Updated: Hacking iPod Touch: the 1 click Windows solution

October 13, 2007

Hacking iPod Touch: the 1 click Windows solutionThe iPod Touch and iPhone hacking community made a lot of progress this past week, and, while the original method of jailbreaking the Touch required a Mac, it wasn’t until just a couple days ago that a Windows solution was released. The hacking community wanted to make it even easier for Windows users, prompting them to release the “one-click” jailbreak

Read the update at the bottom of the article before proceeding! The jailbreak was posted by planetbeing at the MacRumors forum, and is even easier than the recent “extremely easy” Windows method. I added information to the steps where I thought necessary. Here’s how it goes:

Step 1: Download and unzip this:


Step 2: Copy



C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin

to the same folder as touchFree.exe.

Step 3: Restore your iPod Touch to a fresh 1.1.1 state. This isn’t necessary, but it could save you the headache of having to start over due to errors. It happened to me. Don’t let it happen to you.

Step 4: On your iPod Touch, go to


Safari will crash. This is expected. Do not go to this site unless you’re going to go through with the whole process as it will temporarily make your iPod incompatible with iTunes. This is a very necessary step as it is an important step in enabling read/write access.

Step 5: Close iTunes if it’s open and run touchFree.exe. You will be asked to reboot your iPod multiple times. Just turn it off and on as usual and follow the instructions on screen. Warning: Putting the iPod Touch to sleep is not turning it off!

The end result should be that your iPod is jailbreaked, Installer.app and Trip1Pogostick are installed, and SSH and SFTP are enabled. If you ever need to SSH and SFTP into the Touch, the username is “root” (oddly, I’ve had to use “Root) and the password is “alpine”. If you install programs past the capacity of the homescreen, you can flick left and right for more space.

To install programs, you can use Installer.app. Various programs for the iPhone and iPod Touch are listed, and the program installs them automatically for you.

Installing certain system components, such as “Community Resources” and “BSD Subsystem” will give you access to even more apps through Installer.app, such as the popular instant messaging program Apollo IM.

Some programs, because they were designed for the earlier versions of iPhone firmware, will not work on the iPod Touch, but, if you accidentally install one of these programs, you should be able to easily uninstall it through Installer.app.

Update: A new version of TouchFree is out, which makes the process much simpler. All you have to do is install it and follow the onscreen instructions. Point your browser here to download the latest release.


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