iPod boxes found at Target with rocks but no iPod in packaging

October 9, 2007

iPod boxes found at Target with rocks but no iPod in packaging Up to this point, I’ve enjoyed my shopping experiences at Target retail stores but there are just some things one should not buy at Target, this would include TVs, DVRs, DVD recorders and yes, iPods.  Because, if you purchase an iPod at Target you are likely to get a box full of rocks.

ArsTechnica found a 14 year old girl that opened what was supposed to be a new iPod at her birthday party only to discover that the box was full of rocks with no iPod to be found.  The iPod was purchased at a Target store and when the parents demanded money back, the offer was store credit or keeping the rocks.

Store credit was chosen but that particular Target had no more iPods in stock but another store did.  It’s bad enough getting one iPod box full of rocks but the same thing happened, again.  And again, the offer was either store credit or keeping the rocks.  Target store policy, apparently, does not allow the packaging to be opened before the item is purchased.

The girl had to pick out other items to use up the store credit.  If you must purchase an iPod from Target, make sure it’s a Nano so that way you can see it is actually in the packaging or if you’re going for a Classic or Touch then make sure it is still shrink wrapped (I’m not sure if it was or wasn’t, in this case).

In my opinion there are only two places (sadly) where an iPod should be purchased and that is either at your local Apple Store or from the online Apple Store.

Alright class, what did we learn today?  Did we learn that iPods should not be bought at any other store besides directly from Apple, yes?  Good, next week, why you should not purchase computer services from Best Buy.

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3 Responses to “iPod boxes found at Target with rocks but no iPod in packaging”

  1. Luke:

    That’s insane! There’s “It is store policy not to give cash refunds”, and then there’s “Holy shit, we just sold this person a box full of rocks.”

    When the latter doesn’t outweigh the former it’s time to take your business elsewhere.

  2. Jonathan Schlaffer:

    Agreed, common sense did not prevail here.

  3. george:

    A real scam.

    Last night I bought a brand new 80GB iPod Classic for my daughter at my local Target store.
    When she took it out of the box, she found a used scratched 30GB older version iPod.
    How could this happen? Target will not refund our money. They will not allow us to exchange it.
    They are “investigating”. Same with the Apple company. Meanwhile, my daughter is out $275.

    This has to get out. People have to be made aware—caveat emptor.
    Open all boxes and pakages INSIDE the store in front of the manager.
    Otherwise, you may not get what you bought.

    If you can help me with this, please do so.
    George Mardre

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