of your iouch or iphone ? it looks like a rice grain ? well make sure the bit on yout itouch/iphone is on where it says the battery and slide to blah well hold the lil rice grain button thingy then it says slide down to suht down slide is slow and hold it till its to the end WALA done!

  52. David:

    Ok i just bought a new iPod Touch and whenever i hold the home button, it takes a snapshot. I dont like the snapshot thing. How do i turn it off? Please help!

  53. Danna:

    I appreciate the information I received here, it answered my question! But come on people, can’t we be a little bit nicer? No need to be so snarky.

  54. Zachary:

    As said in the article, its best to just leave it in standby mode. There’s no point on turning it all the way off unless its not going to be used for a long time.

  55. Stewart:

    What’s an Ipod?

  56. Bryan:

    I am completely tech saavy and the problem is there’s no guide or manual that says “Install iTunes in order to power up iPod Touch”. We’ve been trying to figure it out ourselves and we are no fools. The manuals that come with the thing don’t say anything and simply start with it already being on… Frustrating. I too had to find this website and figure out that iTunes must be updated.. We had an old version. Go figure.

    Better instructions in the box would be helpful.

  57. Sonja:

    I think if you able to read & have 1/2 a brain you can read a few comments here & get the info you need. If you don’t like the tone of the comment, stop reading it!! I found the results very helpful. I am one of the least computer/technology capable people I know (surprised I even found this site). I was having a problem with the music not turning off, even when I stopped the track. While this site didn’t answer this question, it did help me figure out why I needed to charge the itouch so often.

    thanks for the info.

  58. Jeff:

    Well I tried to read all the above and not one of you idiots can really tell me how to turn it on or off. What a joke this device is. I’d rather have a rock

  59. Har1ey:

    This is for Jeff the idiot who calls people idiots because they cant teach him how to turn an ipod on or off. Press button and hold…wow now that is tough isnt it Jeff. People out here taking their time to try and help and you call them idiots.
    The device isnt the joke Jeff you are.
    You would rather have a rock…Hey I have a pretty one here if you want to trade for you ipod. We might be idiots but we arent as dumb as a rock like you. Oh wait you wanted a rock….

  60. Nicolas FORCET:

    Well it’s kinda easy to understand no? Keep the button pressed to switch off…

  61. Irena:

    My ipod touch froze so it cant be turned off at the top. what do i do?

  62. catelyn:

    my ipod touch wont turn off….i know how to, but it just doesnt…. when i press the hold button.. or whatever its called, it does nothing

  63. grfzsd:

    Thank you so much! That helps!

  64. Colleen:

    For the IPOD touch (not the phone) If youre getting the cord symbol after you just bought it you should have it hooked up to the computer and turn on or download itunes then it will start.

  65. AaronC:

    So when alls said and done, how can I restart my iPod Touch? It has like, 1 button, and press-holding it does nothing lol

    hahahahahah Im going crazy! 1 button! 1 Button does bnothing!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah!

  66. jelo:

    Come on people, it takes awhile to get to it but the article does tell you how to turn it off…and so do half the comments! Just relax and read it…the article is not that long…

  67. Freddy:

    Guys I need help my iPod touch randomly presses home button by itself I don’t do it . Its so annoying help me ASAP

  68. dani:

    Turning it off is so easy guys, just hold the standby button down. I duuno which is more beneficial tho, standby or turning off completely. I’ll test it

  69. Mads:

    Okay so everybody with the cord arrow And iTunes symbol problem you have to plug it into iTunes! When o first got mine 2 days ago it did that and in the little white flipbook instruction manual it explains what to do hope this helps!
    Enjoy your iPods I know o am!

  70. Kritika:

    if you want to turn of our ipod touch it’s the same way. You just have to hold the power button for a few seconds and then it will say slide to turn of and after a few seconds it will be turned off.


  71. Kritika:

    It’s easy to do anything on your ipod touch or iphone if you ave a mac!

  72. sonnie:

    When someone finally showed me how to turn off my ipod touch, it worked as Kritka said on June 16. But it no longer does. When I hold down the power button, the screen goes dark, which I understand does save some battery life, but the slide to turn off prompt never appears. If I set it down for a while, when I pick it up again it is always back on with the screen lit up, so it doesn’t even stay dark. Someone above said you need itunes. Are they saying you haver to connect it to your computer to turn it off? Or they say to toggle the switch. What is toggle? and what switch do they mean? The one on the left hand top which no longer turns it off but once did? Or something else? I know this sounds retarded and it probably is, but I see others have had similar problems and i’d appreciate any advise anyone has.

  73. Mike K:

    What a bunch of clowns. They have the nerve to complain about how poorly Apple described how to turn off an iTouch. It’s true, while Apple does a wonderful job of design, their cutomer servive is very poor. But hey! Eight paragraphs to tell me how to turn it off? Talk about long winded.

  74. Sarin:

    to turn off my pc? i just push the physical power button.
    where the hell are you guys buying your piece of shit towers that you have to use software to power down? LOL.

  75. Joe:

    I am disappointed with regards to how stressful it could be to turn on your iPod touch. i got one just a day ago and it will not turn on. waw, this gadget i believe is poorly designed.

    we need far smarter and quicker tech.

  76. Clare:

    Yeah I just purchased an ipod touch and I couldn’t figure out why it was draining so much battery. Then I realized hitting the power button only put it in standby mode, but i didn’t know how to turn it off.

  77. jordan:

    my iphone just shows an image of an apple how do i turn it on

  78. Amanda Lapp:

    This is very stupid. My itouch, will not turn on! I have tryied to charge it many times but it will not turn on! Please give me suggestions and email me at, Thanks alot!

  79. Cher Timpson:

    I was just searching for this and what do you know it came up in my feader just then Cheers

  80. meg:

    wen i turn on my ipod a picture comes up telling me to plug it into itunes and it also says its locked it fuckin pisses me off how do i get passed this

  81. mac:

    ii got a prob wit my ipod. i left it playin music off of youtube nd i walked bak in the room and it wuz dead i tried charging it and nothing happens and i tried turning it on and everything. and i hav no clue what to do

  82. iPod Redeem Codes:

    I think I’ll definitely but an iPhone once it gets 3G and they enable text. I’ll get one for sure when Verizon offers it if they ever do. That probably won’t happen till 2010. By then Nokia will over take it!


  83. Mich:

    My itouch power button got jammed and now I can’t turn it off or lock it. Is there any other way I can restart my itouch?

  84. selena gomez:

    i don’t like the ipoda and iphones or the i don’t know what else the stupid people makes and i got an ipod for my birthday and i throw it in the garbedge right away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. paul jackson:

    I have been reading the posts on here tut tut now heres my ten pence worth if somebody brings an idea to the table that works then somebody will find it useful and should say thanks for the info it has probably saved them a lot of hassle too and if they think the idea a piece of twaddle then why not just click on somewhere else and be gone with you ps the turning on of the Iphone was useful Thanks for the info………….Paul

  86. Carola E.:

    Fantastic site you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics talked about in this article? I’d really love to be a part of online community where I can get feedback from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Kudos!

  87. Bud Keifer:

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  88. wenwens:

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  91. mike:

    hey this is helpfull however after i shut my itouch off none of my downloaded apps worked i.e. facebook, textplus… any sugestions there?

  92. Zaria:

    what if it doesn’t have a lock button at the top?

  93. Isabelle Niedermayer:

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  94. Wilbur Worsfold:

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  95. Johnny Whomper:

    To turn off my ipod touch (4 gen) I press & hold the top button, wait 10 seconds and while still holding the top button I press the home button. Instead of turning off, I get a VOICE CONTROL SCREEN. The voice sez “No music.” I hit the “cancel” and do the “hold top button / hold home button” and the voice sez “No music is playing” I CANNOT GET IT TO TURN OFF. NO RED SLIDER SHOWS UP. WTF?

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